Morten C. Moe group Center for Eye Research

Center for Eye Research, University of Oslo, is located at Dep.of Ophthalmology at Oslo University Hospital.

Professor Bjørn Nicolaissen is head of the Center. We have wide experience in tissue- and cell culture procedures, as well as a range of analytical procedures including ultrastructural- (electron microscopy), immunohistochemical-, and molecular biological-  analyses. Presently, our clinic has the only Program in Scandinavia, for transplantation of ex vivo generated ocular tissue for anterior segment surgery, including autologous transplantation of limbal stem cells performed by Professor Liv Drolsum and conjunctival tissue performed by consultant oculoplastic surgeon Dag Krohn-Hansen.

Associate Professor Morten C. Moe and Senior Scientist Aboulghassem Shahdadfar is heading the translational research projects at the Center, where isolation and characterization of stem cells from the adult human eye is one of the main strategic research focuses. There are currently 7 PhD students at the Center.

 Main collaboration partners:

  • Vilhelm Magnus Laboratory/ Inst. For Surgical Research, OUS
  • Dep. of Pathology, OUS
  • Dep. of Nutrition, UiO
  • Inst. for Oral biology, UiO
  • Centre for Molecular Biology and Neuroscience, UiO
  • Ofthalmologica del Mediterraneo, Research Unit, Valencia, Spain.
  • Medical and HealthScience Center, University of Debrecen, Hungary
  • VA Western NY Healthcare System,Buffalo, USA
  • OcuSuRe Reserach Alliance

 Selected publications Morten C. Moe

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