Announcement: Conference at Soria Moria

15th Annual Norwegian Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Networking Conference September 17-18, 2018


It is with pleasure we announce the 15th Annual Norwegian Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Networking Conference to be held at Soria Moria on September 17-18, 2018.

This is the premiere conference for stem cell and regenerative medicine research in Norway, and provides an excellent opportunity for stem cell researchers throughout the country to interact both scientifically and socially.

The conference is organized by the Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research and the Center of Excellence Hybrid Technology Hub, and sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council and the University of Oslo Life Science Program.

Registration information will be available shortly.

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We congratulate Stem Cell Center Group Leader

Arne Klungland - Winner of Excellent Researcher Award


Arne Klungland’s research field concerns DNA repair and DNA and RNA modifications. He is a most dynamic and creative researcher and is in the forefront of this highly competitive area. He has developed new methods for the study of DNA modifications, of which several have been patented and commercialized. Professor Klungland has a major impact on the research environment and has supported many young researchers who now have leading positions. Professor Klungland has demonstrated expertise and skills in applying basic science discoveries to common clinical problems and has a major impact on significant collaborative activities. Undoubtedly, Arne Klungland will continue to play a leading role and guarantee innovative research at Oslo University Hospital.

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 Feature article on cancer vaccine against glioblastoma Nedim Kasumacic defends his PhD thesis on Functional organization of vestibulospinal inputs to spinal neurons involved in autonomic and motor control Ingrid Stavenes Andersen defends her PhD thesis on Epigenetic regulation of zygotic gene activation in zebrafish  
 Special seminar on brain development , Dr. Evan Balaban  
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 Important new findings regarding retinal and limbal stem cells published by the Moe group  
 Seminar - General principles for the spatial organization of bacterial genomes  
 Internasjonalt forskningssamarbeid - Philippe Collas gruppe  
 Guest lecture - Interrogating disease and development with human pluripotent stem cells Jan Otto Beitnes defends his PhD thesis on Cell therapy in acute myocardial infarction  
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 Trial lecture and disputation - Einar Osland Vik-Mo  
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 June 6-7, 2011 Conference, Healthy Brain: Aging and Brain Disease  
 Position available - 5 year group leader position in human pluripotent stem cell research  
 March 23, 2011, Article on pluripotent stem cells (News from The Research Council)  
 31 January - 3 February 2011, Lectures and practical courses on Stem cell differentiation  
 14 - 17 December 2010, Seminar Series on Epigenetic, Development, Nutrition and Disease  
 1 December 2010, Lecture course "Principles of Stem Cell Biology"  
 23 November 2010, Special Seminar on How to promote functional repair in Multiple Sclerosis, Prof. Ian Duncan, University of Wisconsin Madison  
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 5 February 2010, Article on in vivo tracking of stem cells with MRI (  
 January 2009, Article on transplantation of corneal tissue (Ullevålnytt)  
 Article about Cancer Stem Cell Symposium in Oslo December 2-4 In the media: