Norwegian Core Facility Users 2015




Prof. Iver Langmoen, Dep. of Neurosurgery, Oslo University Hospital

3 Use of Virus lab, Flow Cytometry service and Mycoplasma testing
Prof. Heidi Kiil Blomhoff, Dep. of Biochemistry, University of Oslo

1 Use of Virus Lab, Confocal microscope and Mycoplasma

Prof. Jan Øivind Moskaug, Oslo University Hospital

1 Use of Flow Cytometry service

Prof. Philippe Collas, Oslo University Hospital


Study of lamin-genome interactions/
Use of Virus lab 

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Dr. Jan E. Brinchmann, Oslo University Hospital 5

Making Cartilage from MSCs/
Use of Flow Cytometry service

Arne Yndestad, Researcher, Research Institute for Internal Medicine

2 Use of Confocal microscope
Prof. Sandip Kanse, Dep. of Biochemistry

6 Use of Confocal microscope
Camilla Solberg, Head Engineer, Dep. of Biochemistry

1 Use of Flow Cytometry service
Prof. Svein Olav Kolset, Dep. of Nutrition 1 Use of Confocal microscope
Adam Filiczyk, Independent researcher, Dep. of Microbiology, University of Oslo

  Use of the Virus lab
Prof. Stefan Krauss, Dep. of Microbiology, University of Oslo

1 Mycoplasma testing

Ass. Prof. Kåre-Olav Stensløkken, Dep. of Physiology

3 Use of Confocal microscope and Mycoplasma testing
Prof. Anne Simonsen, Dep. of Biochemistry

6 Use of Confocal microscope

Dr. Vivi Ann Flørenes and Dr. Ana Slipicevic, Dept of Pathology, Radium Hospital, Oslo


Deriving hiPSCs from tumor cells/
Use of Virus lab and Mycoplasma testing 

Prof. Laurence Bindoff, Professor & Consultant Neurologist, Haukeland Hospital, Bergen

  Generating mitochondria-disease specific hiPSCs

Prof. Ole Andreassen and Dr Srdjan Djurovic, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo

  Generating psychiatric-disease specific hiPSCs

Prof. Ola Myklebost, Radium Hospital, Oslo

  Generating cancer-specific hiPSCs

Prof. Chantal Tallaksen, Ullevål Hospital, Oslo

  Generating neurological disease-specific hiPSCs

Prof. Joel Glover, National Hospital, Oslo

4 Generating serotonergic neurons from hES cells

Dr. Gareth Sullivan, National Hospital, Oslo

3 Generating iPS cells for production of endodermal cell types and neurons

Dr. Elisabeth Larsen, National Hospital, Oslo

2 Generating iPS cells for production of cardiomyocytes

Prof. Morten Moe, Center for Eye Research, Ullevål Hospital, and Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research, Oslo

  Generating ocular hiPSCs for generation of RPE

Prof. Robert Millar, University of Pretoria, South Africa

  Generating hiPSCs from endangered species

Prof. In Hyun Park, Yale Stem Cell Centre, Yale, USA

  Developing new reprogramming technology

Prof. Deok-Ho Kim, Department of Bioengineering & Member, Center for Cardiovascular Biology, Institute of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

  Developing novel nanopatterned surfaces for maintenance of hepatic function

Nikolaj Gadegaard, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Rankine Building, University of Glasgow

  Developing novel nanopatterned surfaces for maintenace of hepatic function

Dr Lenny Nelson (University of Edinburgh)


3D organotypic models of liver


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