Myeloma research funded by national clinical research program KLINBEFORSK

Fredrik Schjesvold

Fredrik Schjesvold, head of the Oslo Myeloma Center at Oslo University Hospital, receives 20 mill NOK from The national programme for clinical therapy research - KLINBEFORSK.
The supported project is entitled "The REMNANT study – Does early treatment of relapse increase survival in myeloma?" 
This is one of four projects coordinated from OUH receiving funding from KLINBEFORSK in 2018. The other three are headed by Michael Bretthauer, Guro Elisabeth Lind and Øyvind Molberg.

The 4th World Congress on CONTROVERSIES IN MULTIPLE MYELOMA (COMy) May 3-5, 2018 Paris, France

Allogeneic stem cell transplantation for high-risk cytogenetics frontline

Video presentation of Oslo Myeloma Center:

This film shows the breadth of features at Oslo Myeloma Center including:

  1. A large clinical research activity. (2017: 84 enrolled patients in 11 clinical studies, from phase 1 to phase 3; academic and industry studies). Biggest center in the Nordics, and biggest center in the Nordic Myeloma Study Group. Weekly group meetings, and twice weekly tumor boards. 5-days-a-week study outpatient clinic.
  2. Our first phase-1-study is now ongoing, and we’re the biggest center. Jan 22nd a patient of ours received the triplet treatment, as the first patient in the world. He might be interviewed.
  3. Strong collaboration with the translational group KG Jebsen for B cell malignancies (Newly founded), pathophysiology, immunotherapy and drug sensitivity center.
  4. Large transplant center: 124 autologous transplants in 2017.
  5. In our hospital we have high-tech facilities for cytogenetics, flowcytometrics, pathology, and PET-CT.
  6. We have the largest cell laboratory in public health care in Europe, and have CAR-T-cell-experience from two previous studies. We have an amyloidosis group with regular tumor boards, and who have developed a lasermicrodissection-mass spectrometry program.


Schjesvold interviewed for national broadcasting corporation (NRK) radio programme "Ekko"

Fredrik Schjesvold, leader of the "Oslo Myeloma Center" research group at the Department of Haematology at Oslo University Hospital, has  been interviewed twice by the national broadcasting corporation NRK for the the popular radio programme "Ekko", under the headlines "Meet a researcher" and "Can myeloma be cured?" . Schjesvold has also been interviewed for an international multiple myeloma podcast. Furthermore, a video presenting the Oslo Myeloma Center has been produced.


From the NRK radio programme "Ekko":
Broadcasted April 2018:
"Møt en forsker: Fredrik Schjesvold".

Broadcasted May 2018:
"Kan benmargskreft kureres?"

Multiple myeloma podcast: interview with Fredrik Schjesvold (in English, 25 minutes)


Multiple myeloma podcast: interview with Fredrik Schjesvold (in English, 25 minutes) (click on link to open mp3 file)

Click here to listen directly:

This podcast is exploring the scientific myeloma landscape in the Nordics. In this episode, Dr. Fredrik Schjesvold talks about the current and future perspectives for clinical studies and treatments – and the infrastructure he is part of establishing with Oslo Myeloma Center.

This podcast is part of a series of podcasts within hematology developed and sponsored by Janssen Nordics.



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