Ulrik F. Malt's research group:Bipolar spectrum disorders and psychosomatic medicine (BISPMED)

Ulrik F. Malt
Ulrik F. Malt

Research interests

Phenomenological, biological og neurocognitive aspects in mood disorders

Main projects/Ph.D. candidates:

1. Neurobiology in bipolar II vs unstable personality disturbances : Erlend Bøen
2. Neuroplasticity in bipolar spectrum disorder: Torbjørn Elvsåshagen
3. Neuropsychobiology in Recurrent Brief Depression. Hans Løvdahl
4. Psychiatric an neurocognitive aspects in DBS in Parkinson's disase. Uyen Pham
5. Longterm neuropsychiatric effects of heart transplantation. Throne-Holst stipendiat cand.med. Britta Bürker.
6. Neuroplasticity and neurogenesis in bipolar II disorders.Ebbe Frøland stipendiat cand.med. Nathalia Zak.
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