Kristensen and Børresen-Dale co-author article published in Nature Review Cancer

Kristensen and Brresen- Dale, first and last author

Scientists from the Department of Genetics, Institute for Cancer Research and the KG Jebsen Center for Breast Cancer Research, Department of Biostatistics , Faculty of Medicine and Institute for Informatics, University in Oslo have published an article in the prestigious journal Nature Review Cancer (impact factor 35), entitled "Principles and methods of integrative genomic analyses in cancer".
The authors discuss how combined analyses of molecular data, such as DNA copy-number alteration, mRNA and protein expression, may point to biological functions and molecular pathways being deregulated in multiple cancers and can be used to identify novel patient subgroups for tailored therapy and monitoring.


PhD defense Miriam Ragle Aure November 27th 2013

November 27th 2013 M.Sc. Miriam Ragle Aure defended her thesis entitled “From DNA to RNA to protein: Integrated analyses of high-throughput molecular data from primary breast carcinomas".


PhD defense Fatemeh Kaveh October 10th 2013

October 10th 2013 M.Sc. Fatemeh Kaveh defended her thesis entitled “Genomic signatures in the progression of breast cancer with reference to gynecological carcinomas".

 Prestigious career grant for research on deciphering the functional effect of GWAS data to Silje Nord, Jan 2014.  
 Abstract selected for short talk at AACR's Special Conference on Cellular Heterogeneity in the Tumor Microenvironment.  
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