SNPs with proven functional effect and clinical relevance for the response to the following anticancer drugs: 5-Fluorouracyl, Doxorubicin, Metothrexate, Etoposide, 6-Mercaptopurine, Azothiopurin, Thioguanine, Irinotekan are studied in this project. The high precision genotyping of these SNPs is performed on the Nanogen platform. Genotyping on the Nanogen platform involves attachment of a biotinylated PCR product to a chip coated with hydrogel enriched with streptavidin, which is addressed by a stabilizer and a fluorescent labelled probe reporting for each of the variant alleles.

Figure A. Principle of SNP detection with the Nanogen system. Genotyping involves attaching a biotinylated PCR product to a streptavidin coated chip. A fluorescent probe that reports the respective allele is addressed to the amplicon. Alternatively, the probe can be attached to the solid surface and addressed by the PCR product (click to enlarge).

Key members: Silje Nordgard og Grethe I. Grenaker Alnæs

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