The IBSEN (Inflammatory Bowel South-Eastern Norway) Study group


  • Clinical course and predictive factors 20 years after diagnosis in ulcerative colitis and Crohns disease.
  • To determine the rate of work disability in an IBD cohort after 20 years of disease.
  • To determine the relationship between work disability, clinical factors, demographic factors and HRQoL after 20 years of disease.
  • To determine early predictive factors for work disability.
  • To examine the relationship between increased use of anti-TNF inhibitors and work disability (by use of data from FD-trygd and Legemiddelverket)
  • To examine the possible predictive value of SRH on disease (serious behavior, surgery, need for medication, death) and psychosocial outcomes in IBD.
  • To determine if anemia predicts disease outcome, hospitalizations and psychosocial outcomes.
  • To determine the epidemiology (rate and type) anemia in a European, population-based IBD cohort compared to IBSEN outcome.
  • To compare the clinical disease course before and after the introduction of anti TNF treatment by comparing a cohort included in the early nineties (the IBSEN cohort) and a cohort included 15 years later (Copenhagen cohort)

Contact information
Group leader Bjørn Moum, Professor, Head FoU
Department of Gastroenterology, Clinics of Medicine, Oslo University Hospital Ullevaal & University Oslo, Gastroenterologisk Poliklinikk, Bygg 6, 3 etg., Kirkeveien 166, N-0424 Oslo, Norway, Phone +4745065275 / bjorn.moum@medisin.uio.no

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