Research projects:

IBSEN III (Inflammatory Bowel Disease in South Eastern Norway III)

Ongoing sub-projects from the IBSEN III study: 

  • Current trends in epidemiology and treatment regimens in inflammatory bowel disease (Postdoc Vendel Kristensen)
  • Socioeconomic impacts of IBD (PhD project Charlotte Lund) 
  • Microbial precision medicine assisted by artificial intelligence in inflammatory bowel disease (PhD project Simen Hyll Hansen, NoPSC center)
  • Pediatric IBD (PhD project Svend Andersen, Sykehuset i Vestfold)
  • Symptom clusters (PhD project Ingunn Johansen, Høgskolen i Østfold)
  • Health-related quality of life during the first year of inflammatory bowel disease (PhD project Bjørn Olsen, Telemark sykehus)
  • Fatigue in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Symptom course and prognostic factors (PhD project Kristina Aass Holmen, Sykehust i Østfold)
  • IBD and the missing heritability (PhD project Tone Bergene Aabrekke, Sykehuset i Vestfold)

IBSEN Inflammatory bowel Disease in South Eastern Norway  

Ongoing sub projects from the IBSEN study

  • Rheumatological manifestations in long-term IBD (PhD project Alvilde Ossum)
  • Serological biomarkers in IBD (Postdoc Vendel Kristensen)

NORDTREAT ( - The Nordic IBD Treatment Strategy Trial recently received 30 million NOK funding from NORDSFORSK. The Department of Gastroenterology OUS and the Institute of Clinical Medicine UiO are Norwegian partners in this Project.

OUS IBD registry and biobank  ( ) - An single-center registry of IBD patients treated at OUS Ullevål Gastroenterology Department for prospective collection of clinical data and biologic material. The main aim is to contribute to further research on possible prognostic and predictive factors in IBD, mainly focusing on patients receiving biologics and other targeted therapies.

TRIN (Treatment patterns and regional differences in IBD in Norway) (PhD project Sandre Lirhus)

The introduction of new biosimilar drugs in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (PhD project Karoline Anisdahl) 

The aim of the project is to assess how the introduction of biosimilars affects the use of biologics in the IBD population in terms of increased overall use and implied earlier initiation. In addition, we aim to assess whether biosimilars change clinical practice regarding prescription habits and drug persistence. The project is a collaboration with TRIN.

Boosting anti-TNF therapy in ulcerative colitis (PhD project Jonas Lundekvam) 

An interventional study in which patients with ulcerative colitis not responding to anti-TNF therapy will receive an adjuvant, probiotic dietary supplement. The study will explore the role of gut microbiota in anti-TNF therapy, hoping to contribute to the understanding of why one third of ulcerative colitis patients do not respond to this treatment. 

Gut B cells and pANCA in patients with PSC (PI postdoc Brian Chung, NoPSC center, in collaboration with the IBD research group)


A prospective, open randomized, parallel-Group study to evaluate the outcome of discontinuing vs. continuing anti-TNF in UC patients in remiss.

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