New SNP service available

Do you quickly need to check for a given allele variant for a tumor-related gene or a drug-metabolizing gene in a number of patients or samples? We can do it!
Karen-Marie Heintz in action at the MegBace injecting samples for SNP screening
Karen-Marie Heintz in action at the MegBace injecting samples for SNP screening
Based on a collaboration between various scientists, we proudly announce the availability of a rapid screening facility for selected single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). The service is especially useful for projects where there is a need to screen a relatively large amounts of individuals for selected SNPs (or pools of individuals). The SNPs available at this time may be located at the Norwegian SNP information site. If your specific SNP is missing, do not hesitate to take contact, as we should rapidly be able to include it in an assay. The methodology is based on existing work using capillary denaturation technology, developed through many years at the Radium Hospital, using standard MegaBace sequencing instruments, but modified for thermal cycling around the melting temperature of the given fragment. This ensures good resolution and a rapid assay. For reference, please consult the following noncomprehensive list of relevant publications.

As the running costs for the assay are mainly related to the plasticware of the PCR step, thanks to gene therapy funding and generous enzyme availabilty from David Warren of the Central Lab, we will in an initial phase try to provide the service for free for Norwegian academic institutions, provided allele frequency information may be displayed at the SNP information site. For larger projects, we would also like to point to the National FUGE SNP facility, Cigene. For further information, please contact Karen-Marie Heintz, Per Olaf Ekstrøm or Eivind Hovig.
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