Elisa Fiorito
Position: Postdoc, PhD
Phone: +47 22 78

Publications 2016

Fiorito E, Sharma Y, Gilfillan S, Wang S, Singh SK, Satheesh SV, Katika MR, Urbanucci A, Thiede B, Mills IG, Hurtado A (2016)
CTCF modulates Estrogen Receptor function through specific chromatin and nuclear matrix interactions
Nucleic Acids Res, 44 (22), 10588-10602
PubMed 27638884

Publications 2013

Fiorito E, Hurtado A (2013)
Towards the elucidation of the mechanisms underlying breast cancer mutations
Transl. Cancer Res., 2 (2), 100-102

Quigley DA, Fiorito E, Nord S, Van Loo P, Alnæs GG, Fleischer T, Tost J, Moen Vollan HK, Tramm T, Overgaard J, Bukholm IR, Hurtado A, Balmain A, Børresen-Dale AL, Kristensen V (2013)
The 5p12 breast cancer susceptibility locus affects MRPS30 expression in estrogen-receptor positive tumors
Mol Oncol, 8 (2), 273-84
PubMed 24388359

Publications 2012

Camacho Leal Mdel P, Pincini A, Tornillo G, Fiorito E, Bisaro B, Di Luca E, Turco E, Defilippi P, Cabodi S (2012)
p130Cas over-expression impairs mammary branching morphogenesis in response to estrogen and EGF
PLoS One, 7 (12), e49817
PubMed 23239970

Fiorito E, Katika MR, Hurtado A (2012)
Cooperating transcription factors mediate the function of estrogen receptor
Chromosoma, 122 (1-2), 1-12
PubMed 23192763

Gilfillan S, Fiorito E, Hurtado A (2012)
Functional genomic methods to study estrogen receptor activity
J Mammary Gland Biol Neoplasia, 17 (2), 147-53
PubMed 22588661