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Publications 2015

Varkey J, Simrén M, Jalanko H, Oltean M, Saalman R, Gudjonsdottir A, Gäbel M, Borg H, Edenholm M, Bentdal O, Husby S, Staun M, Mäkisalo H, Bosaeus I, Olausson M, Pakarinen M, Herlenius G (2015)
Fifteen years' experience of intestinal and multivisceral transplantation in the Nordic countries
Scand J Gastroenterol, 50 (3), 278-90
PubMed 25592555

Publications 2012

Bentdal ØH, Foss A, Østensen AB, Lundin K, Farstad IN, Line PD (2012)
Intestinal and multivisceral transplantation in patients with chronic intestinal failure
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 132 (6), 650-4
PubMed 22456144

Publications 2009

Scholz T, Karlsen TH, Sanengen T, Schrumpf E, Line PD, Boberg KM, Jörgensen PF, Fosby B, Bentdal O, Ostensen AB, Osnes S, Riddervold F, Haugaa H, Hausken J, Bergmann JB, Foss S, Björo K, Foss A, Levertransplantasjonsgruppen ved Oslo universitetssykehus, Rikshospitalet (2009)
[Liver transplantation in Norway through 25 years]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 129 (24), 2587-92
PubMed 20029553

Publications 2008

Holdaas H, Bentdal O, Pfeffer P, Mjørnstedt L, Solbu D, Midtvedt K (2008)
Early, abrupt conversion of de novo renal transplant patients from cyclosporine to everolimus: results of a pilot study
Clin Transplant, 22 (3), 366-71
PubMed 18279419

Publications 2006

Oyen O, Strøm EH, Midtvedt K, Bentdal O, Hartmann A, Bergan S, Pfeffer P, Brekke IB (2006)
Calcineurin inhibitor-free immunosuppression in renal allograft recipients with thrombotic microangiopathy/hemolytic uremic syndrome
Am J Transplant, 6 (2), 412-8
PubMed 16426329

Publications 2005

Brandsaeter B, Schrumpf E, Bentdal O, Brabrand K, Smith HJ, Abildgaard A, Clausen OP, Bjoro K (2005)
Recurrent primary sclerosing cholangitis after liver transplantation: a magnetic resonance cholangiography study with analyses of predictive factors
Liver Transpl, 11 (11), 1361-9
PubMed 16184522

Foss A, Tuvin D, Leivestad T, Øyen O, Bentdal Ø (2005)
Should kidneys from older cadaveric donors be age-matched to the recipient?
Transplant Proc, 37 (8), 3280-2
PubMed 16298572

Grunnet N, Asmundsson P, Bentdal Ø, Friman S, Madsen M, Persson NH, Salmela K (2005)
Selected activities in Scandiatransplant
Transplant Proc, 37 (8), 3243-7
PubMed 16298560

Publications 2004

Madsen M, Asmundsson P, Bentdal ØH, Friman S, Persson NH, Salmela K, Grunnet N (2004)
Application of human leukocyte antigen matching in the allocation of kidneys from cadaveric organ donors in the Nordic countries
Transplantation, 77 (4), 621-3
PubMed 15084949

Publications 2003

Drivenes A, Bjøro K, Holter E, Bentdal Ø, Boberg KM (2003)
[Fulminant liver failure in acute hepatitis B virus infection]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 123 (2), 172-4
PubMed 12607499

Sund S, Hovig T, Reisaeter AV, Scott H, Bentdal Ø, Mollnes TE (2003)
Complement activation in early protocol kidney graft biopsies after living-donor transplantation
Transplantation, 75 (8), 1204-13
PubMed 12717204

Øyen O, Line PD, Pfeffer P, Edwin B, Jørgensen PF, Foss A, Lien B, Bentdal Ø, Husberg B, Brekke IB (2003)
Laparoscopic living donor nephrectomy: introduction of simple hand-assisted technique (without handport)
Transplant Proc, 35 (2), 779-81
PubMed 12644133

Publications 2002

Øyen O, Siwach V, Line PD, Pfeffer P, Lien B, Bentdal Ø, Foss A, Husberg B, Edwin B, Brekke I (2002)
Improvement of post-transplant lymphocele treatment in the laparoscopic era
Transpl Int, 15 (8), 406-10
PubMed 12221459

Publications 2001

Bentdal O, Brekke IB, Olausson M, Foss A, Husberg B, Ostensen A, Bergan A (2001)
Living related liver retransplantation in a 6-month-old child after 60 hours of anhepatic phase following hepatectomy of thrombosed primary liver graft
Transplant Proc, 33 (4), 2497-8
PubMed 11406226

Oyen O, Wergeland R, Bentdal O, Hartmann A, Brekke IB, Stokke O (2001)
Serial ultrasensitive CRP measurements may be useful in rejection diagnosis after kidney transplantation
Transplant Proc, 33 (4), 2481-3
PubMed 11406220

Publications 1999

Bergan S, Albrechtsen D, Bentdal O (1999)
[Immunosuppressive agents in organ transplantation]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 119 (24), 3615-20
PubMed 10563181

Bugge JF, Hartmann A, Osnes S, Bentdal O, Stenstrøm J (1999)
Immediate and early renal function after living donor transplantation
Nephrol Dial Transplant, 14 (2), 389-93
PubMed 10069194

Salmela K, Wramner L, Ekberg H, Hauser I, Bentdal O, Lins LE, Isoniemi H, Bäckman L, Persson N, Neumayer HH, Jørgensen PF, Spieker C, Hendry B, Nicholls A, Kirste G, Hasche G (1999)
A randomized multicenter trial of the anti-ICAM-1 monoclonal antibody (enlimomab) for the prevention of acute rejection and delayed onset of graft function in cadaveric renal transplantation: a report of the European Anti-ICAM-1 Renal Transplant Study Group
Transplantation, 67 (5), 729-36
PubMed 10096530

Sund S, Reisaeter AV, Fauchald P, Bentdal O, Hall KS, Hovig T (1999)
Living donor kidney transplants: a biopsy study 1 year after transplantation, compared with baseline changes and correlation to kidney function at 1 and 3 years
Nephrol Dial Transplant, 14 (10), 2445-54
PubMed 10528671

Wergeland R, Oyen O, Bentdal O, Stokke O (1999)
MicroCRP: a highly sensitive CRP method applied in the monitoring of renal allograft recipients
Scand J Clin Lab Invest, 59 (6), 405-16
PubMed 10612551

Publications 1998

Bentdal OH, Leivestad T, Fauchald P, Albrechtsen D, Pfeffer P, Lien B, Foss A, Oyen O, Hartmann A, Nordal K, Sødal G, Flatmark A, Thorsby E, Brekke IB (1998)
The national kidney transplant program in Norway still results in unchanged waiting lists
Clin Transpl, 221-8
PubMed 10503101

Bergan S, Rugstad HE, Bentdal O, Sødal G, Hartmann A, Leivestad T, Stokke O (1998)
Monitored high-dose azathioprine treatment reduces acute rejection episodes after renal transplantation
Transplantation, 66 (3), 334-9
PubMed 9721802

Bjøro K, Gjerstad L, Bentdal O, Osnes S, Schrumpf E (1998)
Topiramate and fulminant liver failure
Lancet, 352 (9134), 1119
PubMed 9798593

Foss A, Leivestad T, Brekke IB, Fauchald P, Bentdal O, Lien B, Pfeffer P, Sødal G, Albrechtsen D, Søreide O, Flatmark A (1998)
Unrelated living donors in 141 kidney transplantations: a one-center study
Transplantation, 66 (1), 49-52
PubMed 9679821

Sund S, Reisaeter AV, Scott H, Fauchald P, Bentdal O, Sødal G, Hovig T (1998)
Morphological studies of baseline needle biopsies from living donor kidneys: light microscopic, immunohistochemical and ultrastructural findings
APMIS, 106 (11), 1017-34
PubMed 9890263

Publications 1997

Bergan S, Bentdal O, Sødal G, Brun A, Rugstad HE, Stokke O (1997)
Patterns of azathioprine metabolites in neutrophils, lymphocytes, reticulocytes, and erythrocytes: relevance to toxicity and monitoring in recipients of renal allografts
Ther Drug Monit, 19 (5), 502-9
PubMed 9357091

Bergan S, Rugstad HE, Klemetsdal B, Giverhaug T, Bentdal O, Sødal G, Hartmann A, Aarbakke J, Stokke O (1997)
Possibilities for therapeutic drug monitoring of azathioprine: 6-thioguanine nucleotide concentrations and thiopurine methyltransferase activity in red blood cells
Ther Drug Monit, 19 (3), 318-26
PubMed 9200774

Felldin M, Bäckman L, Brattström C, Bentdal O, Nordal K, Claesson K, Persson NH (1997)
Rescue therapy with tacrolimus (FK 506) in renal transplant recipients--a Scandinavian multicenter analysis
Transpl Int, 10 (1), 13-8
PubMed 9002146

Hartmann A, Eide TC, Fauchald P, Bentdal O, Herbert J, Gallimore JR, Pepys MB (1997)
Serum amyloid A protein is a clinically useful indicator of acute renal allograft rejection
Nephrol Dial Transplant, 12 (1), 161-6
PubMed 9027793

Midtvedt K, Hartmann A, Brekke IB, Lyngdal PT, Bentdal O, Haugen G (1997)
Successful pregnancies in a combined pancreas and renal allograft recipient and in a renal graft recipient on tacrolimus treatment
Nephrol Dial Transplant, 12 (12), 2764-5
PubMed 9430893

Publications 1996

Bentdal OH, Frøland SS, Bosnes V, Bergan A, Søreide O, Flatmark A (1996)
Alterations in lymphocyte subsets in blood may predict resectability in carcinoma of cardia or oesophagus
Cancer Lett, 100 (1-2), 133-8
PubMed 8620432

Midtvedt K, Hartmann A, Bentdal O, Brekke IB, Fauchald P (1996)
Bilateral nephrectomy simultaneously with renal allografting does not alleviate hypertension 3 months following living-donor transplantation
Nephrol Dial Transplant, 11 (10), 2045-9
PubMed 8918720

Publications 1995

Albrechtsen D, Leivestad T, Sødal G, Bentdal O, Berg KJ, Brekke I, Fauchald P, Flatmark A, Jakobsen A, Lien B (1995)
Kidney transplantation in patients older than 70 years of age
Transplant Proc, 27 (1), 986-8
PubMed 7879256

Bergan S, Rugstad HE, Bentdal O, Sødal G, Hartmann A, Klemetsdal B, Aarbakke J, Stokke O (1995)
Optimization of azathioprine therapy by measuring 6-thioguanine nucleotides and methylated mercaptopurine in renal allograft recipients
Transplant Proc, 27 (6), 3426
PubMed 8540033

Brekke IB, Bentdal O, Pfeffer P, Lien B, Sødal G, Holdaas H, Fauchald P, Jervell J (1995)
[Pancreas transplantation. A 10-year material]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 115 (6), 703-5
PubMed 7900130

Felldin M, Bäckman L, Brattström C, Bentdal O, Nordal K, Claesson K, Persson NH (1995)
Rescue therapy with Tacrolimus (FK506) in renal transplant recipients--a multicenter analysis
Transplant Proc, 27 (6), 3425
PubMed 8540032

Oyen O, Bakka A, Pfeffer P, Lien B, Foss A, Bentdal O, Jørgensen P, Brekke IB, Sødal G (1995)
Laparoscopic management of posttransplant pelvic lymphoceles
Transplant Proc, 27 (6), 3449-50
PubMed 8540046

Publications 1994

Bentdal OH, Brekke IB, Lien B, Pfeffer PF, Sødal G, Hartmann A, Holdaas H, Nordal KP, Fauchald P (1994)
Rapid development of cancer in both kidney grafts after transplantation from a donor with undiagnosed malignant disease
Transplant Proc, 26 (3), 1763
PubMed 8030123

Bergan S, Rugstad HE, Bentdal O, Endresen L, Stokke O (1994)
Kinetics of mercaptopurine and thioguanine nucleotides in renal transplant recipients during azathioprine treatment
Ther Drug Monit, 16 (1), 13-20
PubMed 8160249

Bergan S, Rugstad HE, Bentdal O, Stokke O (1994)
Monitoring of azathioprine treatment by determination of 6-thioguanine nucleotide concentrations in erythrocytes
Transplantation, 58 (7), 803-8
PubMed 7940715

Publications 1993

Bergan S, Rugstad HE, Stokke O, Bentdal O, Frøysaker T, Bergan A (1993)
Cyclosporine A monitoring in patients with renal, cardiac, and liver transplants: a comparison between fluorescence polarization immunoassay and two different RIA methods
Scand J Clin Lab Invest, 53 (5), 471-7
PubMed 8210969

Brekke IB, Lien B, Sødal G, Jakobsen A, Bentdal O, Pfeffer P, Flatmark A, Fauchald P (1993)
Aortoiliac reconstruction in preparation for renal transplantation
Transpl Int, 6 (3), 161-3
PubMed 8499068

Lien B, Brekke IB, Sødal G, Bentdal OH, Pfeffer P, Jakobsen A (1993)
Renal transplantation and intestinal urinary diversion: a 10-year experience
Transplant Proc, 25 (1 Pt 2), 1338-9
PubMed 8442135

Publications 1992

Brekke IB, Sødal G, Jakobsen A, Bentdal O, Pfeffer P, Albrechtsen D, Flatmark A (1992)
Fibro-muscular renal artery disease treated by extracorporeal vascular reconstruction and renal autotransplantation: short- and long-term results
Eur J Vasc Surg, 6 (5), 471-6
PubMed 1397339

Publications 1991

Bentdal OH, Fauchald P, Brekke IB, Holdaas H, Hartmann A (1991)
Rehabilitation and quality of life in diabetic patients after successful pancreas-kidney transplantation
Diabetologia, 34 Suppl 1, S158-9
PubMed 1936685

Bentdal OH, Frøland SS, Djøseland O (1991)
Alterations in serum cortisol, CD4+ CD8+ lymphocyte sub-population ration and T cell mediated suppression of immune responses in the malnutrition of anorexia nervosa
Clin Nutr, 10 (3), 167-72
PubMed 16839913

Holdaas H, Brekke IB, Hartmann A, Bentdal OH, Ganes T, Gjellestad A, Fauchald P, Berg KJ, Djøseland O, Jervell J (1991)
Long-term metabolic control in recipients of combined pancreas and kidney transplants
Diabetologia, 34 Suppl 1, S68-70
PubMed 1936699

Holdaas H, Brekke IB, Hartmann A, Fauchald P, Bentdal O, Søodal G, Jervell J, Flatmark A (1991)
Long-term glucose control following combined kidney and pancreatic transplantation
Transplant Proc, 23 (1 Pt 2), 1656-7
PubMed 1989322

Pfeffer PF, Jakobsen A, Albrechtsen D, Sødal G, Brekke I, Bentdal O, Leivestad T, Fauchald P, Flatmark A (1991)
BMA 031 effectively reverses steroid-resistant rejection in renal transplants
Transplant Proc, 23 (1 Pt 2), 1099-100
PubMed 1989159

Publications 1990

Albrechtsen D, Bentdal O, Berg KJ, Brekke I, Fauchald P, Jakobsen A, Pfeffer P, Sødal G, Talseth T, Flatmark A (1990)
Infections in cyclosporine-treated kidney graft recipients: beneficial effect of cotrimoxazole prophylaxis
Transplant Proc, 22 (1), 245
PubMed 2309322

Albrechtsen D, Sødal G, Jakobsen A, Brekke I, Bentdal O, Berg KJ, Fauchald P, Pfeffer P, Talseth T, Leivestad T (1990)
Kidney transplantation from a spouse: an alternative to years of dialysis waiting for a graft that may never turn up?
Transplant Proc, 22 (4), 1435
PubMed 2389351

Flaatten H, Koller ME, Revhaug A, Giercksky KE, Hunting A, Bentdal O, Monclair T, Klem W, Helljesen G (1990)
[Parenteral nutrition at home]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 110 (26), 3400
PubMed 2124007

Publications 1989

Bentdal OH, Frøland SS, Larsen S (1989)
Cell-mediated immunity in anorexia nervosa augmented lymphocyte transformation response to concanavalin A and lack of increased risk of infection
Clin Nutr, 8 (5), 253-8
PubMed 16837297

Publications 1986

Bentdal OH, Flatmark A, Frøland SS (1986)
[Protein-calorie malnutrition. Diagnosis and preoperative parenteral nutrition of patients at risk]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 106 (11), 908-11
PubMed 3088760

Publications 1984

Bentdal OH, Brekke IB, Heen LO, Sødal G, Flatmark A (1984)
[Vascular access in hemodialysis, prolonged parenteral nutrition and treatment with cytostatics]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 104 (9), 669-72
PubMed 6427969

Publications 1980

Bentdal OH, Emblem R, Bjørnland G (1980)
[The iliac vein compression syndrome]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 100 (26), 1538-9
PubMed 7444894

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