Ole Øyen
Position: MD
Phone: +47 23 07 00 00


  • Minimally invasive Tx surgery
    • Laparoscopic living donor nephrectomy
    • Minimally invasive kidney Tx
    • Laparoscopic ventral hernia repair
  • Pancreas Tx
  • Immunosuppressive agents (Investigator in various studies)
  • The Scandiatransplant 'Living donor database'

Thesis (1989): 
Multiple Genes for Regulatory and Catalytic Subunits of Cyclic AMP-Dependent Protein Kinase Exist and are Differentially Expressed and Regulated in Testicular Cells


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Publications 2017

de Fijter JW, Holdaas H, Øyen O, Sanders JS, Sundar S, Bemelman FJ, Sommerer C, Pascual J, Avihingsanon Y, Pongskul C, Oppenheimer F, Toselli L, Russ G, Wang Z, Lopez P, Kochuparampil J, Cruzado JM, van der Giet M, ELEVATE Study Group (2017)
Early Conversion From Calcineurin Inhibitor- to Everolimus-Based Therapy Following Kidney Transplantation: Results of the Randomized ELEVATE Trial
Am J Transplant, 17 (7), 1853-1867
PubMed 28027625

Lindahl JP, Massey RJ, Hartmann A, Aakhus S, Endresen K, Günther A, Midtvedt K, Holdaas H, Leivestad T, Horneland R, Øyen O, Jenssen T (2017)
Cardiac Assessment of Patients With Type 1 Diabetes Median 10 Years After Successful Simultaneous Pancreas and Kidney Transplantation Compared With Living Donor Kidney Transplantation
Transplantation, 101 (6), 1261-1267
PubMed 27467687

Publications 2015

Dörje C, Mjøen G, Strøm EH, Holdaas H, Jenssen T, Øyen O, Akkök ÇA, Cvancarova M, Midtvedt K, Reisaeter AV (2015)
One-year protocol biopsies from ABO-incompatible renal allografts compared with a matched cohort of ABO-compatible allografts
Clin Transplant, 29 (3), 268-76
PubMed 25644963

Lindahl JP, Hartmann A, Aakhus S, Endresen K, Midtvedt K, Holdaas H, Leivestad T, Horneland R, Øyen O, Jenssen T (2015)
Long-term cardiovascular outcomes in type 1 diabetic patients after simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplantation compared with living donor kidney transplantation
Diabetologia, 59 (4), 844-52
PubMed 26713324

Tuveri M, Tuveri A, Nicolo E, Tsuruma T, Nagayama M, Nakano S, Trombetta F, Moscato R, Ghiglione F, Ciamporcero T, Galasso E, Morino M, Tharao M, Ndungu B, Saidi H, Mwige P, Gichere J, Skipworth J, Younis I, Floyd D, Shankar A, Sarangi R, Morehead P, Williams J, Minamimura K et al. (2015)
Topic: Incisional Hernia - "Difficult case" as specialistic case: real loss of substance, multi recurrences, infections, fistulas, lombocel, burst abdomen, reconstruction of the entire wall
Hernia, 19 Suppl 1, S225-36
PubMed 26518810

Publications 2014

Horneland R, Paulsen V, Lindahl JP, Grzyb K, Eide TJ, Lundin K, Aabakken L, Jenssen T, Aandahl EM, Foss A, Øyen O (2014)
Pancreas transplantation with enteroanastomosis to native duodenum poses technical challenges--but offers improved endoscopic access for scheduled biopsies and therapeutic interventions
Am J Transplant, 15 (1), 242-50
PubMed 25394773

Lindahl JP, Reinholt FP, Eide IA, Hartmann A, Midtvedt K, Holdaas H, Dorg LT, Reine TM, Kolset SO, Horneland R, Øyen O, Brabrand K, Jenssen T (2014)
In patients with type 1 diabetes simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplantation preserves long-term kidney graft ultrastructure and function better than transplantation of kidney alone
Diabetologia, 57 (11), 2357-65
PubMed 25145544

Publications 2013

Dörje C, Midtvedt K, Holdaas H, Naper C, Strøm EH, Øyen O, Leivestad T, Aronsen T, Jenssen T, Flaa-Johnsen L, Lindahl JP, Hartmann A, Reisæter AV (2013)
Early versus late acute antibody-mediated rejection in renal transplant recipients
Transplantation, 96 (1), 79-84
PubMed 23632391

Lindahl JP, Hartmann A, Horneland R, Holdaas H, Reisæter AV, Midtvedt K, Leivestad T, Oyen O, Jenssen T (2013)
Improved patient survival with simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplantation in recipients with diabetic end-stage renal disease
Diabetologia, 56 (6), 1364-71
PubMed 23549518

Mjøen G, Hallan S, Hartmann A, Foss A, Midtvedt K, Øyen O, Reisæter A, Pfeffer P, Jenssen T, Leivestad T, Line PD, Øvrehus M, Dale DO, Pihlstrøm H, Holme I, Dekker FW, Holdaas H (2013)
Long-term risks for kidney donors
Kidney Int, 86 (1), 162-7
PubMed 24284516

Publications 2012

Skauby MH, Øyen O, Hartman A, Leivestad T, Wadström J (2012)
Kidney transplantation with and without simultaneous bilateral native nephrectomy in patients with polycystic kidney disease: a comparative retrospective study
Transplantation, 94 (4), 383-8
PubMed 22828736

Urstad KH, Wahl AK, Andersen MH, Øyen O, Fagermoen MS (2012)
Renal recipients' educational experiences in the early post-operative phase--a qualitative study
Scand J Caring Sci, 26 (4), 635-42
PubMed 22417055

Urstad KH, Wahl AK, Andersen MH, Øyen O, Hagen KB (2012)
Limited evidence for the effectiveness of educational interventions for renal transplant recipients. Results from a systematic review of controlled clinical trials
Patient Educ Couns, 90 (2), 147-54
PubMed 23199794

Urstad KH, Øyen O, Andersen MH, Moum T, Wahl AK (2012)
The effect of an educational intervention for renal recipients: a randomized controlled trial
Clin Transplant, 26 (3), E246-53
PubMed 22686948

Publications 2011

Mjøen G, Oyen O, Midtvedt K, Dahle DO, Norby G, Holdaas H (2011)
Age, gender, and body mass index are associated with renal function after kidney donation
Clin Transplant, 25 (6), E579-83
PubMed 21906171

Syversveen T, Midtvedt K, Brabrand K, Øyen O, Foss A, Scholz T (2011)
Prophylactic peritoneal fenestration to prevent morbidity after kidney transplantation: a randomized study
Transplantation, 92 (2), 196-202
PubMed 21597401

Publications 2010

Mjoen G, Midtvedt K, Holme I, Øyen O, Fauchald P, Bergrem H, Holdaas H (2010)
One- and five-year follow-ups on blood pressure and renal function in kidney donors
Transpl Int, 24 (1), 73-7
PubMed 20723180

Mjøen G, Holdaas H, Pfeffer P, Line PD, Øyen O (2010)
Minimally invasive living donor nephrectomy - introduction of hand-assistance
Transpl Int, 23 (10), 1008-14
PubMed 20412538

Myhre HA, Øyen O, Kårbø Ø, Midtvedt K (2010)
Successful treatment of spontaneous kidney graft decapsulation 18 years after renal transplantation: a case report
NDT Plus, 3 (1), 100-2
PubMed 25949418

Oyen O, Pfeffer PF (2010)
Re: Antonio Rosales, José T. Salvador, Guillermo Udaneta, et al. Laparoscopic kidney transplantation. Eur Urol 2010;57:164-7
Eur Urol, 58 (1), e1-2; author reply e3
PubMed 20362387

Røine E, Bjørk IT, Oyen O (2010)
Targeting risk factors for impaired wound healing and wound complications after kidney transplantation
Transplant Proc, 42 (7), 2542-6
PubMed 20832540

Urstad KH, Andersen MH, Øyen O, Moum T, Wahl AK (2010)
Patients' level of knowledge measured five days after kidney transplantation
Clin Transplant, 25 (4), 646-52
PubMed 21077953

Øyen O, Lien B, Line PD, Pfeffer P (2010)
Minimally invasive renal auto-transplantation: the first report
J Surg Res, 164 (1), e181-4
PubMed 20850779

Publications 2009

Campistol JM, Boletis IN, Dantal J, de Fijter JW, Hertig A, Neumayer HH, Oyen O, Pascual J, Pohanka E, Ruiz JC, Scolari MP, Stefoni S, Serón D, Sparacino V, Arns W, Chapman JR (2009)
Chronic allograft nephropathy--a clinical syndrome: early detection and the potential role of proliferation signal inhibitors
Clin Transplant, 23 (6), 769-77
PubMed 19719730

Hamidi V, Andersen MH, Oyen O, Mathisen L, Fosse E, Kristiansen IS (2009)
Cost effectiveness of open versus laparoscopic living-donor nephrectomy
Transplantation, 87 (6), 831-8
PubMed 19300185

Mjøen G, Øyen O, Holdaas H, Midtvedt K, Line PD (2009)
Morbidity and mortality in 1022 consecutive living donor nephrectomies: benefits of a living donor registry
Transplantation, 88 (11), 1273-9
PubMed 19996926

Publications 2007

Andersen MH, Mathisen L, Veenstra M, Oyen O, Edwin B, Digernes R, Kvarstein G, Tønnessen TI, Wahl AK, Hanestad BR, Fosse E (2007)
Quality of life after randomization to laparoscopic versus open living donor nephrectomy: long-term follow-up
Transplantation, 84 (1), 64-9
PubMed 17627239

Campistol JM, Albanell J, Arns W, Boletis I, Dantal J, de Fijter JW, Mortensen SA, Neumayer HH, Øyen O, Pascual J, Pohanka E, Schena FP, Serón D, Sparacino V, Chapman JR (2007)
Use of proliferation signal inhibitors in the management of post-transplant malignancies--clinical guidance
Nephrol Dial Transplant, 22 Suppl 1, i36-41
PubMed 17456617

Oyen O (2007)
Minimally invasive kidney transplantation (MIKT)
J Surg Res, 145 (1), 4
PubMed 18237747

Publications 2006

Andersen MH, Mathisen L, Oyen O, Edwin B, Digernes R, Kvarstein G, Tønnessen TI, Wahl AK, Hanestad BR, Fosse E (2006)
Postoperative pain and convalescence in living kidney donors-laparoscopic versus open donor nephrectomy: a randomized study
Am J Transplant, 6 (6), 1438-43
PubMed 16686768

Oyen O, Strøm EH, Midtvedt K, Bentdal O, Hartmann A, Bergan S, Pfeffer P, Brekke IB (2006)
Calcineurin inhibitor-free immunosuppression in renal allograft recipients with thrombotic microangiopathy/hemolytic uremic syndrome
Am J Transplant, 6 (2), 412-8
PubMed 16426329

Øyen O, Scholz T, Hartmann A, Pfeffer P (2006)
Minimally invasive kidney transplantation: the first experience
Transplant Proc, 38 (9), 2798-802
PubMed 17112833

Publications 2005

Andersen MH, Mathisen L, Øyen O, Wahl AK, Hanestad BR, Fosse E (2005)
Living donors' experiences 1 wk after donating a kidney
Clin Transplant, 19 (1), 90-6
PubMed 15659140

Foss A, Tuvin D, Leivestad T, Øyen O, Bentdal Ø (2005)
Should kidneys from older cadaveric donors be age-matched to the recipient?
Transplant Proc, 37 (8), 3280-2
PubMed 16298572

Vítko S, Margreiter R, Weimar W, Dantal J, Kuypers D, Winkler M, Øyen O, Viljoen HG, Filiptsev P, Sadek S, Li Y, Cretin N, Budde K, RAD B201 Study Group (2005)
Three-year efficacy and safety results from a study of everolimus versus mycophenolate mofetil in de novo renal transplant patients
Am J Transplant, 5 (10), 2521-30
PubMed 16162203

Øyen O, Andersen M, Mathisen L, Kvarstein G, Edwin B, Line PD, Scholz T, Pfeffer PF (2005)
Laparoscopic versus open living-donor nephrectomy: experiences from a prospective, randomized, single-center study focusing on donor safety
Transplantation, 79 (9), 1236-40
PubMed 15880077

Publications 2003

Witczak B, Hartmann A, Leivestad T, Øyen O, Svennevig J (2003)
Cardiovascular surgery in renal failure patients with or without subsequent renal transplantation
Transplant Proc, 35 (2), 798-800
PubMed 12644143

Øyen O, Line PD, Pfeffer P, Edwin B, Jørgensen PF, Foss A, Lien B, Bentdal Ø, Husberg B, Brekke IB (2003)
Laparoscopic living donor nephrectomy: introduction of simple hand-assisted technique (without handport)
Transplant Proc, 35 (2), 779-81
PubMed 12644133

Publications 2002

Øyen O, Siwach V, Line PD, Pfeffer P, Lien B, Bentdal Ø, Foss A, Husberg B, Edwin B, Brekke I (2002)
Improvement of post-transplant lymphocele treatment in the laparoscopic era
Transpl Int, 15 (8), 406-10
PubMed 12221459

Publications 2001

Oyen O, Wergeland R, Bentdal O, Hartmann A, Brekke IB, Stokke O (2001)
Serial ultrasensitive CRP measurements may be useful in rejection diagnosis after kidney transplantation
Transplant Proc, 33 (4), 2481-3
PubMed 11406220

Publications 1999

Wergeland R, Oyen O, Bentdal O, Stokke O (1999)
MicroCRP: a highly sensitive CRP method applied in the monitoring of renal allograft recipients
Scand J Clin Lab Invest, 59 (6), 405-16
PubMed 10612551

Publications 1998

Bentdal OH, Leivestad T, Fauchald P, Albrechtsen D, Pfeffer P, Lien B, Foss A, Oyen O, Hartmann A, Nordal K, Sødal G, Flatmark A, Thorsby E, Brekke IB (1998)
The national kidney transplant program in Norway still results in unchanged waiting lists
Clin Transpl, 221-8
PubMed 10503101

Publications 1997

Oyen O, Clausen OP, Brekke IB, Bakka A, Pope FM (1997)
Spontaneous rupture of the renal artery in a patient with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type IV
Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg, 13 (5), 509-12
PubMed 9166275