Mirjam Ekstedt
Position: Senior researcher, professor

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Publications 2017

Flink M, Lindblad M, Frykholm O, Kneck Å, Nilsen P, Årestedt K, Ekstedt M (2017)
The Supporting Patient Activation in Transition to Home (sPATH) intervention: a study protocol of a randomised controlled trial using motivational interviewing to decrease re-hospitalisation for patients with COPD or heart failure
BMJ Open, 7 (7), e014178
PubMed 28698319

Lindblad M, Flink M, Ekstedt M (2017)
Safe medication management in specialized home healthcare - an observational study
BMC Health Serv Res, 17 (1), 598
PubMed 28836981

Lindblad M, Schildmeijer K, Nilsson L, Ekstedt M, Unbeck M (2017)
Development of a trigger tool to identify adverse events and no-harm incidents that affect patients admitted to home healthcare
BMJ Qual Saf (in press)
PubMed 28971884

Oksholm T, Rustoen T, Ekstedt M (2017)
Transfer Between Hospitals Is a Risk Situation for Patients After Lung Cancer Surgery
Cancer Nurs (in press)
PubMed 28426541

Pedersen M, Ekstedt M, Småstuen MC, Wyller VB, Sulheim D, Fagermoen E, Winger A, Pedersen E, Hrubos-Strøm H (2017)
Sleep-wake rhythm disturbances and perceived sleep in adolescent chronic fatigue syndrome
J Sleep Res, 26 (5), 595-601
PubMed 28470767

Sandlund C, Hetta J, Nilsson GH, Ekstedt M, Westman J (2017)
Improving insomnia in primary care patients: A randomized controlled trial of nurse-led group treatment
Int J Nurs Stud, 72, 30-41
PubMed 28445790

Skagerström J, Ericsson C, Nilsen P, Ekstedt M, Schildmeijer K (2017)
Patient involvement for improved patient safety: A qualitative study of nurses' perceptions and experiences
Nurs Open, 4 (4), 230-239
PubMed 29085649

Publications 2016

Ekstedt M, Darkeh MH, Xiu L, Forssén M, Johansson E, Ek A, Svensson V, Ekbom K, Marcus C (2016)
Sleep differences in one-year-old children were related to obesity risks based on their parents' weight according to baseline longitudinal study data
Acta Paediatr, 106 (2), 304-311
PubMed 27891657

Näverlo S, Carson DB, Edin-Liljegren A, Ekstedt M (2016)
Patient perceptions of a Virtual Health Room installation in rural Sweden
Rural Remote Health, 16 (4), 3823
PubMed 27884057

Publications 2015

Ekstedt M, Dahlgren A (2015)
[Safe care also in the home: a future challenge]
Lakartidningen, 112
PubMed 26010844

Gustafson P, Ahlberg J, Ekstedt M, Lindh M, Pukk Härenstam K, Rutberg H (2015)
[Safer Swedish healthcare requires coherent and persistent efforts]
Lakartidningen, 112
PubMed 26057637

Håkanson C, Sandberg J, Ekstedt M, Kenne Sarenmalm E, Christiansen M, Öhlén J (2015)
Providing Palliative Care in a Swedish Support Home for People Who Are Homeless
Qual Health Res, 26 (9), 1252-62
PubMed 25994318

Varsi C, Ekstedt M, Gammon D, Børøsund E, Ruland CM (2015)
Middle Managers' Experiences and Role in Implementing an Interactive Tailored Patient Assessment eHealth Intervention in Clinical Practice
Comput Inform Nurs, 33 (6), 249-57
PubMed 25988851

Varsi C, Ekstedt M, Gammon D, Ruland CM (2015)
Using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research to Identify Barriers and Facilitators for the Implementation of an Internet-Based Patient-Provider Communication Service in Five Settings: A Qualitative Study
J Med Internet Res, 17 (11), e262
PubMed 26582138

Winger A, Kvarstein G, Wyller VB, Ekstedt M, Sulheim D, Fagermoen E, Småstuen MC, Helseth S (2015)
Health related quality of life in adolescents with chronic fatigue syndrome: a cross-sectional study
Health Qual Life Outcomes, 13, 96
PubMed 26138694

Publications 2014

Børøsund E, Cvancarova M, Moore SM, Ekstedt M, Ruland CM (2014)
Comparing effects in regular practice of e-communication and Web-based self-management support among breast cancer patients: preliminary results from a randomized controlled trial
J Med Internet Res, 16 (12), e295
PubMed 25525672

Ekstedt M, Børøsund E, Svenningsen IK, Ruland CM (2014)
Reducing errors through a web-based self-management support system
Stud Health Technol Inform, 201, 328-34
PubMed 24943563

Ekstedt M, Stenberg U, Olsson M, Ruland CM (2014)
Health care professionals' perspectives of the experiences of family caregivers during in-patient cancer care
J Fam Nurs, 20 (4), 462-86
PubMed 25385131

Stenberg U, Cvancarova M, Ekstedt M, Olsson M, Ruland C (2014)
Family caregivers of cancer patients: perceived burden and symptoms during the early phases of cancer treatment
Soc Work Health Care, 53 (3), 289-309
PubMed 24628120

Stenberg U, Ekstedt M, Olsson M, Ruland CM (2014)
Living close to a person with cancer: a review of the international literature and implications for social work practice
J Gerontol Soc Work, 57 (6-7), 531-55
PubMed 24611782

Svensson V, Ek A, Forssén M, Ekbom K, Cao Y, Ebrahim M, Johansson E, Nero H, Hagströmer M, Ekstedt M, Nowicka P, Marcus C (2014)
Infant growth is associated with parental education but not with parental adiposity - Early Stockholm Obesity Prevention Project
Acta Paediatr, 103 (4), 418-25
PubMed 24387055

Wibe T, Ekstedt M, Hellesø R (2014)
Information practices of health care professionals related to patient discharge from hospital
Inform Health Soc Care, 40 (3), 198-209
PubMed 24475936

Publications 2013

Børøsund E, Cvancarova M, Ekstedt M, Moore SM, Ruland CM (2013)
How user characteristics affect use patterns in web-based illness management support for patients with breast and prostate cancer
J Med Internet Res, 15 (3), e34
PubMed 23454601

Børøsund E, Ruland CM, Moore S, Ekstedt M (2013)
Nurses' experiences of using an interactive tailored patient assessment tool one year past implementation
Int J Med Inform, 83 (7), e23-34
PubMed 24268722

Ekstedt M, Nyberg G, Ingre M, Ekblom Ö, Marcus C (2013)
Sleep, physical activity and BMI in six to ten-year-old children measured by accelerometry: a cross-sectional study
Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act, 10, 82
PubMed 23800204

Wibe T, Ekstedt M, Hellesø R, Øyri K, Slaughter L (2013)
Clinical documentation as a source of information for patients - possibilities and limitations
Stud Health Technol Inform, 192, 793-7
PubMed 23920666

Winger A, Ekstedt M, Wyller VB, Helseth S (2013)
'Sometimes it feels as if the world goes on without me': adolescents' experiences of living with chronic fatigue syndrome
J Clin Nurs, 23 (17-18), 2649-57
PubMed 24354631

Publications 2012

Stenberg U, Ruland CM, Olsson M, Ekstedt M (2012)
To live close to a person with cancer--experiences of family caregivers
Soc Work Health Care, 51 (10), 909-26
PubMed 23151286

Wibe T, Ekstedt M, Hellesø R, Varsi C, Ruland C (2012)
"You are not at all bothersome" - nurses' online communication with testicular cancer patients
NI 2012 (2012), 2012, 453
PubMed 24199140

Wibe T, Hellesø R, Varsi C, Ruland C, Ekstedt M (2012)
How does an online patient-nurse communication service meet the information needs of men with recently diagnosed testicular cancer?
ISRN Nurs, 2012, 260975
PubMed 23251816

Publications 2011

Andreae C, Ekstedt M, Snellman I (2011)
Patients' participation as it appears in the nursing documentation, when care is ruled by standardized care plans
ISRN Nurs, 2011, 707601
PubMed 22007324

Ekstedt M, Kenttä G (2011)
[Recovery is a matter of course for elite athletes...but not for working professionals]
Lakartidningen, 108 (36), 1684-7
PubMed 22032010

Wibe T, Hellesø R, Slaughter L, Ekstedt M (2011)
Lay people's experiences with reading their medical record
Soc Sci Med, 72 (9), 1570-3
PubMed 21497971

Publications 2010

Heijkenskjöld KB, Ekstedt M, Lindwall L (2010)
The patient's dignity from the nurse's perspective
Nurs Ethics, 17 (3), 313-24
PubMed 20444773

Wibe T, Ekstedt M, Hellesø R, Slaughter L (2010)
Why do people want a paper copy of their electronic patient record?
Stud Health Technol Inform, 160 (Pt 1), 676-80
PubMed 20841772

Publications 2009

Asberg M, Nygren A, Leopardi R, Rylander G, Peterson U, Wilczek L, Källmén H, Ekstedt M, Akerstedt T, Lekander M, Ekman R (2009)
Novel biochemical markers of psychosocial stress in women
PLoS One, 4 (1), e3590
PubMed 19177163

Ekstedt M, Söderström M, Akerstedt T (2009)
Sleep physiology in recovery from burnout
Biol Psychol, 82 (3), 267-73
PubMed 19699775

Publications 2007

Ratziu V, Bugianesi E, Dixon J, Fassio E, Ekstedt M, Charlotte F, Kechagias S, Poynard T, Olsson R (2007)
Histological progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: a critical reassessment based on liver sampling variability
Aliment Pharmacol Ther, 26 (6), 821-30
PubMed 17767466

Publications 2006

Ekstedt M, Söderström M, Akerstedt T, Nilsson J, Søndergaard HP, Aleksander P (2006)
Disturbed sleep and fatigue in occupational burnout
Scand J Work Environ Health, 32 (2), 121-31
PubMed 16680382

Publications 2005

Ekstedt M, Fagerberg I (2005)
Lived experiences of the time preceding burnout
J Adv Nurs, 49 (1), 59-67
PubMed 15610382

Grossi G, Perski A, Ekstedt M, Johansson T, Lindström M, Holm K (2005)
The morning salivary cortisol response in burnout
J Psychosom Res, 59 (2), 103-11
PubMed 16186006

Publications 2004

Ekstedt M, Akerstedt T, Söderström M (2004)
Microarousals during sleep are associated with increased levels of lipids, cortisol, and blood pressure
Psychosom Med, 66 (6), 925-31
PubMed 15564359

Söderström M, Ekstedt M, Akerstedt T, Nilsson J, Axelsson J (2004)
Sleep and sleepiness in young individuals with high burnout scores
Sleep, 27 (7), 1369-77
PubMed 15586790

Publications 2001

Kecklund G, Ekstedt M, Akerstedt T, Dahlgren A, Samuelson B (2001)
The effects of double-shifts (15.5 hours) on sleep, fatigue and health
J Hum Ergol (Tokyo), 30 (1-2), 53-8
PubMed 14564858