Torunn Wibe
Position: PhD student

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Publications 2014

Wibe T, Ekstedt M, Hellesø R (2014)
Information practices of health care professionals related to patient discharge from hospital
Inform Health Soc Care, 40 (3), 198-209
PubMed 24475936

Publications 2013

Varsi C, Gammon D, Wibe T, Ruland CM (2013)
Patients' reported reasons for non-use of an internet-based patient-provider communication service: qualitative interview study
J Med Internet Res, 15 (11), e246
PubMed 24220233

Wibe T, Ekstedt M, Hellesø R, Øyri K, Slaughter L (2013)
Clinical documentation as a source of information for patients - possibilities and limitations
Stud Health Technol Inform, 192, 793-7
PubMed 23920666

Publications 2012

Wibe T, Ekstedt M, Hellesø R, Varsi C, Ruland C (2012)
"You are not at all bothersome" - nurses' online communication with testicular cancer patients
NI 2012 (2012), 2012, 453
PubMed 24199140

Wibe T, Hellesø R, Varsi C, Ruland C, Ekstedt M (2012)
How does an online patient-nurse communication service meet the information needs of men with recently diagnosed testicular cancer?
ISRN Nurs, 2012, 260975
PubMed 23251816

Publications 2011

Wibe T, Hellesø R, Slaughter L, Ekstedt M (2011)
Lay people's experiences with reading their medical record
Soc Sci Med, 72 (9), 1570-3
PubMed 21497971

Publications 2010

Melby L, Hellesø R, Wibe T (2010)
[Electronic discharge reports and information to municipal health services]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 130 (10), 1037-9
PubMed 20489806

Wibe T, Ekstedt M, Hellesø R, Slaughter L (2010)
Why do people want a paper copy of their electronic patient record?
Stud Health Technol Inform, 160 (Pt 1), 676-80
PubMed 20841772

Publications 2009

Wibe T, Slaughter L (2009)
Patients reading their health records - what emotional factors are involved?
Stud Health Technol Inform, 146, 174-8
PubMed 19592830

Publications 2006

Wibe T, Edwin E, Husby EH, Vedal T (2006)
Implementation of nursing care plan in the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) findings and experiences
Stud Health Technol Inform, 122, 309-13
PubMed 17102270