Lena Heyn
Position: PhD student

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Publications 2017

Heyn L, Ellington L, Eide H (2017)
An exploration of how positive emotions are expressed by older people and nurse assistants in homecare visits
Patient Educ Couns, 100 (11), 2125-2127
PubMed 28637610

Publications 2016

Heyn L (2016)
A response to "Responding to challenging interactions with families: A training module for inpatient oncology nurses"
Fam Syst Health, 34 (3), 287-8
PubMed 27632544

Postma-Nilsenov√° M, Holt E, Heyn L, Groeneveld K, Finset A (2016)
A case study of vocal features associated with galvanic skin response to stressors in a clinical interaction
Patient Educ Couns, 99 (8), 1349-54
PubMed 26988238

Publications 2013

Finset A, Heyn L, Ruland C (2013)
Patterns in clinicians' responses to patient emotion in cancer care
Patient Educ Couns, 93 (1), 80-5
PubMed 23850184

Heyn L, Finset A, Ruland CM (2013)
Talking about feelings and worries in cancer consultations: the effects of an interactive tailored symptom assessment on source, explicitness, and timing of emotional cues and concerns
Cancer Nurs, 36 (2), E20-30
PubMed 23416693

Publications 2011

Heyn L, Finset A, Eide H, Ruland CM (2011)
Effects of an interactive tailored patient assessment on patient-clinician communication in cancer care
Psychooncology, 22 (1), 89-96
PubMed 21919122

Heyn L, Ruland CM, Finset A (2011)
Effects of an interactive tailored patient assessment tool on eliciting and responding to cancer patients' cues and concerns in clinical consultations with physicians and nurses
Patient Educ Couns, 86 (2), 158-65
PubMed 21592719