Fredrik A. Walby

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Publications 2017

Berg SH, Rørtveit K, Walby FA, Aase K (2017)
Safe clinical practice for patients hospitalised in a suicidal crisis: a study protocol for a qualitative case study
BMJ Open, 7 (1), e012874
PubMed 28132001

Fredriksen KJ, Schoeyen HK, Johannessen JO, Walby FA, Davidson L, Schaufel MA (2017)
Psychotic Depression and Suicidal Behavior
Psychiatry, 80 (1), 17-29
PubMed 28409714

Haaland VØ, Bjørkholt M, Freuchen A, Ness E, Walby FA (2017)
Suicides, mental health care and interdisciplinary specialised addiction services in the Agder counties 2004-13
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 137 (18)
PubMed 28972328

Publications 2015

Bramness JG, Walby FA, Morken G, Røislien J (2015)
The authors reply
Am J Epidemiol, 182 (9), 820-1
PubMed 26429999

Bramness JG, Walby FA, Morken G, Røislien J (2015)
Analyzing Seasonal Variations in Suicide With Fourier Poisson Time-Series Regression: A Registry-Based Study From Norway, 1969-2007
Am J Epidemiol, 182 (3), 244-54
PubMed 26081677

Publications 2014

Mehlum L, Ness E, Walby FA (2014)
[Re: Excessive belief in suicide risk assessments?]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 134 (6), 593
PubMed 24670497

Tørmoen AJ, Grøholt B, Haga E, Brager-Larsen A, Miller A, Walby F, Stanley B, Mehlum L (2014)
Feasibility of dialectical behavior therapy with suicidal and self-harming adolescents with multi-problems: training, adherence, and retention
Arch Suicide Res, 18 (4), 432-44
PubMed 24842553

Publications 2013

Mork E, Walby FA, Harkavy-Friedman JM, Barrett EA, Steen NE, Lorentzen S, Andreassen OA, Melle I, Mehlum L (2013)
Clinical characteristics in schizophrenia patients with or without suicide attempts and non-suicidal self-harm--a cross-sectional study
BMC Psychiatry, 13, 255
PubMed 24106884

Publications 2012

Koldsland BO, Mehlum L, Mellesdal LS, Walby FA, Diep LM (2012)
The suicide assessment scale: psychometric properties of a Norwegian language version
BMC Res Notes, 5, 417
PubMed 22870950

Mork E, Mehlum L, Barrett EA, Agartz I, Harkavy-Friedman JM, Lorentzen S, Melle I, Andreassen OA, Walby FA (2012)
Self-harm in patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorders
Arch Suicide Res, 16 (2), 111-23
PubMed 22551042

Publications 2010

Bramness JG, Walby FA (2010)
Internet use and suicide among younger age groups between 1989 and 2008 in Japan - Reply
Acta Psychiatr. Scand., 121 (6), 485-486

Bramness JG, Walby FA, Hjellvik V, Selmer R, Tverdal A (2010)
Self-reported mental health and its gender differences as a predictor of suicide in the middle-aged
Am J Epidemiol, 172 (2), 160-6
PubMed 20519262

Pettersen K, Rydningen NN, Christensen TB, Walby FA (2010)
Autobiographical memory and suicide attempts in schizophrenia
Suicide Life Threat Behav, 40 (4), 369-75
PubMed 20822363

Publications 2009

Bramness JG, Walby F (2009)
Ecological studies and the big puzzle of falling suicide rates
Acta Psychiatr Scand, 119 (3), 169-70
PubMed 19178393

Walby FA, Ness E (2009)
[Psychiatric treatment of deliberate self-harm in the out-of-hours services]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 129 (9), 885-7
PubMed 19415091

Publications 2008

Rønneberg U, Walby FA (2008)
[Suicides committed by patients who receive psychiatric care]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 128 (2), 180-3
PubMed 18202729

Sveen CA, Walby FA (2008)
Suicide survivors' mental health and grief reactions: a systematic review of controlled studies
Suicide Life Threat Behav, 38 (1), 13-29
PubMed 18355105

Publications 2007

Bramness JG, Sandvik P, Schøyen H, Walby FA (2007)
[Weak report about antidepressive agents from the Knowledge Center]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 127 (24), 3236-7
PubMed 18084369

Bramness JG, Walby FA, Tverdal A (2007)
The sales of antidepressants and suicide rates in Norway and its counties 1980-2004
J Affect Disord, 102 (1-3), 1-9
PubMed 17223200

Publications 2006

Walby FA, Odegaard E, Mehlum L (2006)
Psychiatric comorbidity may not predict suicide during and after hospitalization. A nested case-control study with blinded raters
J Affect Disord, 92 (2-3), 253-60
PubMed 16546263

Publications 2000

Walby FA, Borg P, Eikeseth PH, Neegaard E, Kjerpeseth K, Bruvik S, Waal H (2000)
[Use of methadone in the treatment of psychotic patients with heroin dependence]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 120 (2), 195-8
PubMed 10851915