Hiroko Kato Solvang
Position: Researcher
Phone: +47 22 78 13 70

Hiroko Kato Solvang’s CV



  • 1995  Ph.D.(A study of multivariate mean-nonstatinary time series model for estimating mutual relationship) in Statistical Science, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics with Professor Makio Ishiguro and Professor Genshiro Kitagawa
  • 1988  MS in Educational Physics and Computer Physics, Tokyo Gakugei University
  • 1986  BS in Macromolecular Physics, Japan Women’s University

Professional experience

  • 2007-present Researcher, Dept. Genetics, Inst. Cancer Research, Rikshospitalet-Radiumhospitalet
  • 1998-2007  Research Scientist, NTT Communication Science Laboratories http://www.kecl.ntt.co.jp/rps/index.html
  • 1996-1998  Research Associate, Dept. Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Engineering, Hiroshima University http://www.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/index.html
  • 1995-1996  Research Associate, Advanced Telecommunication Research http://www.atr.jp
  • 1989-1993  Research Assistant, Dept. Physics, Japan Women’s University
  • 1998-1992  Lecturer of Physics, Senior high-school affiliated Japan Women’s University



  • Statistical methodology: Multivariate statistical system analysis, Time series analysis for non-linear, non-stationary and non-Gaussian data, Spatial (time) data modelling, Bayesian influence, Discriminant analysis, Machine learning
  • Applications: Biomedical signal processing, Speech signal processing, Economic time series data

Academic society


  • IEEE, American Statistical Association, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Japan Statistical Society

Publications (referred paper)

  • Discriminant analysis:

1. Solvang, K, H., Taniguchi, M., Nakatani, T., Amano, S., 2007, Classification and similarity analysis for fundamental frequency patterns in infant spoken language acquisition, Statistical Methodology.

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Independent component analysis:

4. Kato, H., Nagahara, Y., Araki, S., Sawada, H., Makino, S., 2006, A parametric Pearson approach based independent component analysis for frequency domain blind speech separation, EUSIPC2006, CD-ROM.

  • Bayesian time series modeling, Multivariate time series analysis:

5. Osu,R., Franklin,D.W., Kato,H., Gomi,H., Domen,K., Yoshioka,T., Kawato,M. 2002, Short-and Long-term changes in joint co-contraction associated with motor learning as revealed from surface EMG, J. Neurophysiol, 88, 991-1004

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  • Non-linear and non-Gaussian time series modeling:

12. Solvang, K.H., Ishizuka, K., Fujimoto, M., 2007, A voice activity detection based on an AR-GARCH model, The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, D-II.

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  • Nonparametric time series modeling:

18. Zolfagari,P., Kato,H., Minami,Y., Nakamura,A., Katagiri,S., 2004, Model selection for mixture of Gaussian based spectral modeling, IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing, 335-345.

  •  Test:

19. Kato,H., Abe,K., Terakado,H., Konno,N. 1991, Time series analysis of EEG: local weak stationary, self similarity, normality, The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers D-II J74-D-II, 10, 1466-1471.

  • Software

20. Ishiguro,M., Kato,H., Akaike,H. 1999, ARDOCK, An auto-regressive model analyzer, Computer Science Monographs, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, 30.


Author network for Hiroko Kato Solvang by COREMINE medical

Publications 2017

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Publications 2016

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Publications 2014

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Publications 2010

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Publications 2009

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Publications 2008

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