Anne-Kristin Solbakk
Position: Group leader, Dr. psychol.

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Publications 2017

Johnson EL, Dewar CD, Solbakk AK, Endestad T, Meling TR, Knight RT (2017)
Bidirectional Frontoparietal Oscillatory Systems Support Working Memory
Curr Biol, 27 (12), 1829-1835.e4
PubMed 28602658

Perry A, Saunders SN, Stiso J, Dewar C, Lubell J, Meling TR, Solbakk AK, Endestad T, Knight RT (2017)
Effects of prefrontal cortex damage on emotion understanding: EEG and behavioural evidence
Brain, 140 (4), 1086-1099
PubMed 28334943

Tornås S, Stubberud J, Solbakk AK, Evans J, Schanke AK, Løvstad M (2017)
Moderators, mediators and nonspecific predictors of outcome after cognitive rehabilitation of executive functions in a randomised controlled trial
Neuropsychol Rehabil, 1-22 (in press)
PubMed 28651477

Publications 2016

Grane VA, Brunner JF, Endestad T, Aasen IE, Kropotov J, Knight RT, Solbakk AK (2016)
ERP Correlates of Proactive and Reactive Cognitive Control in Treatment-Naïve Adult ADHD
PLoS One, 11 (7), e0159833
PubMed 27448275

Grane VA, Brunner JF, Endestad T, Aasen IE, Kropotov J, Knight RT, Solbakk AK (2016)
Correction: ERP Correlates of Proactive and Reactive Cognitive Control in Treatment-Naïve Adult ADHD
PLoS One, 11 (9), e0163404
PubMed 27631088

Hough D, Bellingham M, Haraldsen IR, McLaughlin M, Robinson JE, Solbakk AK, Evans NP (2016)
A reduction in long-term spatial memory persists after discontinuation of peripubertal GnRH agonist treatment in sheep
Psychoneuroendocrinology, 77, 1-8
PubMed 27987429

Hough D, Bellingham M, Haraldsen IRH, McLaughlin M, Rennie M, Robinson JE, Solbakk AK, Evans NP (2016)
Spatial memory is impaired by peripubertal GnRH agonist treatment and testosterone replacement in sheep
Psychoneuroendocrinology, 75, 173-182
PubMed 27837697

Løvstad M, Sigurdardottir S, Andersson S, Grane VA, Moberget T, Stubberud J, Solbakk AK (2016)
Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function Adult Version in Patients with Neurological and Neuropsychiatric Conditions: Symptom Levels and Relationship to Emotional Distress
J Int Neuropsychol Soc, 22 (6), 682-94
PubMed 27126218

Tornås S, Løvstad M, Solbakk AK, Evans J, Endestad T, Hol PK, Schanke AK, Stubberud J (2016)
Rehabilitation of Executive Functions in Patients with Chronic Acquired Brain Injury with Goal Management Training, External Cuing, and Emotional Regulation: A Randomized Controlled Trial
J Int Neuropsychol Soc, 22 (4), 436-52
PubMed 26812574

Tornås S, Løvstad M, Solbakk AK, Schanke AK, Stubberud J (2016)
Goal Management Training Combined With External Cuing as a Means to Improve Emotional Regulation, Psychological Functioning, and Quality of Life in Patients With Acquired Brain Injury: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Arch Phys Med Rehabil, 97 (11), 1841-1852.e3
PubMed 27424292

Publications 2015

Pham U, Solbakk AK, Skogseid IM, Toft M, Pripp AH, Konglund AE, Andersson S, Haraldsen IR, Aarsland D, Dietrichs E, Malt UF (2015)
Personality changes after deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease
Parkinsons Dis, 2015, 490507
PubMed 25705545

Pham UH, Andersson S, Toft M, Pripp AH, Konglund AE, Dietrichs E, Malt UF, Skogseid IM, Haraldsen IR, Solbakk AK (2015)
Self-Reported Executive Functioning in Everyday Life in Parkinson's Disease after Three Months of Subthalamic Deep Brain Stimulation
Parkinsons Dis, 2015, 461453
PubMed 26167329

Publications 2014

Grane VA, Endestad T, Pinto AF, Solbakk AK (2014)
Attentional control and subjective executive function in treatment-naive adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
PLoS One, 9 (12), e115227
PubMed 25545156

Mäki-Marttunen V, Pickard N, Solbakk AK, Ogawa KH, Knight RT, Hartikainen KM (2014)
Low attentional engagement makes attention network activity susceptible to emotional interference
Neuroreport, 25 (13), 1038-43
PubMed 24999907

Solbakk AK, Funderud I, Løvstad M, Endestad T, Meling T, Lindgren M, Knight RT, Krämer UM (2014)
Impact of orbitofrontal lesions on electrophysiological signals in a stop signal task
J Cogn Neurosci, 26 (7), 1528-45
PubMed 24392904

Solbakk AK, Løvstad M (2014)
Effects of focal prefrontal cortex lesions on electrophysiological indices of executive attention and action control
Scand J Psychol, 55 (3), 233-43
PubMed 24602177

Publications 2013

Funderud I, Løvstad M, Lindgren M, Endestad T, Due-Tønnessen P, Meling TR, Knight RT, Solbakk AK (2013)
Preparatory attention after lesions to the lateral or orbital prefrontal cortex--an event-related potentials study
Brain Res, 1527, 174-88
PubMed 23831520

Robinson JE, Evans NP, Dumbell R, Solbakk AK, Ropstad E, Haraldsen IR (2013)
Effects of inhibition of gonadotropin releasing hormone secretion on the response to novel objects in young male and female sheep
Psychoneuroendocrinology, 40, 130-9
PubMed 24485485

Wojniusz S, Ropstad E, Evans N, Robinson J, Solbakk AK, Endestad T, Haraldsen IR (2013)
Sex-specific development of spatial orientation is independent of peripubertal gonadal steroids
Psychoneuroendocrinology, 38 (9), 1709-16
PubMed 23477973

Publications 2012

Funderud I, Lindgren M, Løvstad M, Endestad T, Voytek B, Knight RT, Solbakk AK (2012)
Differential Go/NoGo activity in both contingent negative variation and spectral power
PLoS One, 7 (10), e48504
PubMed 23119040

Krämer UM, Solbakk AK, Funderud I, Løvstad M, Endestad T, Knight RT (2012)
The role of the lateral prefrontal cortex in inhibitory motor control
Cortex, 49 (3), 837-49
PubMed 22699024

Løvstad M, Funderud I, Endestad T, Due-Tønnessen P, Meling TR, Lindgren M, Knight RT, Solbakk AK (2012)
Executive functions after orbital or lateral prefrontal lesions: neuropsychological profiles and self-reported executive functions in everyday living
Brain Inj, 26 (13-14), 1586-98
PubMed 22731818

Løvstad M, Funderud I, Meling T, Krämer UM, Voytek B, Due-Tønnessen P, Endestad T, Lindgren M, Knight RT, Solbakk AK (2012)
Anterior cingulate cortex and cognitive control: neuropsychological and electrophysiological findings in two patients with lesions to dorsomedial prefrontal cortex
Brain Cogn, 80 (2), 237-49
PubMed 22935543

Nuruddin S, Wojniusz S, Ropstad E, Krogenæs A, Evans NP, Robinson JE, Solbakk AK, Amiry-Moghaddam M, Haraldsen IR, Sex On Brain European Research Group – SOBER (2012)
Peri-pubertal gonadotropin-releasing hormone analog treatment affects hippocampus gene expression without changing spatial orientation in young sheep
Behav Brain Res, 242, 9-16
PubMed 23266521

Publications 2011

Løvstad M, Funderud I, Lindgren M, Endestad T, Due-Tønnessen P, Meling T, Voytek B, Knight RT, Solbakk AK (2011)
Contribution of subregions of human frontal cortex to novelty processing
J Cogn Neurosci, 24 (2), 378-95
PubMed 21812562

Publications 2010

Hartikainen KM, Waljas M, Isoviita T, Dastidar P, Liimatainen S, Solbakk AK, Ogawa KH, Soimakallio S, Ylinen A, Ohman J (2010)
Persistent symptoms in mild to moderate traumatic brain injury associated with executive dysfunction
J Clin Exp Neuropsychol, 32 (7), 767-74
PubMed 20198531

Wojniusz S, Vögele C, Ropstad E, Evans N, Robinson J, Sütterlin S, Erhard HW, Solbakk AK, Endestad T, Olberg DE, Haraldsen IR (2010)
Prepubertal gonadotropin-releasing hormone analog leads to exaggerated behavioral and emotional sex differences in sheep
Horm Behav, 59 (1), 22-7
PubMed 20934426

Publications 2008

Solbakk AK, Fuhrmann Alpert G, Furst AJ, Hale LA, Oga T, Chetty S, Pickard N, Knight RT (2008)
Altered prefrontal function with aging: insights into age-associated performance decline
Brain Res, 1232, 30-47
PubMed 18691562

Publications 2005

Solbakk AK, Reinvang I, Svebak S, Nielsen CS, Sundet K (2005)
Attention to affective pictures in closed head injury: event-related brain potentials and cardiac responses
J Clin Exp Neuropsychol, 27 (2), 205-23
PubMed 15903151

Publications 2002

Schanke AK, Stanghelle JK, Andersson S, Opheim A, Strøm V, Solbakk AK (2002)
Mild versus severe fatigue in polio survivors: special characteristics
J Rehabil Med, 34 (3), 134-40
PubMed 12395941

Solbakk AK, Reinvang I, Andersson S (2002)
Assessment of P3a and P3b after moderate to severe brain injury
Clin Electroencephalogr, 33 (3), 102-10
PubMed 12192659

Publications 2000

Solbakk AK, Reinvang I, Nielsen CS (2000)
ERP indices of resource allocation difficulties in mild head injury
J Clin Exp Neuropsychol, 22 (6), 743-60
PubMed 11320433

Publications 1999

Solbakk AK, Reinvang I, Nielsen C, Sundet K (1999)
ERP indicators of disturbed attention in mild closed head injury: a frontal lobe syndrome?
Psychophysiology, 36 (6), 802-17
PubMed 10554593