The cerebrovascular research group

Mona SkjellandGroup leader
Mona Skjelland
Group leader

The Cerebrovascular Research Group has several active research projects, both on primary and secondary prevention as well as pre-hospital and in-hospital treatment of acute stroke. The group has broad interest in atherosclerosis, inflammation and acute stroke, including multi-modal imaging methods (MRI, PET, ultrasound).

The group research aims to reduce incidence of stroke (clarify pathophysiologic processes, identify risk factors and applicable biomarkers), reduce stroke severity (cerebral monitoring and neuroprotection in acute phase) and improve patient outcome. The research includes both clinical and translational studies. 

Research projects

  • Advanced ultrasound methods in the assessment of carotid plaque instability
  • The MIST study (Microbiota in Stroke); The Gut and Oral bacteria, Atherosclerosis and Ischemic Stroke
  • Improving cerebral haemodynamic diagnostics using transcranial ultrasound in a neurocritical care cohort
  • The BRIDGE study: Bridging pregnancy and fetal microchimerism with future female maternal cardiovascular and neurovascular health
  • Inflammation in atherosclerosis and ischemic stroke; a biomarker study
  • Norwegian prospective ultrasound study of CARotid RADiation-induced lesions in head and neck cancer
    patients (NOR-CARRAD)
  • The StrokeOmics study: Multi-Omics for Precision Medicine in Acute Ischemic Stroke
  • Cardiovascular risk in ketogenic diet, assessed by advanced ultrasound of carotid arteries
  • Pre- and intracerebral vasculophaties in ischemic stroke, a register study.

Investigator-led studies:

  • Group members are participating in RCTs, observational and industry funded trials (ACST-2, STROKECLOSE, ESCAPE-NEXT, The OCCLUSION-AF Trial)
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