Marta Rodríguez Moreno
Position: Postdoc
Phone: +47 22 78 18 05

Publications 2017
Rodríguez M, Cantos B, Sabin P, Quero C, Garcia-Arroyo F, Rueda A, Maximiano C, Rodriguez-Abreu D, Sánchez A, Silva J, García V†, Provencio M† (2017)
mRNA in exosomes as a Liquid biopsy in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: a multicentric study by the Spanish lymphoma oncology group
Oncotarget. Accepted

Publications 2015
Rodríguez M, Silva J, Herrera A, Herrera M, Peña C, Martín P, Gil-Calderón B, Larriba MJ, Coronado MJ, Soldevilla B, Turrión VS, Provencio M, Sánchez A, Bonilla F†, García V† (2015)
Exosomes enriched in stemness/metastatic-related mRNAs promote oncogenic potential in breast cancer. Specific prognostic exosome signature
Oncotarget. 1;6(38):40575-40587
PubMed 26528758

Publications 2014
Rodríguez M*, Silva J*,  López-Alfonso A, López-Muñiz MB, Peña C, Domínguez G, García JM, López-García A, Méndez M, Provencio M, García V†, Bonilla F† (2014)
Different exosome cargo from plasma/bronchoalveolar lavage in non-small-cell lung cancer
Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 53(9):713-724
PubMed 24764226

Soldevilla B*, Rodríguez M*, San Millán C, García V, Fernández-Periañez R, Gil-Calderón B, Martín P, García-Grande A, Silva J, Bonilla F†, Domínguez G† (2014)
Tumor-derived exosomes are enriched in ∆Np73, which promotes oncogenic potential in acceptor cells and correlates with patient survival
Hum Mol Genet. 15;23(2):467-478
PubMed 24067531

Publications 2012
Silva J, Garcia V, Rodríguez M, Compte M, Cisneros E, Veguillas P, Garcia JM, Dominguez G, Campos-Martin Y, Cuevas J, Peña C, Herrera M, Diaz R, Mohammed N, Bonilla F (2012)
Analysis of exosome release and its prognostic value in human colorectal cancer
Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 51(4):409-418.
Pubmed 22420032

Publications 2011
Soldevilla B, Díaz R, Silva J, Muñoz C, García V, García JM, Peña C, Herrera M, Rodríguez M, Gómez I, Mohamed N, Bonilla F, Domínguez G (2011)
Prognostic impact of ∆TAp73 isoform levels and their target genes in colon cancer patients
Clin Cancer Res. 15;17(18):6029-6039
Pubmed 21807636

Mohamed N, Rodríguez M, García V, García JM, Domínguez G, Peña C, Herrera M, Gómez I, Díaz R, Soldevilla B, Herrera A, Silva J, Bonilla F (2011)
EPAS1 mRNA in plasma from colorectal cancer patients is associated with poor outcome in advance stages
Oncol Lett. 2(4):719-724
Pubmed 22848255