Tore Skotland
Position: Project Leader, Senior Scientist
Phone: +47 22 78 19 33

Tore is in charge of the project Nanoparticles in Biomedicine: In vivo studies


Author network for Tore Skotland by COREMINE medical

Publications 2017

Ailte I, Lingelem AB, Kvalvaag AS, Kavaliauskiene S, Brech A, Koster G, Dommersnes PG, Bergan J, Skotland T, Sandvig K (2017)
Exogenous lysophospholipids with large head groups perturb clathrin-mediated endocytosis
Traffic, 18 (3), 176-191
PubMed 28067430

Boye E, Skotland T, Østerud B, Nissen-Meyer J (2017)
Doping and drug testing: Anti-doping work must be transparent and adhere to good scientific practices to ensure public trust
EMBO Rep, 18 (3), 351-354
PubMed 28167676

Kavaliauskiene S, Dyve Lingelem AB, Skotland T, Sandvig K (2017)
Protection against Shiga Toxins
Toxins (Basel), 9 (2)
PubMed 28165371

Skotland T (2017)
Injection of nanoparticles into cloven-hoof animals: Asking for trouble
Theranostics, 7 (19), 4877-4878
PubMed 29187910

Skotland T, Sandvig K, Llorente A (2017)
Lipids in exosomes: Current knowledge and the way forward
Prog Lipid Res, 66, 30-41
PubMed 28342835

Sulheim E, Iversen TG, To Nakstad V, Klinkenberg G, Sletta H, Schmid R, Hatletveit AR, Wågbø AM, Sundan A, Skotland T, Sandvig K, Mørch Ý (2017)
Cytotoxicity of Poly(Alkyl Cyanoacrylate) Nanoparticles
Int J Mol Sci, 18 (11)
PubMed 29156588

Vestad B, Llorente A, Neurauter A, Phuyal S, Kierulf B, Kierulf P, Skotland T, Sandvig K, Haug KBF, Øvstebø R (2017)
Size and concentration analyses of extracellular vesicles by nanoparticle tracking analysis: a variation study
J Extracell Vesicles, 6 (1), 1344087
PubMed 28804597

Øverbye A, Holsæter AM, Markus F, Škalko-Basnet N, Iversen TG, Torgersen ML, Sønstevold T, Engebraaten O, Flatmark K, Mælandsmo GM, Skotland T, Sandvig K (2017)
Ceramide-containing liposomes with doxorubicin: time and cell-dependent effect of C6 and C12 ceramide
Oncotarget, 8 (44), 76921-76934
PubMed 29100358

Publications 2016

Ailte I, Lingelem AB, Kavaliauskiene S, Bergan J, Kvalvaag AS, Myrann AG, Skotland T, Sandvig K (2016)
Addition of lysophospholipids with large head groups to cells inhibits Shiga toxin binding
Sci Rep, 6, 30336
PubMed 27458147

Kavaliauskiene S, Torgersen ML, Lingelem AB, Klokk TI, Lintonen T, Simolin H, Ekroos K, Skotland T, Sandvig K (2016)
Cellular effects of fluorodeoxyglucose: Global changes in the lipidome and alteration in intracellular transport
Oncotarget, 7 (48), 79885-79900
PubMed 27829218

Róg T, Orłowski A, Llorente A, Skotland T, Sylvänne T, Kauhanen D, Ekroos K, Sandvig K, Vattulainen I (2016)
Data including GROMACS input files for atomistic molecular dynamics simulations of mixed, asymmetric bilayers including molecular topologies, equilibrated structures, and force field for lipids compatible with OPLS-AA parameters
Data Brief, 7, 1171-1174
PubMed 27761499

Skotland T, Ekroos K, Kauhanen D, Simolin H, Seierstad T, Berge V, Sandvig K, Llorente A (2016)
Molecular lipid species in urinary exosomes as potential prostate cancer biomarkers
Eur J Cancer, 70, 122-132
PubMed 27914242

Skotland T, Ekroos K, Kavaliauskiene S, Bergan J, Kauhanen D, Lintonen T, Sandvig K (2016)
Determining the Turnover of Glycosphingolipid Species by Stable-Isotope Tracer Lipidomics
J Mol Biol, 428 (24 Pt A), 4856-4866
PubMed 27363608

Torgersen ML, Klokk TI, Kavaliauskiene S, Klose C, Simons K, Skotland T, Sandvig K (2016)
The anti-tumor drug 2-hydroxyoleic acid (Minerval) stimulates signaling and retrograde transport
Oncotarget, 7 (52), 86871-86888
PubMed 27894086

Wang L, Skotland T, Berge V, Sandvig K, Llorente A (2016)
Exosomal proteins as prostate cancer biomarkers in urine: From mass spectrometry discovery to immunoassay-based validation
Eur J Pharm Sci, 98, 80-85
PubMed 27664330

Publications 2015

Kavaliauskiene S, Skotland T, Sylvänne T, Simolin H, Klokk TI, Torgersen ML, Lingelem AB, Simm R, Ekroos K, Sandvig K (2015)
Novel actions of 2-deoxy-D-glucose: protection against Shiga toxins and changes in cellular lipids
Biochem J, 470 (1), 23-37
PubMed 26251444

Kymre L, Simm R, Skotland T, Sandvig K (2015)
Different roles of the C-terminal end of Stx1A and Stx2A for AB5 complex integrity and retrograde transport of Stx in HeLa cells
Pathog Dis, 73 (9), ftv083
PubMed 26443836

Róg T, Orłowski A, Llorente A, Skotland T, Sylvänne T, Kauhanen D, Ekroos K, Sandvig K, Vattulainen I (2015)
Interdigitation of long-chain sphingomyelin induces coupling of membrane leaflets in a cholesterol dependent manner
Biochim Biophys Acta, 1858 (2), 281-8
PubMed 26654782

Skotland T, Iversen TG, Torgersen ML, Sandvig K (2015)
Cell-penetrating peptides: possibilities and challenges for drug delivery in vitro and in vivo
Molecules, 20 (7), 13313-23
PubMed 26205056

Øverbye A, Skotland T, Koehler CJ, Thiede B, Seierstad T, Berge V, Sandvig K, Llorente A (2015)
Identification of prostate cancer biomarkers in urinary exosomes
Oncotarget, 6 (30), 30357-76
PubMed 26196085

Publications 2014

Bergan J, Skotland T, Lingelem AB, Simm R, Spilsberg B, Lindbäck T, Sylvänne T, Simolin H, Ekroos K, Sandvig K (2014)
The ether lipid precursor hexadecylglycerol protects against Shiga toxins
Cell Mol Life Sci, 71 (21), 4285-300
PubMed 24740796

Phuyal S, Hessvik NP, Skotland T, Sandvig K, Llorente A (2014)
Regulation of exosome release by glycosphingolipids and flotillins
FEBS J, 281 (9), 2214-27
PubMed 24605801

Phuyal S, Skotland T, Hessvik NP, Simolin H, Øverbye A, Brech A, Parton RG, Ekroos K, Sandvig K, Llorente A (2014)
The ether lipid precursor hexadecylglycerol stimulates the release and changes the composition of exosomes derived from PC-3 cells
J Biol Chem, 290 (7), 4225-37
PubMed 25519911

Sandvig K, Bergan J, Kavaliauskiene S, Skotland T (2014)
Lipid requirements for entry of protein toxins into cells
Prog Lipid Res, 54, 1-13
PubMed 24462587

Skotland T, Iversen TG, Sandvig K (2014)
Development of nanoparticles for clinical use
Nanomedicine (Lond), 9 (9), 1295-9
PubMed 25204821

Publications 2013

Bergan J, Skotland T, Sylvänne T, Simolin H, Ekroos K, Sandvig K (2013)
The ether lipid precursor hexadecylglycerol causes major changes in the lipidome of HEp-2 cells
PLoS One, 8 (9), e75904
PubMed 24098742

Kavaliauskiene S, Nymark CM, Bergan J, Simm R, Sylvänne T, Simolin H, Ekroos K, Skotland T, Sandvig K (2013)
Cell density-induced changes in lipid composition and intracellular trafficking
Cell Mol Life Sci, 71 (6), 1097-116
PubMed 23921715

Llorente A, Skotland T, Sylvänne T, Kauhanen D, Róg T, Orłowski A, Vattulainen I, Ekroos K, Sandvig K (2013)
Molecular lipidomics of exosomes released by PC-3 prostate cancer cells
Biochim Biophys Acta, 1831 (7), 1302-9
PubMed 24046871

Sandvig K, Skotland T, van Deurs B, Klokk TI (2013)
Retrograde transport of protein toxins through the Golgi apparatus
Histochem Cell Biol, 140 (3), 317-26
PubMed 23765164

Publications 2012

Bergan J, Dyve Lingelem AB, Simm R, Skotland T, Sandvig K (2012)
Shiga toxins
Toxicon, 60 (6), 1085-107
PubMed 22960449

Skotland T (2012)
Molecular imaging: challenges of bringing imaging of intracellular targets into common clinical use
Contrast Media Mol Imaging, 7 (1), 1-6
PubMed 22344874

Østerud B, Skotland T (2012)
Doping analyses are not on safe ground
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 132 (8), 929-30
PubMed 22562317

Publications 2011

Engedal N, Skotland T, Torgersen ML, Sandvig K (2011)
Shiga toxin and its use in targeted cancer therapy and imaging
Microb Biotechnol, 4 (1), 32-46
PubMed 21255370

Iversen TG, Skotland T, Sandvig K (2011)
Endocytosis and intracellular transport of nanoparticles: Present knowledge and need for future studies
Nano Today, 6 (2), 176-185

Sandvig K, Pust S, Skotland T, van Deurs B (2011)
Clathrin-independent endocytosis: mechanisms and function
Curr Opin Cell Biol, 23 (4), 413-20
PubMed 21466956

Skotland T, Iversen TG, Sandvig K (2011)
Comment on "short ligands affect modes of QD uptake and elimination in human cells"
ACS Nano, 5 (10), 7690; author reply 7691-2
PubMed 22023400

Publications 2010

Christiansen C, Skotland T (2010)
Changes of protein solutions during storage: a study of albumin pharmaceutical preparations
Biotechnol Appl Biochem, 55 (3), 121-30
PubMed 20121704

Kindberg GM, Uran S, Friisk G, Martinsen I, Skotland T (2010)
The fate of Gd and chelate following intravenous injection of gadodiamide in rats
Eur Radiol, 20 (7), 1636-43
PubMed 20157815

Sandvig K, Torgersen ML, Engedal N, Skotland T, Iversen TG (2010)
Protein toxins from plants and bacteria: probes for intracellular transport and tools in medicine
FEBS Lett, 584 (12), 2626-34
PubMed 20385131

Skotland T, Iversen TG, Sandvig K (2010)
New metal-based nanoparticles for intravenous use: requirements for clinical success with focus on medical imaging
Nanomedicine, 6 (6), 730-7
PubMed 20570639

Publications 2009

Moestue S, Nunez P, Healey A, Bjerke R, Indrevoll B, Skotland T, Hustvedt SO (2009)
Whole-body section fluorescence imaging--a novel method for tissue distribution studies of fluorescent substances
Contrast Media Mol Imaging, 4 (2), 73-80
PubMed 19142979

Roed L, Oulie I, McParland BJ, Skotland T (2009)
Human urinary excretion of NC100692, an RGD-peptide for imaging angiogenesis
Eur J Pharm Sci, 37 (3-4), 279-83
PubMed 19491016

Raa H, Grimmer S, Schwudke D, Bergan J, Wälchli S, Skotland T, Shevchenko A, Sandvig K (2009)
Glycosphingolipid requirements for endosome-to-Golgi transport of Shiga toxin
Traffic, 10 (7), 868-82
PubMed 19453975

Sandvig K, Bergan J, Dyve AB, Skotland T, Torgersen ML (2009)
Endocytosis and retrograde transport of Shiga toxin
Toxicon, 56 (7), 1181-5
PubMed 19951719

Publications 2007

Landmark KE, Johansen PW, Johnson JA, Johansen B, Uran S, Skotland T (2007)
Pharmacokinetics of perfluorobutane following intravenous bolus injection and continuous infusion of sonazoid in healthy volunteers and in patients with reduced pulmonary diffusing capacity
Ultrasound Med Biol, 34 (3), 494-501
PubMed 18096304

Oulie I, Roed L, Toft KG, Skotland T (2007)
Quantification of NC100692, a new tracer for 99mTc-imaging of angiogenesis, in human plasma using reversed-phase liquid chromatography coupled with electrospray ionization ion-trap mass spectrometry
J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci, 852 (1-2), 605-10
PubMed 17353156

Roed L, Oulie I, Knüttel T, Toft KG, Hustvedt SO, Skotland T (2007)
Metabolism in rats of NC100692, an RGD-peptide for imaging of angiogenesis
J Pharm Biomed Anal, 47 (1), 164-9
PubMed 18242918

Toft KG, Johnson JA, Oulie I, Skotland T (2007)
NC100668, a new tracer tested for imaging of venous thromboembolism: pharmacokinetics and metabolism in humans
Drug Metab Dispos, 35 (11), 1979-84
PubMed 17682073

Uran S, Landmark KE, Hjellum G, Skotland T (2007)
Quantification of 13C pyruvate and 13C lactate in dog blood by reversed-phase liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry after derivatization with 3-nitrophenylhydrazine
J Pharm Biomed Anal, 44 (4), 947-54
PubMed 17482415

Publications 2006

Hvattum E, Uran S, Sandbaek AG, Karlsson AA, Skotland T (2006)
Quantification of phosphatidylserine, phosphatidic acid and free fatty acids in an ultrasound contrast agent by normal-phase high-performance liquid chromatography with evaporative light scattering detection
J Pharm Biomed Anal, 42 (4), 506-12
PubMed 16762523

Skotland T, Grant D (2006)
In vitro cytotoxic effects of iodinated contrast media on a renal tubular cell line
Radiology, 238 (2), 758-9; author reply 759-60
PubMed 16436833

Skotland T, Sontum PC, Christiansen C (2006)
Absence of large molecular aggregates in X-ray contrast media
Eur Radiol, 17 (5), 1377-9
PubMed 16951928

Toft KG, Hustvedt SO, Hals PA, Oulie I, Uran S, Landmark K, Normann PT, Skotland T (2006)
Disposition of perfluorobutane in rats after intravenous injection of Sonazoid
Ultrasound Med Biol, 32 (1), 107-14
PubMed 16364802

Publications 2005

Skotland T, Hustvedt SO, Oulie I, Jacobsen PB, Friisk GA, Langøy AS, Uran S, Sandosham J, Cuthbertson A, Toft KG (2005)
Nc100668, a new tracer for imaging of venous thromboembolism: disposition and metabolism in rats
Drug Metab Dispos, 34 (1), 111-20
PubMed 16251253

Toft KG, Oulie I, Skotland T (2005)
Quantification of NC100668, a new tracer for imaging of venous thromboembolism, in human plasma using reversed-phase liquid chromatography coupled with electrospray ionization ion-trap mass spectrometry
J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci, 829 (1-2), 91-6
PubMed 16219494

Uran S, Landmark K, Normann PT, Hals PA, Toft KG, Skotland T (2005)
A respiration-metabolism chamber system and a GC-MS method developed for studying exhalation of perfluorobutane in rats after intravenous injection of the ultrasound contrast agent Sonazoid
J Pharm Biomed Anal, 39 (3-4), 746-51
PubMed 15964732

Publications 2004

Skotland T (2004)
Contrast media augmented apoptosis of cultured renal mesangial, tubular, epithelial, and hepatic cells
Invest Radiol, 39 (9), 582; author reply 583
PubMed 15308941

Publications 2003

Kindberg GM, Tolleshaug H, Roos N, Skotland T (2003)
Hepatic clearance of Sonazoid perfluorobutane microbubbles by Kupffer cells does not reduce the ability of liver to phagocytose or degrade albumin microspheres
Cell Tissue Res, 312 (1), 49-54
PubMed 12712317

Publications 2002

Skotland T (2002)
Pitfalls when drawing conclusions from in vitro experiments with high concentrations of radiographic contrast agents
Radiology, 225 (3), 636-8
PubMed 12461241

Skotland T, Sontum PC, Oulie I (2002)
In vitro stability analyses as a model for metabolism of ferromagnetic particles (Clariscan), a contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging
J Pharm Biomed Anal, 28 (2), 323-9
PubMed 11929675

Publications 2001

Hvattum E, Normann PT, Oulie I, Uran S, Ringstad O, Skotland T (2001)
Determination of perfluorobutane in rat blood by automatic headspace capillary gas chromatography and selected ion monitoring mass spectrometry
J Pharm Biomed Anal, 24 (3), 487-94
PubMed 11199228

Jacobsen PB, Oulie I, Christiansen C, Skotland T (2001)
Investigation of binding of 125I-iodixanol to high molecular weight substances after incubation with rat liver homogenates
Acta Radiol, 42 (1), 117-20
PubMed 11167344

Larsen A, Uran S, Jacobsen PB, Skotland T (2001)
Collision-induced dissociation of glycero phospholipids using electrospray ion-trap mass spectrometry
Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom, 15 (24), 2393-8
PubMed 11746908

Schmidt PP, Toft KG, Skotland T, Andersson K (2001)
Stability and transmetallation of the magnetic resonance contrast agent MnDPDP measured by EPR
J Biol Inorg Chem, 7 (3), 241-8
PubMed 11935348

Toft KG, Myrset AH, Skotland T (2001)
Dephosphorylation of MnDPDP and related compounds by acid and alkaline phosphatase
J Pharm Biomed Anal, 25 (3-4), 613-8
PubMed 11377042

Uran S, Larsen A, Jacobsen PB, Skotland T (2001)
Analysis of phospholipid species in human blood using normal-phase liquid chromatography coupled with electrospray ionization ion-trap tandem mass spectrometry
J Chromatogr B Biomed Sci Appl, 758 (2), 265-75
PubMed 11486836

Publications 2000

Christiansen C, Pichler WJ, Skotland T (2000)
Delayed allergy-like reactions to X-ray contrast media: mechanistic considerations
Eur Radiol, 10 (12), 1965-75
PubMed 11305580

Kindberg GM, Tolleshaug H, Skotland T (2000)
Uptake and degradation of radioactively labelled albumin microspheres as markers for Kupffer cell phagocytosis
Cell Tissue Res, 300 (3), 397-400
PubMed 10928270

Publications 1999

Jacobsen PB, Larsen A, Konarboland R, Skotland T (1999)
Biotransformation of nonionic X-Ray contrast agents In vivo and In vitro
Drug Metab Dispos, 27 (10), 1205-13
PubMed 10497149

Publications 1998

Hvattum E, Larsen A, Uran S, Michelsen PM, Skotland T (1998)
Specific detection and quantification of palmitoyl-stearoyl-phosphatidylserine in human blood using normal-phase liquid chromatography coupled with electrospray mass spectrometry
J Chromatogr B Biomed Sci Appl, 716 (1-2), 47-56
PubMed 9824217

Publications 1997

Toft KG, Friisk GA, Skotland T (1997)
Mangafodipir trisodium injection, a new contrast medium for magnetic resonance imaging: detection and quantitation of the parent compound MnDPDP and metabolites in human plasma by high performance liquid chromatography
J Pharm Biomed Anal, 15 (7), 973-81
PubMed 9160264

Toft KG, Hustvedt SO, Grant D, Friisk GA, Skotland T (1997)
Metabolism of mangafodipir trisodium (MnDPDP), a new contrast medium for magnetic resonance imaging, in beagle dogs
Eur J Drug Metab Pharmacokinet, 22 (1), 65-72
PubMed 9179562

Toft KG, Hustvedt SO, Grant D, Martinsen I, Gordon PB, Friisk GA, Korsmo AJ, Skotland T (1997)
Metabolism and pharmacokinetics of MnDPDP in man
Acta Radiol, 38 (4 Pt 2), 677-89
PubMed 9245963

Toft KG, Kindberg GM, Skotland T (1997)
Mangafodipir trisodium injection, a new contrast medium for magnetic resonance imaging: in vitro metabolism and protein binding studies of the active component MnDPDP in human blood
J Pharm Biomed Anal, 15 (7), 983-8
PubMed 9160265

Publications 1996

Myrset AH, Nicolaysen H, Toft K, Christiansen C, Skotland T (1996)
Structure and organization of albumin molecules forming the shell of air-filled microspheres: evidence for a monolayer of albumin molecules of multiple orientations stabilizing the enclosed air
Biotechnol Appl Biochem, 24 ( Pt 2), 145-53
PubMed 8865606

Publications 1995

Hvattum E, Normann PT, Jamieson GC, Lai JJ, Skotland T (1995)
Detection and quantitation of gadolinium chelates in human serum and urine by high-performance liquid chromatography and post-column derivatization of gadolinium with Arsenazo III
J Pharm Biomed Anal, 13 (7), 927-32
PubMed 8562618

Jacobsen PB, Blindheim L, Skotland T (1995)
Bioanalytical methods for iodixanol and their application to studies on metabolism and protein binding
Acta Radiol Suppl, 399, 61-6
PubMed 8610531

Publications 1994

Christiansen C, Kryvi H, Sontum PC, Skotland T (1994)
Physical and biochemical characterization of Albunex, a new ultrasound contrast agent consisting of air-filled albumin microspheres suspended in a solution of human albumin
Biotechnol Appl Biochem, 19 ( Pt 3), 307-20
PubMed 8031506

Christiansen C, Vebner AJ, Muan B, Vik H, Haider T, Nicolaysen H, Skotland T (1994)
Lack of an immune response to Albunex, a new ultrasound contrast agent based on air-filled albumin microspheres
Int Arch Allergy Immunol, 104 (4), 372-8
PubMed 8038616

Hoff L, Christiansen C, Skotland T (1994)
Consideration about the contribution to acoustic backscatter from Albunex microspheres with different sizes
J Ultrasound Med, 13 (3), 181-2
PubMed 7932974

Walday P, Tolleshaug H, Gjøen T, Kindberg GM, Berg T, Skotland T, Holtz E (1994)
Biodistributions of air-filled albumin microspheres in rats and pigs
Biochem J, 299 ( Pt 2), 437-43
PubMed 8172604

Publications 1993

Hellebust H, Christiansen C, Skotland T (1993)
Biochemical characterization of air-filled albumin microspheres
Biotechnol Appl Biochem, 18 ( Pt 3), 227-37
PubMed 8297503

Publications 1992

de Jong N, Hoff L, Skotland T, Bom N (1992)
Absorption and scatter of encapsulated gas filled microspheres: theoretical considerations and some measurements
Ultrasonics, 30 (2), 95-103
PubMed 1557838

Publications 1984

Skotland T, Flatmark T (1984)
The copper-enzyme dopamine beta-monooxygenase: studies on the ability of several metals to inhibit the enzyme activity and to replace the copper
J Inorg Biochem, 20 (1), 61-8
PubMed 6693870

Publications 1983

Skotland T, Flatmark T (1983)
Dopamine beta-monooxygenase. Binding to apoenzyme and rapid exchange in holoenzyme of 64Cu studied with high-performance size-exclusion gel chromatography
Eur J Biochem, 132 (1), 171-5
PubMed 6840081

Skotland T, Ljones T (1983)
Enzyme-bound copper of dopamine beta-monooxygenase. Activation of the holoenzyme by added copper and uncoupling of electron transfer from hydroxylation by copper salicylate
J Inorg Biochem, 18 (1), 11-8
PubMed 6834029

Publications 1982

Døskeland A, Ljones T, Skotland T, Flatmark T (1982)
Phenylalanine 4-monooxygenase from bovine and rat liver: some physical and chemical properties
Neurochem Res, 7 (4), 407-21
PubMed 7110509

Publications 1981

Skotland T (1981)
Studies on the interaction of Cibacron Blue and Procion Red with dopamine beta-monooxygenase
Biochim Biophys Acta, 659 (2), 312-25
PubMed 7260097

Publications 1980

Skotland T, Ljones T (1980)
Direct spectrophotometric detection of ascorbate free radical formed by dopamine beta-monooxygenase and by ascorbate oxidase
Biochim Biophys Acta, 630 (1), 30-5
PubMed 7388045

Skotland T, Ljones T (1980)
Inactivation of dopamine beta-monooxygenase by hydrogen peroxide and by ascorbate
Arch Biochem Biophys, 201 (1), 81-7
PubMed 7396512

Skotland T, Petersson L, Bäckström D, Ljones T, Flatmark T, Ehrenberg A (1980)
Electron paramagnetic resonance of the copper in dopamine beta-monooxygenase. Rapid reduction by ascorbate, the steady-state redox level, chelation with EDTA, and reactivation of the apoenzyme by added copper
Eur J Biochem, 103 (1), 5-11
PubMed 6244155

Publications 1979

Aksnes A, Skotland T, Flatmark T, Ljones T (1979)
Bovine dihydropteridine reductase: purification by affinity chromatography and comparison of enzymes from liver and adrenal medulla
Neurochem Res, 4 (3), 385-98
PubMed 223079

Ljones T, Skotland T (1979)
Evidence from the acceleration of cytochrome c reduction for the formation of ascorbate free radical by dopamine beta-monooxygenase
FEBS Lett, 108 (1), 25-7
PubMed 230081

Skotland T, Flatmark T (1979)
On the amphiphilic and hydrophilic forms of dopamine beta-mono-oxygenase in bovine adrenal medulla
J Neurochem, 32 (6), 1861-3
PubMed 448373

Skotland T, Ljones T (1979)
The enzyme-bound copper of dopamine beta-monooxygenase. Reaction with copper chelators, preparation of the apoprotein, and kinetics of the reconstitution by added copper
Eur J Biochem, 94 (1), 145-51
PubMed 108101

Publications 1978

Flatmark T, Skotland T, Ljones T, Ingebretsen OC (1978)
Fluorimetric detection of octopamine in high-performance liquid chromatography and its application to the assay of dopamine beta-monooxygenase in human serum
J Chromatogr, 146 (3), 433-8
PubMed 363735

Ljones T, Flatmark T, Skotland T, Petersson L, Bäckström D, Ehrenberg A (1978)
Dopamine beta-monooxygenase: electron paramagnetic resonance and oxidation--reduction properties of the enzyme-bound copper
FEBS Lett, 92 (1), 81-4
PubMed 208872

Skotland T, Ljones T, Flatmark T (1978)
Dopamine beta-monooxygenase: reduced enzyme needs additional reductant for completion of the catalytic cycle
Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 84 (1), 83-8
PubMed 728139

Ueland PM, Skotland T, Døskeland SO, Flatmark T (1978)
An adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate-adenosine binding protein from mouse liver: some physicochemical properties
Biochim Biophys Acta, 533 (1), 57-65
PubMed 205267

Publications 1977

Skotland T, Ljones T, Flatmark T, Sletten K (1977)
NH2-terminal sequence of dopamine beta-hydroxylase from bovine adrenal medulla
Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 74 (4), 1483-9
PubMed 843373

Terland O, Slinde E, Skotland T, Flatmark T (1977)
Inhibition of dopamine beta-mono-oxygenase by non-ionic detergents of the triton X-series
FEBS Lett, 76 (1), 86-90
PubMed 852607

Publications 1976

Ljones T, Skotland T, Flatmark T (1976)
Purification and characterization of dopamine beta-hydroxylase from bovine adrenal medulla
Eur J Biochem, 61 (2), 525-33
PubMed 1248471

Publications 1974

Skotland T, Holm T, Osterud B, Flengsrud R, Prydz H (1974)
The localization of a vitamin K-induced modification in an N-terminal fragment of human prothrombin
Biochem J, 143 (1), 29-37
PubMed 4219283