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Inger SandlieGroup leader
Inger Sandlie
Group leader

Overview of research in the group
The Sandlie group studies the structure and function of antibodies and T-cell receptors, the specific detection molecules of the adaptive immune system. The purpose of the work is to engineer soluble T-cell receptors and antibodies for use in therapy and as research reagents.

A) Studies of the interaction between Fc receptors, and in particular the neonatal Fc receptor, with IgG and albumin. A key question is how the neonatal Fc receptor directs transcytosis and regulates the serum half life of both ligands.
B) Expression of soluble T-cell receptors for the detection of complexes between antigenic peptides and HLA molecules, as well as peptide–HLA complexes for the detection of specific T-cells. The focus is on engineering to increase stability and affinity for molecules that are characteristic of disease models at the Centre for Immune Regulation.

Contact information:
Group leader Professor Inger Sandlie Centre for Immune Regulation Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet PO Box 4950 Nydalen NO-0424 Oslo, Norway Tel: +47 23073012 Mobile 41679312 E-mail:

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