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Publications 2011

Adamsen BL, Kravik KL, De Angelis PM (2011)
DNA damage signaling in response to 5-fluorouracil in three colorectal cancer cell lines with different mismatch repair and TP53 status
Int J Oncol, 39 (3), 673-82
PubMed 21674128

Publications 2009

Adamsen BL, Kravik L, De Angelis PM (2009)
Cellular response to chemoradiotherapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in two colorectal cancer cell lines
Radiat Res, 171 (5), 562-71
PubMed 19580491

Lehne G, Grasmo-Wendler UH, Berner JM, Meza-Zepeda LA, Adamsen BL, Flack A, Reiner A, Clausen OP, Hovig E, Myklebost O (2009)
Upregulation of stem cell genes in multidrug resistant K562 leukemia cells
Leuk Res, 33 (10), 1379-85
PubMed 19394083

Publications 2007

Adamsen BL, Kravik KL, Clausen OP, De Angelis PM (2007)
Apoptosis, cell cycle progression and gene expression in TP53-depleted HCT116 colon cancer cells in response to short-term 5-fluorouracil treatment
Int J Oncol, 31 (6), 1491-500
PubMed 17982676

Publications 2001

Rydning A, Lyng O, Adamsen BL, Falkmer S, Sandvik AK, Grønbech JE (2001)
Mast cells are involved in the gastric hyperemic response to acid back diffusion via release of histamine
Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol, 280 (6), G1061-9
PubMed 11352797

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