E - Minimal invasive surgery group:

Leader: Bjørn Edwin MD, PhD, Kristin Bjørnland MD, PhD

Scientific group:
Hans Skari MD, PhD
Kjetil Stensrud MD, Reasearch fellow
Ragnhild Emblem MD, PhD, professor

Minimal invassiv surgery and endosurgery in children has been introduced during the last 10-15 years. Techniques are different from adults, but dependent on the same skills and knowledge. Our group has been working in close collaborations with the experts in adult laparoscopi (BE) and Endoscopy (LÅ). The close collaboration between pediatric surgeons and adults surgeons and gastroenterologists has been the base for this reseach and developement.

Ongoing project 2009:

E1 - Multicenter Prospective Randomised trial on surgical technique in inguinal hernia in infants (MARCH STUDY)

Leader: prof A. Pierro, Great Ormond street Hospital for sick children, London

Agostino Pierro, MD, PhD, professor, GOS, Childrens Hospital, Univ of London
Europian pediatric surgical centers
Marianne Skreden MD, PhD Sørlandet sykehus

New project 2009:
B2 - Nissen fundoplication by open or laparoscopic surgery; consequencies for PH-monitoring, Gastric emptying, postop.pain, immunresponse and long term results
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