C - Group studying parent/child psychological stress, mental health and psychosocial adjustment in children operated for congenital malformations:

Leader: Anne Faugli MD, PhD

Scientific staff:
Ragnhild Emblem MD, PhD Professor UiO/OUS
Trond Diseth MD, PhD Professor, UiO/OUS
Kristin Bjørnland MD, PhD, OUS
Astrid Austrheim RN, OUS
Tone Lise Åvitsland, MD, PhD research fellow, UiO/RBUP

New Project 2009:

C1 - A Nordic study of the psychometric properties of Parent-child Early Relational Assessment (PCERA) Parent - child interaction in children with congenital malformations
(Separate application)

The first year of life is critical for mental health and optimal results in children with congenital malformations. Anne Faugli made her dissertation february 2009. The new project is further development of methods for assessment and treatment of children needing major surgery

Nasjonalt nettverk for PSERA,
Hans Skari MD, PhD, OUS
Ulrik Malt MD, PhD Professor, UiO/OUS
Ann Clark, MD, PhD, US. Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin Medical School and Public Health, Madison, USA.
Hannele Räihä, Professor University of Turku, Finland
Anne Mette Skovgaard, Professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Sari Ahlqvist-Björkroth, Psychologist, University of Turku, Finland
Susanne Landorph; Psychologist, Glostrup University Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark
Harlad Martinsen, Institute of Special Pedagogic, University of Oslo (methodological questions)
Jon Martin Sundet, Institute of Psychology, University of Oslo (methodological and statistical questions)

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