The Norwegian Pediatric Surgical Research Group is located at Department of Pediatric Surgery at Rikshospitalet, Oslo University Hospital (OUS) in Oslo which is the largest centre for pediatric surgery in Norway and the center doing pediatric surgical research. Specialized surgery for congenital malformations in thorax, abdomen and the genito-urinary tract is performed. Furthermore, general surgery in children is performed to set a standard and do developmental and research work for the health region and the whole nation. The research group also delivers results to the international pediatric surgical community in our focused research areas.

Principal objectives
Surgical treatment, as well as research, has different implications when applied on a child compared to the adult population. The principal objective in pediatric surgical research is to explore surgical methods and basic biomedical and functional consequences of surgery in a child. In addition, parental reactions, children’s mental health and psychosocial function in relation to surgical treatment are explored in collaboration with a multi-specialized team.

Relation to regional and national strategies
The research activity is closely related to the tasks given as national and multiregional pediatric surgical center at OUS. Furthermore children’s health is a priority field both at OUS and nationally. A main objective for the group is also to be a ”core research facility” for the region on all matters on surgical treatment in children.

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