Research group: Paediatric forensic medicine

Siri H. OpdalGroup leader
Siri H. Opdal
Group leader

The group is responsible for death scene investigation in sudden unexpected deaths in infants (SIDS) and small children (SUDC) in Norway and performs autopsies in cases from Southeast-Norway. The research aim is to disclose genetic risk factors for SIDS/SUDC, in components of the immune system, the serotonergic system and the aquaporines. We also perform clinical forensic examinations in cases of neglect and child maltreatment. An aim is to develop a model for studying Shaken Baby Syndrome. We have developed a method of time of death estimation combining measurement of hypoxanthine and potassium in vitreous humour and the ambient temperature. The method is more precise than any other method available in forensic medicine. An app is developed and forensic pathologists from all countries are invited to use the algorithm.


  • Interleukins and SIDS
  • Serotonin and SIDS 
  • Brain edema in sudden death in children - study of aquaporins and estimation of water content by analyses of brain tissue samples and radiology
  • Metabolic analysis in sudden infant death
  • Investigation of sudden deaths in children
  • Children with inflicted fatal injuries – action by health service and judicial system
  • ApoE-SIDS and brain injury
  • Pneumococcal infections in infant deaths
  • Time of death estimation
  • Genetic and clinical studies of colon cancer

Contact informastion
Group Leader Torleiv Ole Rognum, Department of forensic medicine, Tel: +47 21077682,  E-mail: and

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