Susan Shahzidi
Position: PhD student

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Publications 2013

Shahzidi S, Brech A, Sioud M, Li X, Suo Z, Nesland JM, Peng Q (2013)
Lamin A/C cleavage by caspase-6 activation is crucial for apoptotic induction by photodynamic therapy with hexaminolevulinate in human B-cell lymphoma cells
Cancer Lett, 339 (1), 25-32
PubMed 23916608

Publications 2012

Magnussen GI, Ree Rosnes AK, Shahzidi S, Dong HP, Emilsen E, Engesæter B, Flørenes VA (2012)
Synthetic retinoid CD437 induces apoptosis and acts synergistically with TRAIL receptor-2 agonist in malignant melanoma
Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 420 (3), 516-22
PubMed 22446330

Publications 2011

Shahzidi S, Cunderlíková B, Więdłocha A, Zhen Y, Vasovič V, Nesland JM, Peng Q (2011)
Simultaneously targeting mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum by photodynamic therapy induces apoptosis in human lymphoma cells
Photochem Photobiol Sci, 10 (11), 1773-82
PubMed 21881674

Publications 2007

Cekaite L, Peng Q, Reiner A, Shahzidi S, Tveito S, Furre IE, Hovig E (2007)
Mapping of oxidative stress responses of human tumor cells following photodynamic therapy using hexaminolevulinate
BMC Genomics, 8, 273
PubMed 17692132

Publications 2006

Furre IE, Møller MT, Shahzidi S, Nesland JM, Peng Q (2006)
Involvement of both caspase-dependent and -independent pathways in apoptotic induction by hexaminolevulinate-mediated photodynamic therapy in human lymphoma cells
Apoptosis, 11 (11), 2031-42
PubMed 17036199

Ji Z, Yang G, Shahzidi S, Tkacz-Stachowska K, Suo Z, Nesland JM, Peng Q (2006)
Induction of hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha overexpression by cobalt chloride enhances cellular resistance to photodynamic therapy
Cancer Lett, 244 (2), 182-9
PubMed 16427735

Shahzidi S, Stokke T, Soltani H, Nesland JM, Peng Q (2006)
Induction of apoptosis by hexaminolevulinate-mediated photodynamic therapy in human colon carcinoma cell line 320DM
J Environ Pathol Toxicol Oncol, 25 (1-2), 159-71
PubMed 16566715

Publications 2005

Furre IE, Shahzidi S, Luksiene Z, Møller MT, Borgen E, Morgan J, Tkacz-Stachowska K, Nesland JM, Peng Q (2005)
Targeting PBR by hexaminolevulinate-mediated photodynamic therapy induces apoptosis through translocation of apoptosis-inducing factor in human leukemia cells
Cancer Res, 65 (23), 11051-60
PubMed 16322255

Publications 2003

Falkowski M, Skogstad S, Shahzidi S, Smedsröd B, Sveinbjörnsson B (2003)
The effect of cyclooxygenase inhibitor diclofenac on experimental murine colon carcinoma
Anticancer Res, 23 (3B), 2303-8
PubMed 12894507

Publications 2002

Kolaczkowska E, Shahzidi S, Seljelid R, van Rooijen N, Plytycz B (2002)
Early vascular permeability in murine experimental peritonitis is co-mediated by resident peritoneal macrophages and mast cells: crucial involvement of macrophage-derived cysteinyl-leukotrienes
Inflammation, 26 (2), 61-71
PubMed 11989789

Publications 2001

Langaas V, Shahzidi S, Johnsen JI, Smedsrød B, Sveinbjørnsson B (2001)
Interferon-gamma modulates TRAIL-mediated apoptosis in human colon carcinoma cells
Anticancer Res, 21 (6A), 3733-8
PubMed 11911240