Pediatric cancer

Research team members

Oslo University Hospital (OUS) is responsible for The Norwegian Pediatric Cancer Sequencing Project. The project will be organized by a consortium, consisting of a steering group and a scientific advisory board. The steering committee will be responsible for administration and milestones, and host yearly workshops for updates and discussions on further development. The scientific advisory board will contribute to the over-all strategy of the project, and may contribute with its own subprojects. The consortium will include  members of all main involved departments of OUS, including the Dpts of Pathology, Pediatrics, Pediatric oncology, Medical Genetics (the National Sequencing Center), as well as representatives from the other Norwegian University Hospitals.

Research goals and strategy

The main aim of the Norwegian Pediatric Cancer Sequencing Project is to establish a targeted exome sequencing work-up and strategy for genome guided treatment in pediatric cancer patients. The project will stimulate development of genetic sequencing in pediatric cancer diagnostics, improve treatment decisions based on genetic sequencing technology, develop tests that optimize individualized treatment, with the overall goal of increasing survival rates and optimizing life quality in children with cancer.

Current research projects

The intention is to establish the Norwegian Pediatric Cancer Sequencing Consortium (NPCSC), a national platform for pediatric cancer diagnostics and personalized treatment guided by comprehensive genetic profiling of pediatric cancer tissue.

In 2014, we received funding from HSØ for a PhD prosject Exploring high-risk neuroblastoma by sequencing technology.

Main national and international collaborators

Finally, the implementation of the project relies on close collaboration with national and international research groups such as the Nordic Organization of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, the Neuroblastoma Research Group at the University in Tromsø, The Intepret Research Group at OUS, and the Departments of Genetics and Medicine and the Dpt of Child Oncology, both at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA.

Financial support

Several grant applications for funding have been sent to the Norwegian Research Council (NFR), The Norwegian Cancer Society (NCS), and others sources.

Selected publications

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