Tiril Østefjells

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Publications 2017

Østefjells T, Lystad JU, Berg AO, Hagen R, Loewy R, Sandvik L, Melle I, Røssberg JI (2017)
Metacognitive beliefs mediate the effect of emotional abuse on depressive and psychotic symptoms in severe mental disorders
Psychol Med, 47 (13), 2323-2333
PubMed 28397634

Publications 2016

Østefjells T, Melle I, Aminoff SR, Hellvin T, Hagen R, Lagerberg TV, Lystad JU, Røssberg JI (2016)
An exploration of metacognitive beliefs and thought control strategies in bipolar disorder
Compr Psychiatry, 73, 84-92
PubMed 27918949

Publications 2015

Reckless GE, Andreassen OA, Server A, Østefjells T, Jensen J (2015)
Negative symptoms in schizophrenia are associated with aberrant striato-cortical connectivity in a rewarded perceptual decision-making task
Neuroimage Clin, 8, 290-7
PubMed 26106553

Vaskinn A, Sundet K, Østefjells T, Nymo K, Melle I, Ueland T (2015)
Reading Emotions from Body Movement: A Generalized Impairment in Schizophrenia
Front Psychol, 6, 2058
PubMed 26834672

Østefjells T, Melle I, Hagen R, Romm KL, Sönmez N, Andreassen OA, Røssberg JI (2015)
Unhelpful metacognitive beliefs in early psychosis are associated with affective symptoms and childhood social adjustment
Schizophr Res, 169 (1-3), 280-285
PubMed 26519990