Nasrettin Sønmez

Publications 2015

Østefjells T, Melle I, Hagen R, Romm KL, Sönmez N, Andreassen OA, Røssberg JI (2015)
Unhelpful metacognitive beliefs in early psychosis are associated with affective symptoms and childhood social adjustment
Schizophr Res, 169 (1-3), 280-285
PubMed 26519990

Publications 2014

Sonmez N, Hagen R, Andreassen OA, Romm KL, Grande M, Jensen LH, Morrison AP, Melle I, Rossberg JI (2014)
Cognitive Behavior Therapy in First-Episode Psychosis With a Focus on Depression, Anxiety, and Self-Esteem
Cogn. Behav. Pract., 21 (1), 43-54

Sönmez N, Røssberg JI, Evensen J, Barder HE, Haahr U, Ten Velden Hegelstad W, Joa I, Johannessen JO, Langeveld H, Larsen TK, Melle I, Opjordsmoen S, Rund BR, Simonsen E, Vaglum P, McGlashan T, Friis S (2014)
Depressive symptoms in first-episode psychosis: a 10-year follow-up study
Early Interv Psychiatry, 10 (3), 227-33
PubMed 24956976

Publications 2013

Sönmez N, Romm KL, Andreasssen OA, Melle I, Røssberg JI (2013)
Depressive symptoms in first episode psychosis: a one-year follow-up study
BMC Psychiatry, 13, 106
PubMed 23560591