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Publications (original articles or review articles) published in 2016 from OUS - Medisinsk teknologisk virksomhet

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Abie SM, Bergli J, Galperin Y, Martinsen G (2016)
Universality of AC conductance in human hair.
Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express, 2 (2), 1-6
PublikaID 238

Adamczak MI, Martinsen ØG, Smistad G, Hiorth M (2016)
Water sorption properties of HM-pectin and liposomes intended to alleviate dry mouth
Int J Pharm, 506 (1-2), 201-6
PubMed 27109048

Canali C, Aristovich K, Ceccarelli L, Larsen LB, Martinsen G, Wolff A, Dufva M, Emnéus J, Heiskanen A (2016)
Electrical impedance tomography methods for miniaturised 3D systems
Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance, 7, 59–67
PublikaID 239

Canali C, Heiskanen A, Martinsen OG, Mohanty S, Dufva M, Wolff A, Emneus J (2016)
Impedance-Based Monitoring for Tissue Engineering Applications
IFMBE PROC, 54, 36-39

Nygaard K, Thiara AS, Tronstad C, Ringdal MA, Fiane AE (2016)
VAVD vacuum may cause bubble transgression in membrane oxygenators
Perfusion, 31 (8), 648-652
PubMed 27226328

Pabst O, Tronstad C, Grimnes S, Fowles D, Martinsen ØG (2016)
Comparison between the AC and DC measurement of electrodermal activity
Psychophysiology, 54 (3), 374-385
PubMed 28000290

Pettersen FJ, Martinsen G, Høgetveit JO, Kalvøy H, Odland HH (2016)
Bioimpedance measurements of temporal changes in beating hearts
Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express, 2 (6), 1-14
PublikaID 233

Strand-Amundsen RJ, Tronstad C, Kalvøy H, Gundersen Y, Krohn CD, Aasen AO, Holhjem L, Reims HM, Martinsen ØG, Høgetveit JO, Ruud TE, Tønnessen TI (2016)
In vivo characterization of ischemic small intestine using bioimpedance measurements
Physiol Meas, 37 (2), 257-75
PubMed 26805916