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Publications (original articles or review articles) published in 2013 from OUS - Department of Pulmonary Medicine

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Edvardsen E, Hansen BH, Holme IM, Dyrstad SM, Anderssen SA (2013)
Reference values for cardiorespiratory response and fitness on the treadmill in a 20- to 85-year-old population
Chest, 144 (1), 241-248
PubMed 23287878

Gulsvik R, Skjørten I, Undhjem K, Holø L, Frostad A, Saure EW, Lejlic V, Humerfelt S, Hansen G, Bruun Wyller T (2013)
Acetazolamide improves oxygenation in patients with respiratory failure and metabolic alkalosis
Clin Respir J, 7 (4), 390-6
PubMed 23578004

Hilde JM, Skjørten I, Grøtta OJ, Hansteen V, Melsom MN, Hisdal J, Humerfelt S, Steine K (2013)
Right ventricular dysfunction and remodeling in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease without pulmonary hypertension
J Am Coll Cardiol, 62 (12), 1103-1111
PubMed 23831444

Skjørten I, Hilde JM, Melsom MN, Hansteen V, Steine K, Humerfelt S (2013)
Pulmonary artery pressure and PaO2 in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Respir Med, 107 (8), 1271-9
PubMed 23768734

Sæverud HA, Borchsenius F, Mellem H, Finstad P, Skjønsberg OH (2013)
The obstructive siblings: Relapsing polychondritis without chondritis?
Respir Med Case Rep, 10, 4-6
PubMed 26029500