Harald Stenmark awarded Anders Jahre's medical prize for 2022

Harald Stenmark (photo: Øystein Horgmo, UiO)
Harald Stenmark (photo: Øystein Horgmo, UiO)

The University of Oslo has announced that Anders Jahre's major medical prize for 2022 of NOK 1 million goes to Harald Stenmark, head of the Cellular Membrane Dynamics research group at the Department of Molecular Biology at the Institute for Cancer Research.

Anders Jahre's medical awards reward outstanding research in basic and clinical medicine. The annual prizes are distributed by the University of Oslo and are among the largest in medicine in the Nordic countries.

The prizes for 2022 will be given out in the University's auditorium on Thursday 3 November at 18:00.

Professor Harald Stenmark receives the award for his pioneering studies of processes in cell membranes and how misregulation of such processes affects the development of cancer.

Read more from the University of Oslo home page (in Norwegian):
Anders Jahres store medisinske pris tildeles Harald Stenmark


Home page of Harald Stenmark's group:
Cellular membrane dynamics

Department of Molecular Cell Biology

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