Sigmund Skjeldal
Position: MD, PhD
Phone: +47 22 93 40 00

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Publications 2015

Switlyk MD, Kongsgaard U, Skjeldal S, Hald JK, Hole KH, Knutstad K, Zaikova O (2015)
Prognostic factors in patients with symptomatic spinal metastases and normal neurological function
Clin Oncol (R Coll Radiol), 27 (4), 213-21
PubMed 25624156

Publications 2014

Switlyk MD, Bruland ØS, Skjeldal S, Hald JK, Seierstad T, Zaikova O (2014)
Radiotherapy for spinal metastases from breast cancer with emphasis on local disease control and pain response using repeated MRI
J Bone Oncol, 3 (1), 5-9
PubMed 26909292

Publications 2013

Bjerkehagen B, Småstuen MC, Hall KS, Skjeldal S, Bruland ØS, Smeland S, Johannesen TB, Fosså SD (2013)
Incidence and mortality of second sarcomas - a population-based study
Eur J Cancer, 49 (15), 3292-302
PubMed 23787025

Boye K, Del Prever AB, Eriksson M, Saeter G, Tienghi A, Lindholm P, Fagioli F, Skjeldal S, Ferrari S, Hall KS (2013)
High-dose chemotherapy with stem cell rescue in the primary treatment of metastatic and pelvic osteosarcoma: final results of the ISG/SSG II study
Pediatr Blood Cancer, 61 (5), 840-5
PubMed 24254749

Publications 2012

Switlyk MD, Hole KH, Skjeldal S, Hald JK, Knutstad K, Seierstad T, Zaikova O (2012)
MRI and neurological findings in patients with spinal metastases
Acta Radiol, 53 (10), 1164-72
PubMed 23047848

Trovik CS, Skjeldal S, Bauer H, Rydholm A, Jebsen N (2012)
Reliability of Margin Assessment after Surgery for Extremity Soft Tissue Sarcoma: The SSG Experience
Sarcoma, 2012, 290698
PubMed 22761544

Publications 2011

Bjerkehagen B, Småstuen MC, Hall KS, Skjeldal S, Smeland S, Fosså SD (2011)
Why do patients with radiation-induced sarcomas have a poor sarcoma-related survival?
Br J Cancer, 106 (2), 297-306
PubMed 22173669

Zaikova O, Fosså SD, Bruland OS, Giercksky KE, Sandstad B, Skjeldal S (2011)
Radiotherapy or surgery for spine metastases?
Acta Orthop, 82 (3), 365-71
PubMed 21434789

Publications 2010

Zaikova O, Fosså SD, Kongsgaard U, Kvaløy S, Giercksky KE, Skjeldal S (2010)
Pain after palliative radiotherapy for spine metastases
Clin Oncol (R Coll Radiol), 22 (10), 828-36
PubMed 20363110

Publications 2009

Brandal P, Bjerkehagen B, Bruland OS, Skjeldal S, Bogsrud TV, Hall KS (2009)
Synchronous and metachronous skeletal osteosarcomas: the Norwegian Radium Hospital experience
Acta Oncol, 48 (8), 1165-72
PubMed 19863225

Hansen BH, Keller J, Laitinen M, Berg P, Skjeldal S, Trovik C, Nilsson J, Walloe A, Kalen A, Wedin R (2009)
The Scandinavian Sarcoma Group Skeletal Metastasis Registry Functional outcome and pain after surgery for bone metastases in the pelvis and extremities
Acta Orthop., 80, 85-90

Zaikova O, Giercksky KE, Fosså SD, Kvaløy S, Johannesen TB, Skjeldal S (2009)
A population-based study of spinal metastatic disease in South-East Norway
Clin Oncol (R Coll Radiol), 21 (10), 753-9
PubMed 19850454

Publications 2008

Bjerkehagen B, Smeland S, Walberg L, Skjeldal S, Hall KS, Nesland JM, Småstuen MC, Fosså SD, Saeter G (2008)
Radiation-induced sarcoma: 25-year experience from the Norwegian Radium Hospital
Acta Oncol, 47 (8), 1475-82
PubMed 18607853

Brandal P, Panagopoulos I, Bjerkehagen B, Gorunova L, Skjeldal S, Micci F, Heim S (2008)
Detection of a t(1;22)(q23;q12) translocation leading to an EWSR1-PBX1 fusion gene in a myoepithelioma
Genes Chromosomes Cancer, 47 (7), 558-64
PubMed 18383210

Publications 2004

Hansen BH, Keller J, Laitinen M, Berg P, Skjeldal S, Trovik C, Nilsson J, Walloe A, Kalén A, Wedin R (2004)
The Scandinavian Sarcoma Group Skeletal Metastasis Register. Survival after surgery for bone metastases in the pelvis and extremities
Acta Orthop Scand Suppl, 75 (311), 11-5
PubMed 15188660

Publications 2000

Skjeldal S, Lilleås F, Follerås G, Stenwig AE, Samset E, Tillung T, Fosse E (2000)
Real time MRI-guided excision and cryo-treatment of osteoid osteoma in os ischii--a case report
Acta Orthop Scand, 71 (6), 637-8
PubMed 11145394

Publications 1999

Hvaal K, Mathisen SR, Svindland A, Kirkeby OJ, Skjeldal S (1999)
Carvedilol reduces ischaemic skeletal muscle necrosis
J Orthop Res, 17 (5), 720-4
PubMed 10569482

Hvaal K, Mathisen SR, Svindland A, Nordsletten L, Skjeldal S (1999)
Protective effect of the endothelin antagonist Bosentan against ischemic skeletal muscle necrosis
Acta Orthop Scand, 70 (3), 293-7
PubMed 10429609

Publications 1998

Hvaal K, Oie E, Attramadal H, Halvorsen V, Svindland A, Nordsletten L, Skjeldal S (1998)
Endothelin-1 is upregulated during skeletal muscle ischemia and reperfusion
J Orthop Res, 16 (1), 128-35
PubMed 9565085

Kase T, Skjeldal S, Nordsletten L, Reikerås O (1998)
Healing of tibial fractures is not impaired after acute hindlimb ischemia in rats
Arch Orthop Trauma Surg, 117 (4-5), 273-6
PubMed 9581260

Ovre S, Hvaal K, Holm I, Strømsøe K, Nordsletten L, Skjeldal S (1998)
Compartment pressure in nailed tibial fractures. A threshold of 30 mmHg for decompression gives 29% fasciotomies
Arch Orthop Trauma Surg, 118 (1-2), 29-31
PubMed 9833101

Publications 1997

Nordsletten L, Aune AK, Madsen JE, Skjeldal S, Falch JA, Ekeland A (1997)
Anterior cruciate ligament strength. Can it be estimated by non-destructive testing?
Scand J Med Sci Sports, 7 (4), 203-5
PubMed 9241024

Skjeldal S, Svindland A, Hvaal K, Kase T, Reikerås O, Nordsletten L (1997)
Severe hindlimb ischemia causes periosteal proliferation in the rat tibia
Acta Orthop Scand, 68 (6), 593-7
PubMed 9462363

Publications 1996

Hvaal K, Svindland A, Nordsletten L, Skjeldal S (1996)
No increasing injury during early reperfusion of skeletal muscle
Scand J Clin Lab Invest, 56 (1), 11-6
PubMed 8850167

Strømsøe K, Røise O, Skjeldal S, Madsen JE (1996)
[Transiliacal screw fixation of the sacrum in unstable pelvic ring fractures]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 116 (14), 1679-81
PubMed 8658435

Publications 1995

Aune AK, Nordsletten L, Skjeldal S, Madsen JE, Ekeland A (1995)
Hamstrings and gastrocnemius co-contraction protects the anterior cruciate ligament against failure: an in vivo study in the rat
J Orthop Res, 13 (1), 147-50
PubMed 7853098

Kirkeby OJ, Rise IR, Nordsletten L, Skjeldal S, Hall C, Risöe C (1995)
Cerebral blood flow measured with intracerebral laser-Dopplerflow probes and radioactive microspheres
J Appl Physiol (1985), 79 (5), 1479-86
PubMed 8594003

Kirkeby OJ, Rise IR, Nordsletten L, Skjeldal S, Risøe C (1995)
Cardiovascular response to blood loss during high intracranial pressure
J Neurosurg, 83 (6), 1067-71
PubMed 7490622

Skjeldal S, Hvaal K, Strømsøe K, Nordsletten L (1995)
[Compartment pressure after intramedullary fracture nailing]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 115 (16), 1932-3
PubMed 7638843

Strömsöe K, Höqevold HE, Skjeldal S, Alho A (1995)
The repair of a ruptured deltoid ligament is not necessary in ankle fractures
J Bone Joint Surg Br, 77 (6), 920-1
PubMed 7593106

Svindland AD, Nordsletten L, Reikerås O, Skjeldal S (1995)
Periosteal response to transient ischemia. Histological studies on the rat tibia
Acta Orthop Scand, 66 (5), 468-72
PubMed 7484132

Publications 1994

Alho A, Skjeldal S, Pettersen EO, Melvik JE, Larsen TE (1994)
Aneuploidy in benign tumors and nonneoplastic lesions of musculoskeletal tissues
Cancer, 73 (4), 1200-5
PubMed 8313323

Kirkeby OJ, Nordsletten L, Skjeldal S, Berg Larsen T (1994)
Circulation in corticocancellous bone grafts measured with laser Doppler flowmetry. An experimental study in rats
Scand J Plast Reconstr Surg Hand Surg, 28 (4), 249-54
PubMed 7899833

Nordsletten L, Kaastad TS, Obrant KJ, Skjeldal S, Kirkeby OJ, Stokke O, Ekeland A (1994)
Muscle contraction increases the in vivo structural strength to the same degree in osteopenic and normal rat tibiae
J Bone Miner Res, 9 (5), 679-85
PubMed 8053397

Nordsletten L, Kaastad TS, Skjeldal S, Reikerås O, Nordal KP, Halse J, Ekeland A (1994)
Fracture strength prediction in rat femoral shaft and neck by single photon absorptiometry of the femoral shaft
Bone Miner, 25 (1), 39-46
PubMed 8061550

Nordsletten L, Skjeldal S, Kirkeby OJ, Ekeland A (1994)
Muscle contraction increases the strength of healing tibial fracture in the rat
Acta Orthop Scand, 65 (2), 191-4
PubMed 8197855

Skjeldal S, Grøgaard B, Nordsletten L, Torvik A, Svindland A, Reikarås O (1994)
Does granulocyte depletion protect against ischaemic muscle necrosis?
Scand J Clin Lab Invest, 54 (1), 17-22
PubMed 8171267

Skjeldal S, Hvaal K, Nordsletten L, Aasen AO, Reikerås O, Torvik A (1994)
Pentoxifylline reduces skeletal muscle necrosis after acute hindlimb ischemia in rats
Eur Surg Res, 26 (2), 94-100
PubMed 8005172

Publications 1993

Alho A, Skjeldal S, Melvik JE, Pettersen EO, Larsen TE (1993)
The clinical importance of DNA synthesis and aneuploidy in bone and soft tissue tumours
Anticancer Res, 13 (6B), 2383-7
PubMed 8135471

Kirkeby OJ, Larsen TB, Nordsletten L, Skjeldal S, Ekeland A (1993)
Fracture weakens ipsilateral long bones: mechanical and metabolic changes after femoral or tibial injury in rats
J Orthop Trauma, 7 (4), 343-7
PubMed 8377044

Nordsletten L, Kaastad TS, Skjeldal S, Kirkeby OJ, Reikerås O, Ekeland A (1993)
Training increases the in vivo strength of the lower leg: an experimental study in the rat
J Bone Miner Res, 8 (9), 1089-95
PubMed 8237478

Skjeldal S, Nordsletten L, Kirkeby OJ, Grøgaard B, Bjerkreim I, Mowinckel P, Torvik A, Reikerås O (1993)
Perfusion in the anterior tibial muscle measured by laser Doppler flowmetry after graded periods of hindlimb ischemia in rats
Int J Microcirc Clin Exp, 12 (2), 107-18
PubMed 8500972

Skjeldal S, Torvik A, Grøgaard B, Nordsletten L, Lyberg T (1993)
Histological studies on postischemic rat skeletal muscles. With emphasis on the time of leukocyte invasion
Eur Surg Res, 25 (6), 348-57
PubMed 8276033

Skjeldal S, Torvik A, Nordsletten L, Kirkeby OJ, Grøgaard B, Svindland A, Reikerås O (1993)
Local hypothermia during ischemia or reperfusion in skeletal muscles
Res Exp Med (Berl), 193 (2), 73-80
PubMed 8516565

Publications 1992

Alho A, Moen O, Husby T, Rønningen H, Skjeldal S (1992)
Slotted versus non-slotted locked intramedullary nailing for femoral shaft fractures
Arch Orthop Trauma Surg, 111 (2), 91-5
PubMed 1562431

Kirkeby OJ, Nordsletten L, Skjeldal S (1992)
Healing of cortical bone grafts in athymic rats
Acta Orthop Scand, 63 (3), 318-22
PubMed 1609599

Skjeldal S, Grøgaard B, Nordsletten L, Reikerås O, Svindland A, Torvik A (1992)
Protective effect of low-grade hypothermia in experimental skeletal muscle ischemia
Eur Surg Res, 24 (4), 197-203
PubMed 1505597

Skjeldal S, Strømsøe K, Alho A, Johnsen U, Torvik A (1992)
Acute compartment syndrome: for how long can muscle tolerate increased tissue pressure?
Eur J Surg, 158 (8), 437-8
PubMed 1356484

Publications 1991

Skjeldal S, Grøgaard B, Reikerås O, Müller C, Torvik A, Svindland A (1991)
Model for skeletal muscle ischemia in rat hindlimb: evaluation of reperfusion and necrosis
Eur Surg Res, 23 (5-6), 355-65
PubMed 1802740

Publications 1990

Skjeldal S, Høgevold HE, Reikerås O, Høiseth A (1990)
Plethysmographic screening for deep venous thrombosis following total hip replacement
Ann Chir Gynaecol, 79 (1), 42-5
PubMed 2357054

Publications 1989

Reikerås O, Skjeldal S, Grøgaard B (1989)
Mechanical effects of intramedullary reaming in pinned osteotomies in rats
J Orthop Trauma, 3 (1), 53-6
PubMed 2709204

Publications 1988

Skjeldal S, Lundblad R, Dullerud R (1988)
Coracoid process transfer for acromioclavicular dislocation
Acta Orthop Scand, 59 (2), 180-2
PubMed 3364189

Publications 1987

Skjeldal S, Backe S (1987)
Interlocking medullary nails--radiation doses in distal targeting
Arch Orthop Trauma Surg, 106 (3), 179-81
PubMed 3606359

Publications 1986

Svendsen L, Kolmannskog F, Rode L, Skjeldal S (1986)
[Renal oncocytoma]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 106 (25), 2050-2, 2049
PubMed 3535166

Publications 1983

Skjeldal S (1983)
[Tuberculosis of the sigmoid]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 103 (26), 1813-4
PubMed 6648918

Publications 1979

Skjeldal S (1979)
[Lack of sterility after vasectomy]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 99 (27), 1320-1
PubMed 494199