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    Publications 2011

    Bastian D, Tamburstuen MV, Lyngstadaas SP, Reikerås O (2011)
    LBP and sCD14 patterns in total hip replacement surgery performed during combined spinal/epidural anaesthesia
    Scand J Clin Lab Invest, 71 (6), 486-91
    PubMed 21722015

    Publications 2009

    Bastian D, Tamburstuen MV, Lyngstadaas SP, Reikerås O (2009)
    Local and systemic chemokine patterns in a human musculoskeletal trauma model
    Inflamm Res, 58 (8), 483-9
    PubMed 19274438

    Reikeras O, Sun J, Wang JE, Foster SJ, Bastian D, Aasen AO (2009)
    Immunmodulation of serum in orthopaedic trauma
    J Trauma, 67 (3), 624-7
    PubMed 18815574

    Publications 2008

    Bastian D, Tamburstuen MV, Lyngstadaas SP, Reikerås O (2008)
    Systemic and local cytokine kinetics after total hip replacement surgery
    Eur Surg Res, 41 (4), 334-40
    PubMed 18815447

    Publications 2007

    Bastian D, Shegarfi H, Rolstad B, Naper C, Lyngstadaas SP, Reikerås O (2007)
    Investigation of lipopolysaccharide receptor expression on human monocytes after major orthopaedic surgery
    Eur Surg Res, 40 (2), 239-45
    PubMed 18063867

    Bastian D, Sun J, Danckert Krohn C, Reikerås O (2007)
    Immune modulation after total hip surgery. A prospective ex vivo study
    Eur Surg Res, 39 (5), 296-302
    PubMed 17595543

    Publications 2003

    Nesse E, Nielsen EW, Bastian D (2003)
    [Cemented versus cementless revision femoral stems using morselized allograft--a prospective, randomized study with 5 years follow-up]
    Z Orthop Ihre Grenzgeb, 141 (6), 678-83
    PubMed 14679434

    Publications 2002

    Bastian D, Mödl B, Nentwich K, Engel G, Brunner E, Holper K (2002)
    [Recurrent hemoptysis as initial symptom of a thoracic angiomatosis in an adult patient]
    Pneumologie, 56 (11), 689-94
    PubMed 12442210

    Publications 1999

    Bartsch D, Barth P, Bastian D, Ramaswamy A, Gerdes B, Chaloupka B, Deiss Y, Simon B, Schudy A (1999)
    Higher frequency of DPC4/Smad4 alterations in pancreatic cancer cell lines than in primary pancreatic adenocarcinomas
    Cancer Lett, 139 (1), 43-9
    PubMed 10408907

    Bartsch D, Hahn SA, Danichevski KD, Ramaswamy A, Bastian D, Galehdari H, Barth P, Schmiegel W, Simon B, Rothmund M (1999)
    Mutations of the DPC4/Smad4 gene in neuroendocrine pancreatic tumors
    Oncogene, 18 (14), 2367-71
    PubMed 10327057

    Bastian D, Ramaswamy A, Barth PJ, Gerdes B, Ernst M, Bartsch D (1999)
    Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the pancreas: a case report with genetic analysis
    Cancer, 85 (11), 2352-8
    PubMed 10357405

    Gerdes B, Ramaswamy A, Simon B, Pietsch T, Bastian D, Kersting M, Moll R, Bartsch D (1999)
    Analysis of beta-catenin gene mutations in pancreatic tumors
    Digestion, 60 (6), 544-8
    PubMed 10545724

    Publications 1998

    Bartsch D, Bastian D, Barth P, Schudy A, Nies C, Kisker O, Wagner HJ, Rothmund M (1998)
    K-ras oncogene mutations indicate malignancy in cystic tumors of the pancreas
    Ann Surg, 228 (1), 79-86
    PubMed 9671070

    Bastian D, Gerdes B, Ramaswamy A, Tschammer C, Bartsch D (1998)
    [Detection of hepatic micrometastasis in ductal pancreatic carcinoma by K-ras mutation analysis and determination of clinical relevance]
    Langenbecks Arch Chir Suppl Kongressbd, 115 (Suppl I), 45-7
    PubMed 14518210

    Kisker O, Bastian D, Bartsch D, Nies C, Rothmund M (1998)
    Localization, malignant potential, and surgical management of gastrinomas
    World J Surg, 22 (7), 651-7; discussion 657-8
    PubMed 9606277

    Publications 1996

    Kisker O, Bastian D, Frank M, Rothmund M (1996)
    [Diagnostic localization of insulinoma. Experiences with 25 patients with solitary tumors]
    Med Klin (Munich), 91 (6), 349-54
    PubMed 8767307

    Mantel D, Flautre B, Bastian D, Delforge PM, Delvalle A, Leclet H (1996)
    [Structural MRI study of the Achilles tendon. Correlation with microanatomy and histology]
    J Radiol, 77 (4), 261-5
    PubMed 8734206

    Publications 1994

    Morgenstern E, Hubertus U, Bastian D, Dierichs R, Stuempel C (1994)
    Textured biomaterials as a model for studying formation of focal contacts and rearrangement of the contractile cytoskeleton in platelets
    Platelets, 5 (1), 29-39
    PubMed 21043741

    Publications 1991

    Guéro S, Bastian D, Lassau JP, Csukonyi Z (1991)
    Anatomical basis of a new naso-labial island flap
    Surg Radiol Anat, 13 (4), 265-70
    PubMed 1803535

    Publications 1989

    Hélénon O, Bastian D, Laval-Jeantet M (1989)
    [Magnetic resonance imaging of the knee menisci. Normal aspects. Misleading images. Meniscus degeneration. Anatomic correlations]
    J Radiol, 70 (4), 265-77
    PubMed 2677331

    Publications 1986

    Borel H, Bastian D, Cooper B, Borel Y (1986)
    A possible new therapy of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
    Ann N Y Acad Sci, 475, 296-306
    PubMed 3491565

    Publications 1985

    Bastian D, Borel H, Sasaki T, Steinberg AD, Borel Y (1985)
    Immune response to nucleic acid antigens and native DNA by human peripheral blood lymphocytes in vitro
    J Immunol, 135 (3), 1772-7
    PubMed 4020134

    Deffrennes D, Bastian D, George B, Tran Ba Huy P (1985)
    [Anatomical bases of the surgical approach to the posterior foramen]
    Neurochirurgie, 31 (5), 352-4
    PubMed 3003607

    Publications 1982

    Perrotin J, Bastian D, Lassau JP, Pages C (1982)
    [Diagnosis and treatment of duodenal ulcer perforation (defense of the Taylor-Quenu method]
    Rev Prat, 32 (5), 357-60 passim
    PubMed 7058305

    Publications 1981

    Robinson DR, Bastian D, Hamer PJ, Pichiarallo DM, Stephenson ML (1981)
    Mechanism of stimulation of prostaglandin synthesis by a factor from rheumatoid synovial tissue
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 78 (8), 5160-4
    PubMed 6795630

    Publications 1979

    Mourot J, Bastian D, Maïtre F, Perrotin J (1979)
    [Malignant plasma cell lymphoma of the stomach. Two cases and review of the literature (author's transl)]
    J Chir (Paris), 116 (4), 249-55
    PubMed 113422

    Publications 1978

    Bastian D, Burrill S, Fliess S, Jordan F, Lavimoniere D, Ruddell C (1978)
    Pharmacy residency educational visits
    Am J Hosp Pharm, 35 (11), 1340, 1343
    PubMed 707497

    Bastian D, Lassau JP (1978)
    [Functional anatomy of a completely ossified hyoid apparatus in man. Study with cineradiography]
    Bull Assoc Anat (Nancy), 62 (178), 283-95
    PubMed 753407

    Mourot J, Goëau-Brissonniére O, Nemeth J, Bastian D, Perrotin J (1978)
    [Leiomyomas of the duodenum (author's transl)]
    J Chir (Paris), 115 (8-9), 423-30
    PubMed 363734

    Perrotin J, Bastian D, Mourot J (1978)
    [Perforation of a hydatid cyst of the liver into the duodenum (author's transl)]
    Chirurgie, 104 (6), 569-74
    PubMed 747967

    Robinson DR, McGuire MB, Bastian D, Kantrowitz F, Levine L (1978)
    The effects of anti-inflammatory drugs on prostaglandin production by rheumatoid synovial tissue
    Prostaglandins Med, 1 (6), 461-77
    PubMed 733978

    Publications 1977

    Bastian D, Simon P, Perrotin J (1977)
    [Two cases of desmoid extra-abdominal fibroma (author's transl)]
    Ann Chir, 31 (11), 961-8
    PubMed 610568

    Lassau JP, Bastian D (1977)
    [Various aspects of anastomoses between the spermatic veins and the peri-ureteral venous system]
    J Urol Nephrol (Paris), 83 Suppl 2, 326-9
    PubMed 617681

    Publications 1976

    Perrotin J, Simon P, Bastian D (1976)
    [Should diverticular sigmoiditis be operated?]
    Rev Prat, 26 (41), 2841-9
    PubMed 981904

    Publications 1975

    Bastian D, Delmas A, Lassau JP (1975)
    [Deformations of the laryngo-tracheal axis during changes in body position. Study using moulages]
    Arch Anat Pathol (Paris), 23 (4), 267-72
    PubMed 1225217

    Publications 1974

    Weuffen VW, Kramer A, Bastian D, Berthold R, Giesecke H, Grahneis H, Steffen W, Völker U, Peuckert AS, Pontius H, Schwenke W, Seidenstricker G (1974)
    [Epidemiological analyses of allergic side reactions during prophylactic use of human immunoglobulin]
    Allerg Immunol (Leipz), 20-21 (2), 213-27
    PubMed 4283530

    Publications 1973

    Bastian D, Lassau JP (1973)
    [Reconstruction of the ureteropyelocalician system in human embryos (24 and 31 mm)]
    Arch Anat Pathol (Paris), 21 (4), 299-302
    PubMed 4771735

    Delavierre P, Levasseur JC, Kron B, Ruault P, Bastian D, Tran-Van B (1973)
    [Primary ulcers of the small intestine]
    Sem Hop, 49 (28), 2052-4
    PubMed 4359574

    Roux M, Delavierre P, Hureau J, Vayre P, Freyer M, Bastian D (1973)
    [Mammary and juxta-mammary tuberculosis]
    Sem Hop, 49 (28), 2034-6
    PubMed 4359569

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