Liv Hege Aksnes
Position: Research fellow, MD
Phone: +47 22 93 55 03
Research project: studying the quality of life and long-term consequences of therapy in sarcoma patients

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Publications 2013

Lia K, Bruland ØS, Randem HL, Aksnes LH, Poulsen JP, Taksdal I, Sundby Hall K (2013)
Two cases with fatal outcome following total lung irradiation for metastatic bone sarcoma
J Bone Oncol, 2 (4), 174-9
PubMed 26909289

Publications 2009

Aksnes LH, Bauer HC, Dahl AA, Fosså SD, Hjorth L, Jebsen N, Lernedal H, Hall KS (2009)
Health status at long-term follow-up in patients treated for extremity localized Ewing Sarcoma or osteosarcoma: a Scandinavian sarcoma group study
Pediatr Blood Cancer, 53 (1), 84-9
PubMed 19343771

Publications 2008

Aksnes LH, Bauer HC, Jebsen NL, Follerås G, Allert C, Haugen GS, Hall KS (2008)
Limb-sparing surgery preserves more function than amputation: a Scandinavian sarcoma group study of 118 patients
J Bone Joint Surg Br, 90 (6), 786-94
PubMed 18539673

Publications 2007

Aksnes LH, Bruland ØS (2007)
Some musculo-skeletal sequelae in cancer survivors
Acta Oncol, 46 (4), 490-6
PubMed 17497316

Aksnes LH, Hall KS, Jebsen N, Fosså SD, Dahl AA (2007)
Young survivors of malignant bone tumours in the extremities: a comparative study of quality of life, fatigue and mental distress
Support Care Cancer, 15 (9), 1087-96
PubMed 17347843

Publications 2006

Aksnes LH, Hall KS, Folleraas G, Stenwig AE, Bjerkehagen B, Taksdal I, Winderen M, Bruland OS, Saeter G (2006)
Management of high-grade bone sarcomas over two decades: the Norwegian Radium Hospital experience
Acta Oncol, 45 (1), 38-46
PubMed 16464794

Publications 2002

Aksnes LH, Raabe NK (2002)
[Deep vein thrombosis and localized rhabdomyolysis in a patient with bladder cancer]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 122 (26), 2534-5
PubMed 12522878