Dominic Anthony Hoff
Position: Team leader Registry Support (Registerstøtte), Senior Adviser, MPH Epidemiology, MPA, Cand. Mag.
Phone: +47 900 888 64

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Publications 2012

Graff-Iversen S, Jansen MD, Hoff DA, Høiseth G, Knudsen GP, Magnus P, Mørland J, Normann PT, Næss OE, Tambs K (2012)
Divergent associations of drinking frequency and binge consumption of alcohol with mortality within the same cohort
J Epidemiol Community Health, 67 (4), 350-7
PubMed 23235547

Madsen C, Rosland P, Hoff DA, Nystad W, Nafstad P, Naess OE (2012)
The short-term effect of 24-h average and peak air pollution on mortality in Oslo, Norway
Eur J Epidemiol, 27 (9), 717-27
PubMed 22836233

Naess O, Stoltenberg C, Hoff DA, Nystad W, Magnus P, Tverdal A, Davey Smith G (2012)
Cardiovascular mortality in relation to birth weight of children and grandchildren in 500,000 Norwegian families
Eur Heart J, 34 (44), 3427-36
PubMed 22977224

Næss O, Hoff DA, Lawlor D, Mortensen LH (2012)
Education and adult cause-specific mortality--examining the impact of family factors shared by 871 367 Norwegian siblings
Int J Epidemiol, 41 (6), 1683-91; author reply 1691-3
PubMed 23064505

Næss Ø, Hoff DA (2012)
The Norwegian Family Based Life Course (NFLC) study: data structure and potential for public health research
Int J Public Health, 58 (1), 57-64
PubMed 22735991

Publications 2011

Magnus P, Bakke E, Hoff DA, Høiseth G, Graff-Iversen S, Knudsen GP, Myhre R, Normann PT, Næss Ø, Tambs K, Thelle DS, Mørland J (2011)
Controlling for high-density lipoprotein cholesterol does not affect the magnitude of the relationship between alcohol and coronary heart disease
Circulation, 124 (21), 2296-302
PubMed 22042888