Tiril Sandell
Position: Senior resident, MD
Phone: +47 23074403
PhD candidate
Tiril Sandell graduated from the medical faculty of Technische Universität München, Germany in 2004. After completing AIP (Arzt im Practicum) in the Neurosurgical deparment, UNN in Tromsø, she became a resident in the Neurosurgical Department, OUS, Rikshospitalet in 2005. She completed her training and became a specialist in neurosurgery in 2012. In 2009 she started a PhD project on microvascular decompression (MVD) for neurovascular compression syndromes.

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Publications 2014

Sandell T, Ringstad GA, Eide PK (2014)
Usefulness of the endoscope in microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia and MRI-based prediction of the need for endoscopy
Acta Neurochir (Wien), 156 (10), 1901-9; discussion 1909
PubMed 25008460

Publications 2013

Sandell T, Holmen J, Eide PK (2013)
Hypertension in patients with cranial nerve vascular compression syndromes and comparison with a population-based cohort
J Neurosurg, 119 (5), 1302-8
PubMed 23991839

Publications 2012

Stanisic M, Aasen AO, Pripp AH, Lindegaard KF, Ramm-Pettersen J, Lyngstadaas SP, Ivanovic J, Konglund A, Ilstad E, Sandell T, Ellingsen O, Sæhle T (2012)
Local and systemic pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokine patterns in patients with chronic subdural hematoma: a prospective study
Inflamm Res, 61 (8), 845-52
PubMed 22527446

Publications 2011

Stanisic M, Lyngstadaas SP, Pripp AH, Aasen AO, Lindegaard KF, Ivanovic J, Ilstad E, Konglund A, Sandell T, Ellingsen O, Saehle T (2011)
Chemokines as markers of local inflammation and angiogenesis in patients with chronic subdural hematoma: a prospective study
Acta Neurochir (Wien), 154 (1), 113-20; discussion 120
PubMed 22037980

Publications 2010

Sandell T, Eide PK (2010)
The effect of microvascular decompression in patients with multiple sclerosis and trigeminal neuralgia
Neurosurgery, 67 (3), 749-53; discussion 753-4
PubMed 20651626

Publications 2009

Lindekleiv HM, Jacobsen EA, Kloster R, Sandell T, Isaksen JG, Romner B, Ingebrigtsen T, Bajic R (2009)
Introduction of endovascular embolization for intracranial aneurysms in a low-volume institution
Acta Radiol, 50 (5), 555-61
PubMed 19455448

Publications 2008

Sandell T, Eide PK (2008)
Effect of microvascular decompression in trigeminal neuralgia patients with or without constant pain
Neurosurgery, 63 (1), 93-9; discussion 99-100
PubMed 18728573

Publications 2005

Sandell T, Isaksen J, Bajic R, Ingebrigtsen T (2005)
[Treatment of intracranial aneurysms]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 125 (16), 2188-91
PubMed 16138132