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Publications 2017

Eliassen CF, Reinvang I, Selnes P, Fladby T, Hessen E (2017)
Convergent Results from Neuropsychology and from Neuroimaging in Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord, 43 (3-4), 144-154
PubMed 28152536

Eliassen CF, Reinvang I, Selnes P, Grambaite R, Fladby T, Hessen E (2017)
Biomarkers in subtypes of mild cognitive impairment and subjective cognitive decline
Brain Behav, 7 (9), e00776
PubMed 28948074

Hessen E, Eckerström M, Nordlund A, Selseth Almdahl I, Stålhammar J, Bjerke M, Eckerström C, Göthlin M, Fladby T, Reinvang I, Wallin A (2017)
Subjective Cognitive Impairment Is a Predominantly Benign Condition in Memory Clinic Patients Followed for 6 Years: The Gothenburg-Oslo MCI Study
Dement Geriatr Cogn Dis Extra, 7 (1), 1-14
PubMed 28413412

Lillenes MS, Støen M, Günther CC, Selnes P, Stenset VT, Espeseth T, Reinvang I, Fladby T, Tønjum T (2017)
Mitochondrial transcription factor A (TFAM) rs1937 and AP endonuclease 1 (APE1) rs1130409 alleles are associated with reduced cognitive performance
Neurosci Lett, 645, 46-52
PubMed 28242328

Trampush JW, Yang ML, Yu J, Knowles E, Davies G, Liewald DC, Starr JM, Djurovic S, Melle I, Sundet K, Christoforou A, Reinvang I, DeRosse P, Lundervold AJ, Steen VM, Espeseth T, Räikkönen K, Widen E, Palotie A, Eriksson JG, Giegling I, Konte B, Roussos P, Giakoumaki S, Burdick KE et al. (2017)
GWAS meta-analysis reveals novel loci and genetic correlates for general cognitive function: a report from the COGENT consortium
Mol Psychiatry, 22 (3), 336-345
PubMed 28093568

Publications 2016

Athanasiu L, Giddaluru S, Fernandes C, Christoforou A, Reinvang I, Lundervold AJ, Nilsson LG, Kauppi K, Adolfsson R, Eriksson E, Sundet K, Djurovic S, Espeseth T, Nyberg L, Steen VM, Andreassen OA, Le Hellard S (2016)
A genetic association study of CSMD1 and CSMD2 with cognitive function
Brain Behav Immun, 61, 209-216
PubMed 27890662

Giddaluru S, Espeseth T, Salami A, Westlye LT, Lundquist A, Christoforou A, Cichon S, Adolfsson R, Steen VM, Reinvang I, Nilsson LG, Le Hellard S, Nyberg L (2016)
Genetics of structural connectivity and information processing in the brain
Brain Struct Funct, 221 (9), 4643-4661
PubMed 26852023

Hessen E, Stav AL, Auning E, Selnes P, Blomsø L, Holmeide CE, Johansen KK, Eliassen CF, Reinvang I, Fladby T, Aarsland D (2016)
Neuropsychological Profiles in Mild Cognitive Impairment due to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases
J Parkinsons Dis, 6 (2), 413-21
PubMed 27061068

Publications 2015

Davies G, Armstrong N, Bis JC, Bressler J, Chouraki V, Giddaluru S, Hofer E, Ibrahim-Verbaas CA, Kirin M, Lahti J, van der Lee SJ, Le Hellard S, Liu T, Marioni RE, Oldmeadow C, Postmus I, Smith AV, Smith JA, Thalamuthu A, Thomson R, Vitart V, Wang J, Yu L, Zgaga L, Zhao W et al. (2015)
Genetic contributions to variation in general cognitive function: a meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies in the CHARGE consortium (N=53949)
Mol Psychiatry, 20 (2), 183-92
PubMed 25644384

Eliassen CF, Selnes P, Selseth Almdahl I, Reinvang I, Fladby T, Hessen E (2015)
Hippocampal Subfield Atrophy in Multi-Domain but Not Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord, 40 (1-2), 44-53
PubMed 25924735

Hansell NK, Halford GS, Andrews G, Shum DH, Harris SE, Davies G, Franic S, Christoforou A, Zietsch B, Painter J, Medland SE, Ehli EA, Davies GE, Steen VM, Lundervold AJ, Reinvang I, Montgomery GW, Espeseth T, Hulshoff Pol HE, Starr JM, Martin NG, Le Hellard S, Boomsma DI, Deary IJ, Wright MJ (2015)
Genetic basis of a cognitive complexity metric
PLoS One, 10 (4), e0123886
PubMed 25860228

Hessen E, Nordlund A, Stålhammar J, Eckerström M, Bjerke M, Eckerström C, Göthlin M, Fladby T, Reinvang I, Wallin A (2015)
T-Tau is Associated with Objective Memory Decline Over Two Years in Persons Seeking Help for Subjective Cognitive Decline: A Report from the Gothenburg-Oslo MCI Study
J Alzheimers Dis, 47 (3), 619-28
PubMed 26401697

Hibar DP, Stein JL, Renteria ME, Arias-Vasquez A, Desrivières S, Jahanshad N, Toro R, Wittfeld K, Abramovic L, Andersson M, Aribisala BS, Armstrong NJ, Bernard M, Bohlken MM, Boks MP, Bralten J, Brown AA, Chakravarty MM, Chen Q, Ching CR, Cuellar-Partida G, den Braber A, Giddaluru S, Goldman AL, Grimm O et al. (2015)
Common genetic variants influence human subcortical brain structures
Nature, 520 (7546), 224-9
PubMed 25607358

Howrigan DP, Simonson MA, Davies G, Harris SE, Tenesa A, Starr JM, Liewald DC, Deary IJ, McRae A, Wright MJ, Montgomery GW, Hansell N, Martin NG, Payton A, Horan M, Ollier WE, Abdellaoui A, Boomsma DI, DeRosse P, Knowles EE, Glahn DC, Djurovic S, Melle I, Andreassen OA, Christoforou A et al. (2015)
Genome-wide autozygosity is associated with lower general cognitive ability
Mol Psychiatry, 21 (6), 837-43
PubMed 26390830

Myrum C, Giddaluru S, Jacobsen K, Espeseth T, Nyberg L, Lundervold AJ, Haavik J, Nilsson LG, Reinvang I, Steen VM, Johansson S, Wibrand K, Le Hellard S, Bramham CR (2015)
Common variants in the ARC gene are not associated with cognitive abilities
Brain Behav, 5 (10), e00376
PubMed 26516611

Trampush JW, Lencz T, Knowles E, Davies G, Guha S, Pe'er I, Liewald DC, Starr JM, Djurovic S, Melle I, Sundet K, Christoforou A, Reinvang I, Mukherjee S, DeRosse P, Lundervold A, Steen VM, John M, Espeseth T, Räikkönen K, Widen E, Palotie A, Eriksson JG, Giegling I, Konte B et al. (2015)
Independent evidence for an association between general cognitive ability and a genetic locus for educational attainment
Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet, 168B (5), 363-73
PubMed 25951819

Wehling E, Lundervold AJ, Espeset T, Reinvang I, Bramerson A, Nordin S (2015)
Even cognitively well-functioning adults are unaware of their olfactory dysfunction: Implications for ENT clinicians and researchers
Rhinology, 53 (1), 89-94
PubMed 25756084

Publications 2014

Boraska V, Franklin CS, Floyd JA, Thornton LM, Huckins LM, Southam L, Rayner NW, Tachmazidou I, Klump KL, Treasure J, Lewis CM, Schmidt U, Tozzi F, Kiezebrink K, Hebebrand J, Gorwood P, Adan RA, Kas MJ, Favaro A, Santonastaso P, Fernández-Aranda F, Gratacos M, Rybakowski F, Dmitrzak-Weglarz M, Kaprio J et al. (2014)
A genome-wide association study of anorexia nervosa
Mol Psychiatry, 19 (10), 1085-94
PubMed 24514567

Christoforou A, Espeseth T, Davies G, Fernandes CP, Giddaluru S, Mattheisen M, Tenesa A, Harris SE, Liewald DC, Payton A, Ollier W, Horan M, Pendleton N, Haggarty P, Djurovic S, Herms S, Hoffman P, Cichon S, Starr JM, Lundervold A, Reinvang I, Steen VM, Deary IJ, Le Hellard S (2014)
GWAS-based pathway analysis differentiates between fluid and crystallized intelligence
Genes Brain Behav, 13 (7), 663-74
PubMed 24975275

Fernandes CP, Westlye LT, Giddaluru S, Christoforou A, Kauppi K, Adolfsson R, Nilsson LG, Nyberg L, Lundervold AJ, Reinvang I, Steen VM, Le Hellard S, Espeseth T (2014)
Lack of association of the rs1344706 ZNF804A variant with cognitive functions and DTI indices of white matter microstructure in two independent healthy populations
Psychiatry Res, 222 (1-2), 60-6
PubMed 24636489

Greenwood PM, Espeseth T, Lin MK, Reinvang I, Parasuraman R (2014)
Longitudinal change in working memory as a function of APOE genotype in midlife and old age
Scand J Psychol, 55 (3), 268-77
PubMed 24853824

Hessen E, Reinvang I, Eliassen CF, Nordlund A, Gjerstad L, Fladby T, Wallin A (2014)
The Combination of Dysexecutive and Amnestic Deficits Strongly Predicts Conversion to Dementia in Young Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients: A Report from the Gothenburg-Oslo MCI Study
Dement Geriatr Cogn Dis Extra, 4 (1), 76-85
PubMed 24847346

Hill WD, Davies G, van de Lagemaat LN, Christoforou A, Marioni RE, Fernandes CP, Liewald DC, Croning MD, Payton A, Craig LC, Whalley LJ, Horan M, Ollier W, Hansell NK, Wright MJ, Martin NG, Montgomery GW, Steen VM, Le Hellard S, Espeseth T, Lundervold AJ, Reinvang I, Starr JM, Pendleton N, Grant SG et al. (2014)
Human cognitive ability is influenced by genetic variation in components of postsynaptic signalling complexes assembled by NMDA receptors and MAGUK proteins
Transl Psychiatry, 4, e341
PubMed 24399044

Reinvang I (2014)
A lifetime in neuropsychology--perspectives on an era
Scand J Psychol, 55 (3), 189-90
PubMed 24853823

Publications 2013

Fernandes CP, Christoforou A, Giddaluru S, Ersland KM, Djurovic S, Mattheisen M, Lundervold AJ, Reinvang I, Nöthen MM, Rietschel M, Ophoff RA, Genetic Risk and Outcome of Psychosis (GROUP), Hofman A, Uitterlinden AG, Werge T, Cichon S, Espeseth T, Andreassen OA, Steen VM, Le Hellard S (2013)
A genetic deconstruction of neurocognitive traits in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
PLoS One, 8 (12), e81052
PubMed 24349030

Fjell AM, Westlye LT, Amlien I, Tamnes CK, Grydeland H, Engvig A, Espeseth T, Reinvang I, Lundervold AJ, Lundervold A, Walhovd KB (2013)
High-expanding cortical regions in human development and evolution are related to higher intellectual abilities
Cereb Cortex, 25 (1), 26-34
PubMed 23960203

Fjell AM, Westlye LT, Grydeland H, Amlien I, Espeseth T, Reinvang I, Raz N, Holland D, Dale AM, Walhovd KB, Alzheimer Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (2013)
Critical ages in the life course of the adult brain: nonlinear subcortical aging
Neurobiol Aging, 34 (10), 2239-47
PubMed 23643484

Lencz T, Knowles E, Davies G, Guha S, Liewald DC, Starr JM, Djurovic S, Melle I, Sundet K, Christoforou A, Reinvang I, Mukherjee S, DeRosse P, Lundervold A, Steen VM, John M, Espeseth T, Räikkönen K, Widen E, Palotie A, Eriksson JG, Giegling I, Konte B, Ikeda M, Roussos P et al. (2013)
Molecular genetic evidence for overlap between general cognitive ability and risk for schizophrenia: a report from the Cognitive Genomics consorTium (COGENT)
Mol Psychiatry, 19 (2), 168-74
PubMed 24342994

Reinvang I, Espeseth T, Westlye LT (2013)
APOE-related biomarker profiles in non-pathological aging and early phases of Alzheimer's disease
Neurosci Biobehav Rev, 37 (8), 1322-35
PubMed 23701948

Selnes P, Aarsland D, Bjørnerud A, Gjerstad L, Wallin A, Hessen E, Reinvang I, Grambaite R, Auning E, Kjærvik VK, Due-Tønnessen P, Stenset V, Fladby T (2013)
Diffusion tensor imaging surpasses cerebrospinal fluid as predictor of cognitive decline and medial temporal lobe atrophy in subjective cognitive impairment and mild cognitive impairment
J Alzheimers Dis, 33 (3), 723-36
PubMed 23186987

Publications 2012

Amlien IK, Fjell AM, Walhovd KB, Selnes P, Stenset V, Grambaite R, Bjørnerud A, Due-Tønnessen P, Skinningsrud A, Gjerstad L, Reinvang I, Fladby T (2012)
Mild cognitive impairment: cerebrospinal fluid tau biomarker pathologic levels and longitudinal changes in white matter integrity
Radiology, 266 (1), 295-303
PubMed 23151827

Ersland KM, Christoforou A, Stansberg C, Espeseth T, Mattheisen M, Mattingsdal M, Hardarson GA, Hansen T, Fernandes CP, Giddaluru S, Breuer R, Strohmaier J, Djurovic S, Nöthen MM, Rietschel M, Lundervold AJ, Werge T, Cichon S, Andreassen OA, Reinvang I, Steen VM, Le Hellard S (2012)
Gene-based analysis of regionally enriched cortical genes in GWAS data sets of cognitive traits and psychiatric disorders
PLoS One, 7 (2), e31687
PubMed 22384057

Espeseth T, Christoforou A, Lundervold AJ, Steen VM, Le Hellard S, Reinvang I (2012)
Imaging and cognitive genetics: the Norwegian Cognitive NeuroGenetics sample
Twin Res Hum Genet, 15 (3), 442-52
PubMed 22856377

Fjell AM, Westlye LT, Grydeland H, Amlien I, Espeseth T, Reinvang I, Raz N, Dale AM, Walhovd KB, Alzheimer Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (2012)
Accelerating cortical thinning: unique to dementia or universal in aging?
Cereb Cortex, 24 (4), 919-34
PubMed 23236213

Reinvang I, Grambaite R, Espeseth T (2012)
Executive Dysfunction in MCI: Subtype or Early Symptom
Int J Alzheimers Dis, 2012, 936272
PubMed 22693679

Stein JL, Medland SE, Vasquez AA, Hibar DP, Senstad RE, Winkler AM, Toro R, Appel K, Bartecek R, Bergmann Ø, Bernard M, Brown AA, Cannon DM, Chakravarty MM, Christoforou A, Domin M, Grimm O, Hollinshead M, Holmes AJ, Homuth G, Hottenga JJ, Langan C, Lopez LM, Hansell NK, Hwang KS et al. (2012)
Identification of common variants associated with human hippocampal and intracranial volumes
Nat Genet, 44 (5), 552-61
PubMed 22504417

Westlye LT, Reinvang I, Rootwelt H, Espeseth T (2012)
Effects of APOE on brain white matter microstructure in healthy adults
Neurology, 79 (19), 1961-9
PubMed 23100402

Publications 2011

Davies G, Tenesa A, Payton A, Yang J, Harris SE, Liewald D, Ke X, Le Hellard S, Christoforou A, Luciano M, McGhee K, Lopez L, Gow AJ, Corley J, Redmond P, Fox HC, Haggarty P, Whalley LJ, McNeill G, Goddard ME, Espeseth T, Lundervold AJ, Reinvang I, Pickles A, Steen VM et al. (2011)
Genome-wide association studies establish that human intelligence is highly heritable and polygenic
Mol Psychiatry, 16 (10), 996-1005
PubMed 21826061

Grambaite R, Selnes P, Reinvang I, Aarsland D, Hessen E, Gjerstad L, Fladby T (2011)
Executive dysfunction in mild cognitive impairment is associated with changes in frontal and cingulate white matter tracts
J Alzheimers Dis, 27 (2), 453-62
PubMed 21841261

Lillenes MS, Espeseth T, Støen M, Lundervold AJ, Frye SA, Rootwelt H, Reinvang I, Tønjum T (2011)
DNA base excision repair gene polymorphisms modulate human cognitive performance and decline during normal life span
Mech Ageing Dev, 132 (8-9), 449-58
PubMed 21884718

Wehling E, Nordin S, Espeseth T, Reinvang I, Lundervold AJ (2011)
Unawareness of olfactory dysfunction and its association with cognitive functioning in middle aged and old adults
Arch Clin Neuropsychol, 26 (3), 260-9
PubMed 21474482

Publications 2010

Espeseth T, Westlye LT, Walhovd KB, Fjell AM, Endestad T, Rootwelt H, Reinvang I (2010)
Apolipoprotein E ε4-related thickening of the cerebral cortex modulates selective attention
Neurobiol Aging, 33 (2), 304-322.e1
PubMed 20382449

Fjell AM, Westlye LT, Espeseth T, Reinvang I, Dale AM, Holland D, Walhovd KB (2010)
Cortical gray matter atrophy in healthy aging cannot be explained by undetected incipient cognitive disorders: a comment on Burgmans et al. (2009)
Neuropsychology, 24 (2), 258-63; discussion 264-266
PubMed 20230119

Grambaite R, Reinvang I, Selnes P, Fjell AM, Walhovd KB, Stenset V, Fladby T (2010)
Pre-dementia memory impairment is associated with white matter tract affection
J Int Neuropsychol Soc, 17 (1), 143-53
PubMed 21092388

Reinvang I, Deary IJ, Fjell AM, Steen VM, Espeseth T, Parasuraman R (2010)
Neurogenetic effects on cognition in aging brains: a window of opportunity for intervention?
Front Aging Neurosci, 2, 143
PubMed 21103005

Reinvang I, Lundervold AJ, Wehling E, Rootwelt H, Espeseth T (2010)
Epistasis between APOE and nicotinic receptor gene CHRNA4 in age related cognitive function and decline
J Int Neuropsychol Soc, 16 (3), 424-32
PubMed 20331911

Thorvaldsson V, Nordlund A, Reinvang I, Blennow K, Zetterberg H, Wallin A, Johansson B (2010)
Memory in individuals with mild cognitive impairment in relation to APOE and CSF Abeta42
Int Psychogeriatr, 22 (4), 598-606
PubMed 20338079

Publications 2009

Duncan CC, Barry RJ, Connolly JF, Fischer C, Michie PT, Näätänen R, Polich J, Reinvang I, Van Petten C (2009)
Event-related potentials in clinical research: guidelines for eliciting, recording, and quantifying mismatch negativity, P300, and N400
Clin Neurophysiol, 120 (11), 1883-908
PubMed 19796989

Espeseth T, Rootwelt H, Reinvang I (2009)
Apolipoprotein E modulates auditory event-related potentials in healthy aging
Neurosci Lett, 459 (2), 91-5
PubMed 19409447

Fjell AM, Westlye LT, Amlien I, Espeseth T, Reinvang I, Raz N, Agartz I, Salat DH, Greve DN, Fischl B, Dale AM, Walhovd KB (2009)
High consistency of regional cortical thinning in aging across multiple samples
Cereb Cortex, 19 (9), 2001-12
PubMed 19150922

Fjell AM, Westlye LT, Amlien I, Espeseth T, Reinvang I, Raz N, Agartz I, Salat DH, Greve DN, Fischl B, Dale AM, Walhovd KB (2009)
Minute effects of sex on the aging brain: a multisample magnetic resonance imaging study of healthy aging and Alzheimer's disease
J Neurosci, 29 (27), 8774-83
PubMed 19587284

Grambaite R, Stenset V, Reinvang I, Walhovd KB, Fjell AM, Fladby T (2009)
White matter diffusivity predicts memory in patients with subjective and mild cognitive impairment and normal CSF total tau levels
J Int Neuropsychol Soc, 16 (1), 58-69
PubMed 19835655

Le Hellard S, Håvik B, Espeseth T, Breilid H, Løvlie R, Luciano M, Gow AJ, Harris SE, Starr JM, Wibrand K, Lundervold AJ, Porteous DJ, Bramham CR, Deary IJ, Reinvang I, Steen VM (2009)
Variants in doublecortin- and calmodulin kinase like 1, a gene up-regulated by BDNF, are associated with memory and general cognitive abilities
PLoS One, 4 (10), e7534
PubMed 19844571

Reinvang I, Lundervold AJ, Rootwelt H, Wehling E, Espeseth T (2009)
Individual variation in a cholinergic receptor gene modulates attention
Neurosci Lett, 453 (3), 131-4
PubMed 19429020

Reinvang I, Winjevoll IL, Rootwelt H, Espeseth T (2009)
Working memory deficits in healthy APOE epsilon 4 carriers
Neuropsychologia, 48 (2), 566-73
PubMed 19879282

Walhovd KB, Westlye LT, Amlien I, Espeseth T, Reinvang I, Raz N, Agartz I, Salat DH, Greve DN, Fischl B, Dale AM, Fjell AM (2009)
Consistent neuroanatomical age-related volume differences across multiple samples
Neurobiol Aging, 32 (5), 916-32
PubMed 19570593

Wehling EI, Nordin S, Espeseth T, Reinvang I, Lundervold AJ (2009)
Familiarity, cued and free odor identification and their association with cognitive functioning in middle aged and older adults
Neuropsychol Dev Cogn B Aging Neuropsychol Cogn, 17 (2), 205-19
PubMed 19634027

Westlye LT, Walhovd KB, Dale AM, Espeseth T, Reinvang I, Raz N, Agartz I, Greve DN, Fischl B, Fjell AM (2009)
Increased sensitivity to effects of normal aging and Alzheimer's disease on cortical thickness by adjustment for local variability in gray/white contrast: a multi-sample MRI study
Neuroimage, 47 (4), 1545-57
PubMed 19501655

Ystad MA, Lundervold AJ, Wehling E, Espeseth T, Rootwelt H, Westlye LT, Andersson M, Adolfsdottir S, Geitung JT, Fjell AM, Reinvang I, Lundervold A (2009)
Hippocampal volumes are important predictors for memory function in elderly women
BMC Med Imaging, 9, 17
PubMed 19698138

Publications 2008

Andersson M, Reinvang I, Wehling E, Hugdahl K, Lundervold AJ (2008)
A dichotic listening study of attention control in older adults
Scand J Psychol, 49 (4), 299-304
PubMed 18724404

Fjell AM, Walhovd KB, Amlien I, Bjørnerud A, Reinvang I, Gjerstad L, Cappelen T, Willoch F, Due-Tønnessen P, Grambaite R, Skinningsrud A, Stenset V, Fladby T (2008)
Morphometric changes in the episodic memory network and tau pathologic features correlate with memory performance in patients with mild cognitive impairment
AJNR Am J Neuroradiol, 29 (6), 1183-9
PubMed 18544670

Stenset V, Hofoss D, Johnsen L, Skinningsrud A, Berstad AE, Negaard A, Reinvang I, Gjerstad L, Fladby T (2008)
White matter lesion severity is associated with reduced cognitive performances in patients with normal CSF Abeta42 levels
Acta Neurol Scand, 118 (6), 373-8
PubMed 18510598

Walhovd KB, Fjell AM, Amlien I, Grambaite R, Stenset V, Bjørnerud A, Reinvang I, Gjerstad L, Cappelen T, Due-Tønnessen P, Fladby T (2008)
Multimodal imaging in mild cognitive impairment: Metabolism, morphometry and diffusion of the temporal-parietal memory network
Neuroimage, 45 (1), 215-23
PubMed 19056499

Publications 2007

Becker F, Reinvang I (2007)
Event-related potentials indicate bi-hemispherical changes in speech sound processing during aphasia rehabilitation
J Rehabil Med, 39 (8), 658-61
PubMed 17896059

Becker F, Reinvang I (2007)
Successful syllable detection in aphasia despite processing impairments as revealed by event-related potentials
Behav Brain Funct, 3, 6
PubMed 17239239

Espeseth T, Endestad T, Rootwelt H, Reinvang I (2007)
Nicotine receptor gene CHRNA4 modulates early event-related potentials in auditory and visual oddball target detection tasks
Neuroscience, 147 (4), 974-85
PubMed 17590520

Fjell AM, Walhovd KB, Fischl B, Reinvang I (2007)
Cognitive function, P3a/P3b brain potentials, and cortical thickness in aging
Hum Brain Mapp, 28 (11), 1098-116
PubMed 17370342

Hessen E, Lossius MI, Reinvang I, Gjerstad L (2007)
Influence of major antiepileptic drugs on neuropsychological function: results from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled withdrawal study of seizure-free epilepsy patients on monotherapy
J Int Neuropsychol Soc, 13 (3), 393-400
PubMed 17445287

Hessen E, Lossius MI, Reinvang I, Gjerstad L (2007)
Slight improvement in mood and irritability after antiepileptic drug withdrawal: a controlled study in patients on monotherapy
Epilepsy Behav, 10 (3), 449-55
PubMed 17350342

Oerbeck B, Reinvang I, Sundet K, Heyerdahl S (2007)
Young adults with severe congenital hypothyroidism: cognitive event related potentials (ERPs) and the significance of an early start of thyroxine treatment
Scand J Psychol, 48 (1), 61-7
PubMed 17257370

Stenset V, Grambaite R, Reinvang I, Hessen E, Cappelen T, Bjørnerud A, Gjerstad L, Fladby T (2007)
Diaschisis after thalamic stroke: a comparison of metabolic and structural changes in a patient with amnesic syndrome
Acta Neurol Scand Suppl, 187, 68-71
PubMed 17419833

Wehling E, Lundervold AJ, Standnes B, Gjerstad L, Reinvang I (2007)
APOE status and its association to learning and memory performance in middle aged and older Norwegians seeking assessment for memory deficits
Behav Brain Funct, 3, 57
PubMed 17974013

Publications 2006

Becker F, Reinvang I (2006)
Mismatch negativity elicited by tones and speech sounds: changed topographical distribution in aphasia
Brain Lang, 100 (1), 69-78
PubMed 17069882

Espeseth T, Greenwood PM, Reinvang I, Fjell AM, Walhovd KB, Westlye LT, Wehling E, Lundervold A, Rootwelt H, Parasuraman R (2006)
Interactive effects of APOE and CHRNA4 on attention and white matter volume in healthy middle-aged and older adults
Cogn Affect Behav Neurosci, 6 (1), 31-43
PubMed 16869227

Espeseth T, Westlye LT, Fjell AM, Walhovd KB, Rootwelt H, Reinvang I (2006)
Accelerated age-related cortical thinning in healthy carriers of apolipoprotein E epsilon 4
Neurobiol Aging, 29 (3), 329-40
PubMed 17161508

Hessen E, Lossius MI, Reinvang I, Gjerstad L (2006)
Predictors of neuropsychological impairment in seizure-free epilepsy patients
Epilepsia, 47 (11), 1870-8
PubMed 17116027

Hessen E, Lossius MI, Reinvang I, Gjerstad L (2006)
Influence of major antiepileptic drugs on attention, reaction time, and speed of information processing: results from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled withdrawal study of seizure-free epilepsy patients receiving monotherapy
Epilepsia, 47 (12), 2038-45
PubMed 17201701

Walhovd KB, Fjell AM, Dale AM, Fischl B, Quinn BT, Makris N, Salat D, Reinvang I (2006)
Regional cortical thickness matters in recall after months more than minutes
Neuroimage, 31 (3), 1343-51
PubMed 16540346

Walhovd KB, Fjell AM, Reinvang I, Lundervold A, Fischl B, Quinn BT, Makris N, Dale AM (2006)
The functional and structural significance of the frontal shift in the old/new ERP effect
Brain Res, 1081 (1), 156-70
PubMed 16542641

Publications 2005

Fjell AM, Walhovd KB, Reinvang I (2005)
Age-dependent changes in distribution of P3a/P3b amplitude and thickness of the cerebral cortex
Neuroreport, 16 (13), 1451-4
PubMed 16110270

Fjell AM, Walhovd KB, Reinvang I (2005)
Age-differences in verbal recognition memory revealed by ERP
Clin EEG Neurosci, 36 (3), 176-87
PubMed 16128153

Fjell AM, Walhovd KB, Reinvang I, Lundervold A, Dale AM, Quinn BT, Makris N, Fischl B (2005)
Age does not increase rate of forgetting over weeks--neuroanatomical volumes and visual memory across the adult life-span
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