Stefan Kutzsche

Publications 2017

Wendel K, Akkök ÇA, Kutzsche S (2017)
Neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopaenia associated with maternal HLA antibodies
BMJ Case Rep, 2017
PubMed 28679510

Publications 2016

Janvier A, Lantos J, Aschner J, Barrington K, Batton B, Batton D, Berg SF, Carter B, Campbell D, Cohn F, Lyerly AD, Ellsbury D, Fanaroff A, Fanaroff J, Fanaroff K, Gravel S, Haward M, Kutzsche S, Marlow N, Montello M, Maitre N, Morris JT, Paulsen OG, Prentice T, Spitzer AR (2016)
Stronger and More Vulnerable: A Balanced View of the Impacts of the NICU Experience on Parents
Pediatrics, 138 (3)
PubMed 27489297

Publications 2014

Kutzsche S, Kutzsche H, Dornan T (2014)
What do paediatric trainees require from their clinical supervisors?
Acta Paediatr, 103 (4), e169-72
PubMed 24325150

Publications 2013

Haukland LU, Kutzsche S, Hovden IA, Stiris T (2013)
Neonatal seizures with reversible EEG changes after antenatal venlafaxine exposure
Acta Paediatr, 102 (11), e524-6
PubMed 23909790

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Ensuring safe neonatal care for newborn babies
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 133 (3), 270-1
PubMed 23381161

Kutzsche S, Partridge JC, Leuthner SR, Lantos JD (2013)
When life-sustaining treatment is withdrawn and the patient doesn't die
Pediatrics, 132 (5), 893-7
PubMed 24101767

Publications 2012

Kutzsche S (2012)
Pedagogical training for health personnel
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 132 (6), 628
PubMed 22456137

Publications 2002

Kutzsche S, Solas AB, Lyberg T, Saugstad OD (2002)
Nitric oxide synthesis inhibition during cerebral hypoxemia and reoxygenation with 100% oxygen in newborn pigs
Biol Neonate, 82 (3), 197-206
PubMed 12373071