Ola Myklebost
Ola Myklebost
Based on international reviews, the FUGE Board has recently decided to continue the funding of the Norwegian Microarray Consortium for 2007-2011.

The Microarry Core Facility at the RR HF - led by Ola Myklebost from the Department of Tumor Biology - has been allotted a 10 Mkr grant to continue as the Oslo node of the national FUGE Microarray Platform.
The other partners of the Norwegian Microarray Consortium - NTNU and UiB - received similar grants, making this platform the best funded one in the second FUGE period.

More information about FUGE II (from the FUGE Action Plan 2007-2011):

In the course of the past few years several of the platform technologies in FUGE I (for instance proteomics, imaging, structural biology, microarray and SNP analysis) have generally become more widespread, which means that they have been established at several Norwegian research institutions. This development is in line with international standards, but it also means that there is no longer a need for one major national centre offering services, resources and competence for technologies which have become commonly widespread. Based on these findings, FUGE II has presented as new platform model (channel 2) based on a network of specialised nodes within the technologies in question. The goal is for relevant expertise and equipment, which have been built up and financed by the various regions, to be incorporated into the platforms in FUGE II and thereby receive funding so that they can offer services on a national level.

Click here to download the complete FUGE Action Plan 2007-2011


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