News article in Nature on Norwegian plans for using tumour-sequencing techniques to help guide cancer care

O. Myklebost
O. Myklebost

The February 2nd edition of Nature brings a feature article in their news section about Norway's current plans to use "next-generation" DNA sequencers to trawl for mutations in tumours that might reveal which cancer treatments would be most effective.
Ola Myklebost (photo), senior researcher at the Department of Tumor Biology and leader of The Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium, who is spearheading the effort, is interviewed for the article, which is entitled "Norway to bring cancer-gene tests to the clinic".


Norway to bring cancer-gene tests to the clinic
By Ewen Callaway
Nature, News section, 02 February 2012

Aiming at national support for targeted cancer therapy research

Ola Myklebost's groupĀ - Molecular characterization of mesenchymal cancer development,

Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium

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