Group members

Ola Myklebost

  • Project leader Professor, dr. philos
  • +47-5548 4565

Ola Myklebost is Senior Scientist and part-time Project Leader at the Department of Tumor Biology, Institute for Cancer Research, and Professor at the Department of Clinical Science at the University of Bergen. His new web page is at

He is  heading the Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium, with the aim to introduce and investigate the use of tumour genome profiles for therapeutic decisions, and NoSarC, Norwegian Sarcoma Consortium, with a focus on this orphan cancer. 

Olas CV

Leonardo A. Meza-Zepeda

  • Group Leader PhD
  • +47 2278 1769

Stine H. Kresse

  • Post doc PhD
  • +47 2278 1783

Stine is a PostDoc in our group, and has o a main focus onfusion gene detection and liquid biopsies in sarcoma. Stine is currently working on a project at Dept of Genetics.  

Eva Wessel Stratford

  • Post doc PhD
  • 2278 1885

Eva is employed by HSØ on the NoSarC project

Else Munthe

  • Post Doc Dr scient
  • 2278 1887

Else is employed by the Cancer Society on the NoSarC project

Anastassia Serguienko

  • PhD Student MSc
  • +47-2278-1880

Anastassia has a PhD grant from Helse SørØst for the project "The role of Let-7 microRNAs in cancer; stemness, metabolism and epithelial-mesenchymal transition", supervised by Else

Iwona Grad

  • Post Doc PhD

Iwona is a post doc funded by the Cancer Society on a project for drug screening of sarcoma cell lines and samples to identify and validate new potential therapies

Robert Hanes

  • PhD Student MSc

Robert started mid October 2013 on a project on preclinical validation of targeted therapies for sarcoma, associated with the Personalized Cancer Treatment project, funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Heidi Anine K. Bjørhovde

  • Engineer MSc
  • 22781767

Heidi Anine is employed on the NoSarC Project, funded by the Cancer Society "Krafttak mot Kreft". She is the contact person for the National sarcoma patient biobank.

Mona Mari Lindeberg

  • Dept engineer MSc

Mona is our group engineer dedicated to our projects within Mesenchymal Cancer Biology, funded by the Cancer Society

Sarina Gouravan

  • MSc Student BSc

Sarina are doing a MSc project in Pharmacy as part of the NoSarC project, supervised by Else.

Tatiana Georgiesh

  • PhD Student MD
  • +47 2278 1765

Tatiana is doing her PhD on the NoSarC project. Her main supervisor is Bodil Bjerkehagen, and she is employed at the Dept of Pathology.