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Osteosarcoma is a malignant connective tissue tumour that resembles various stages in the differentiation of bone tissue. Although osteosarcoma gives high mortality and morbidity and children and young adults are most at risk, the disease is not very common, and international collaboration is needed to get the momentum needed for significant progress in the understanding of its biology, identification of novel therapeutic strategies, and preclinical and clinical evaluation of these.

We are involved in several collaborations and networks on this disease, and have set up this site to stimulate communication, collaboration, and networking in the field.

Please provide links to the site and contact info if you wish to participate.

On February 4th we have an international symposium on sarcoma at the Norwegian Radium Hospital in Oslo


Important links:

European network of Excellence on Bone Tumours, EuroBoNeT


the EURAMOS study on chemotherapy in osteosarcoma

Scandinavian Sarcoma Group (SSG)



International Liposarcoma Consortium web page



Research collaborations

We collaborate extensively, both locally, nationally and internationally, and the list will never be completely up to date.

Local collaborators:

Many clinicians locally contribute to our studies, and I will here only mention our main collaborators, Kirsten Sundby Hall, Øyvind Bruland, Kjetil Boye, Olga Zaikova, and Bodil Bjerkehagen.

We collaborate with a number of groups within the Centre for research-based Innovation on Cancer Stem cells, for which OM is Assistant Manging Director.

The group of Ragnhild Lothe is important both for a number of sarcoma studies, and for common technology projects, using genomic arrays etc, and lately we collaborate on setting up high throughput "deep" sequencing.

We investigate the properties of mesenchymal stem cells and their applications as model systems as members of the Norwegian Centre for Stem Cell Research (NCS).

National collaborators:

We collaborate with the groups of Arne Sandvik (NTNU) and Vidar Steen UiB) through our Norwegian Microarray Consortium, but also on several related technology projects.

We collaborate with Sarcoma doctors and scxientists across the country in the Norwegian Sarcoma Consortium (NoSarC)

We collaborate with a ntional interdisciplinary team in the Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium.

International collaborators:

Together with Drs David Thomas (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne), and Adrew Wagner at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard, Boston USA, we have intiated a major effort in translational research on liposarcpoma, funded by the Shriver Foundation.

We have a collaboration with Dr Sendurai Mani at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre in Houston on the involvement of HMGA2 in EMT of breast cancer, and Dr Else Munthe had a research visit there in 2010.

We are active members of the European network of Excellence on Bone Tumours, EuroBoNeT, in which we have special responsibilities for research on osteosarcoma. As part of the Scandinavian Sarcoma Group, we collaborate with a number of institutions world-wide in the EURAMOS study on chemotherapy in osteosarcoma.

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