Cancer Genomics

An effort to introduce personalized cancer medicine A local pilot and a national consortium

Having established a sophisticated high throughput "next generation" or "deep" sequencing facility at our Institute, Leonardo Meza-Zepeda, together with Ragnhild Lothe and Rolf Skotheim at the Centre for Cancerbiomedicine, Eivind Hovig at the Bioinformtics Core, and myself have initiated several efforts to introduce sequence-based tumour diagnostics as a means to select alternative, pathway-based tehrapies for cancer patients.

In 2010 we initiated a pilot project to detemine all mutations in any of the genes coding for kinases, a major group of targets for molecular cancer therapy, and about 100 other "cancer genes" in 100 lung cancers. Please read information in Norwegian here, or go to the national web site for an Englsih introduction.

Now we have, toghether with a very strong team of clinicians, initiated an effort to extend these analyses to more genes, more tumour types, more patients, and to all Norwegian University Hospitals. Please visit the web site of the Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium.