MR and CT in Brain Diseases

Seminar on MS and CT in brain diseases - Thursday 21.09.17 at 12.00-17.00 at Rikshospitalet B - Blue Auditorium there is a seminar on MR and CT in brain diseases. This is arranged by the Neuroscience Research Unit in collaboration with the Department of Radiology

Dr. Maria Rocca, who is chief of unit and a group leader at the Division of Neuroscience, Neuroimaging of CNS White Matter lab at the Hospital of San Raffaele, Milan, Italy will give a talk on her research on MR and multiple sclerosis (MS). In addition, we have several Norwegian speakers from the Oslo University Hospital/University of Oslo, for more details see the program here.


The day after (22/9-17) there will be a seminar (mainly in Norwegian) on pediatric MS at 09.30-14.30 at Domus Medica 4, room L200. Please sign up for the seminar within 1/9-17. For more details see here.

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