Trine Levin Bodd


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    Publications 2010

    Bodd TL, Van Ghelue M, Eiklid K, Ruud E, Møller P, Mæhle L (2010)
    Fanconi anaemia, BRCA2 and familial considerations - follow up on a previous case report
    Acta Paediatr, 99 (11), 1741-3
    PubMed 20608899

    Publications 2003

    Bodd TL, Reichelt J, Heimdal K, Moller P (2003)
    Uptake of BRCA1 genetic testing in adult sisters and daughters of known mutation carriers in Norway
    J Genet Couns, 12 (5), 405-17
    PubMed 14758817

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