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Publications 2018

Kleppe A, Albregtsen F, Vlatkovic L, Pradhan M, Nielsen B, Hveem TS, Askautrud HA, Kristensen GB, Nesbakken A, Trovik J, Wæhre H, Tomlinson I, Shepherd NA, Novelli M, Kerr DJ, Danielsen HE (2018)
Chromatin organisation and cancer prognosis: a pan-cancer study
Lancet Oncol, 19 (3), 356-369
PubMed 29402700

Publications 2016

Holmen S, Galappaththi-Arachchige HN, Kleppa E, Pillay P, Naicker T, Taylor M, Onsrud M, Kjetland EF, Albregtsen F (2016)
Characteristics of Blood Vessels in Female Genital Schistosomiasis: Paving the Way for Objective Diagnostics at the Point of Care
PLoS Negl Trop Dis, 10 (4), e0004628
PubMed 27073857

Hveem TS, Kleppe A, Vlatkovic L, Ersvær E, Wæhre H, Nielsen B, Kjær MA, Pradhan M, Syvertsen RA, Nesheim JA, Liestøl K, Albregtsen F, Danielsen HE (2016)
Chromatin changes predict recurrence after radical prostatectomy
Br J Cancer, 114 (11), 1243-50
PubMed 27124335

Hveem TS, Njølstad TS, Nielsen B, Syvertsen RA, Nesheim JA, Kjæreng ML, Kildal W, Pradhan M, Marcickiewicz J, Tingulstad S, Staff AC, Haugland HK, Eraker R, Oddenes K, Rokne JA, Tjugum J, Lode MS, Amant F, Werner HM, Bjørge L, Albregtsen F, Liestøl K, Salvesen HB, Trovik J, Danielsen HE et al. (2016)
Changes in Chromatin Structure in Curettage Specimens Identifies High-Risk Patients in Endometrial Cancer
Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev, 26 (1), 61-67
PubMed 27587790

Publications 2015

Holmen SD, Kjetland EF, Taylor M, Kleppa E, Lillebø K, Gundersen SG, Onsrud M, Albregtsen F (2015)
Colourimetric image analysis as a diagnostic tool in female genital schistosomiasis
Med Eng Phys, 37 (3), 309-14
PubMed 25630808

Holmen SD, Kleppa E, Lillebø K, Pillay P, van Lieshout L, Taylor M, Albregtsen F, Vennervald BJ, Onsrud M, Kjetland EF (2015)
The first step toward diagnosing female genital schistosomiasis by computer image analysis
Am J Trop Med Hyg, 93 (1), 80-6
PubMed 25918212

Kumar RP, Albregtsen F, Reimers M, Edwin B, Lango T, Elle OJ (2015)
Blood Vessel Segmentation and Centerline Tracking Using Local Structure Analysis
IFMBE PROC, 45, 122-+

Landmark K, Solberg AHS, Albregtsen F, Austeng A, Hansen RE (2015)
A Radon-Transform-Based Image Noise Filter-With Applications to Multibeam Bathymetry
IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sensing, 53 (11), 6252-6273

Publications 2014

Kumar RP, Albregtsen F, Reimers M, Edwin B, Langø T, Elle OJ (2014)
Three-Dimensional Blood Vessel Segmentation and Centerline Extraction based on Two-Dimensional Cross-Section Analysis
Ann Biomed Eng, 43 (5), 1223-34
PubMed 25398332

Nielsen B, Hveem TS, Kildal W, Abeler VM, Kristensen GB, Albregtsen F, Danielsen HE (2014)
Entropy-based adaptive nuclear texture features are independent prognostic markers in a total population of uterine sarcomas
Cytometry A, 87 (4), 315-25
PubMed 25483227

Publications 2013

Kumar RP, Albregtsen F, Reimers M, Lango T, Edwin B, Elle OJ (2013)
3D multiscale vessel enhancement based centerline extraction of blood vessels
PROC SPIE, 8669, 86691X

Publications 2012

Nielsen B, Albregtsen F, Danielsen HE (2012)
Automatic segmentation of cell nuclei in Feulgen-stained histological sections of prostate cancer and quantitative evaluation of segmentation results
Cytometry A, 81 (7), 588-601
PubMed 22605528

Nielsen B, Albregtsen F, Kildal W, Abeler VM, Kristensen GB, Danielsen HE (2012)
The prognostic value of adaptive nuclear texture features from patient gray level entropy matrices in early stage ovarian cancer
Anal Cell Pathol (Amst), 35 (4), 305-14
PubMed 22596183

Publications 2011

Dunn JM, Hveem T, Pretorius M, Oukrif D, Nielsen B, Albregtsen F, Lovat LB, Novelli MR, Danielsen HE (2011)
Comparison of nuclear texture analysis and image cytometric DNA analysis for the assessment of dysplasia in Barrett's oesophagus
Br J Cancer, 105 (8), 1218-23
PubMed 21934680

Publications 2009

Albregtsen F (2009)
How to calculate the goodness-of-fit of a fractal dimension
Cell Oncol, 31 (6), 501
PubMed 19940365

Publications 2008

Akbari A, Marthinsen G, Lifjeld JT, Albregtsen F, Wennerberg L, Stenseth NC, Jakobsen KS (2008)
Improved DNA fragment length estimation in capillary electrophoresis
Electrophoresis, 29 (6), 1273-85
PubMed 18288778

Nielsen B, Albregtsen F, Danielsen HE (2008)
Statistical nuclear texture analysis in cancer research: a review of methods and applications
Crit Rev Oncog, 14 (2-3), 89-164
PubMed 19409060

Publications 2005

Cvancarova M, Albregtsen F, Brabrand K, Samset E (2005)
Segmentation of ultrasound images of liver tumors applying snake algorithms and GVF
INT CONGR SER, 1281, 218-223

Nielsen B, Albregtsen F, Danielsen HE (2005)
Fractal analysis of monolayer cell nuclei from two different prognostic classes of early ovarian cancer

Publications 2004

Akbari A, Albregtsen F (2004)
Automatic segmentation of DNA bands in one dimensional gel images produced by hybridizing techniques
Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, 4, 2852-5
PubMed 17270872

Nielsen B, Albregtsen F, Danielsen HE (2004)
Low dimensional adaptive texture feature vectors from class distance and class difference matrices
IEEE Trans Med Imaging, 23 (1), 73-84
PubMed 14719689

Schulerud H, Albregtsen F (2004)
Many are called, but few are chosen. Feature selection and error estimation in high dimensional spaces
Comput Methods Programs Biomed, 73 (2), 91-9
PubMed 14757253

Publications 2003

Akbari A, Albregtsen F (2003)
Normalizing the background and removing the trend in one-dimensional DNA fingerprint images
J Chromatogr A, 1014 (1-2), 11-9
PubMed 14558607

Publications 2002

Akbari A, Albregtsen F, Lingjaerde OC (2002)
Adaptive weighted least squares method for the estimation of DNA fragment lengths from agarose gels
Electrophoresis, 23 (2), 176-81
PubMed 11840520

Publications 2001

Nielsen B, Albregtsen F, Kildal W, Danielsen HE (2001)
Prognostic classification of early ovarian cancer based on very low dimensionality adaptive texture feature vectors from cell nuclei from monolayers and histological sections
Anal Cell Pathol, 23 (2), 75-88
PubMed 11904463

Publications 1999

Baheerathan S, Albregtsen F, Danielsen HE (1999)
New texture features based on the complexity curve
Pattern Recognit., 32 (4), 605-618

Nielsen B, Albregtsen F, Danielsen HE (1999)
The use of fractal features from the periphery of cell nuclei as a classification tool
Anal Cell Pathol, 19 (1), 21-37
PubMed 10661622

Publications 1998

Baheerathan S, Albregtsen F, Danielsen HE (1998)
Registration of serial sections of mouse liver cell nuclei
J Microsc, 192 (Pt 1), 37-53
PubMed 9848269

Schulerud H, Kristensen GB, Liestøl K, Vlatkovic L, Reith A, Albregtsen F, Danielsen HE (1998)
A review of caveats in statistical nuclear image analysis
Anal Cell Pathol, 16 (2), 63-82
PubMed 9692681

Yogesan K, Schulerud H, Albregtsen F, Danielsen HE (1998)
Ultrastructural texture analysis as a diagnostic tool in mouse liver carcinogenesis
Ultrastruct Pathol, 22 (1), 27-37
PubMed 9491213

Publications 1996

Yogesan K, Jørgensen T, Albregtsen F, Tveter KJ, Danielsen HE (1996)
Entropy-based texture analysis of chromatin structure in advanced prostate cancer
Cytometry, 24 (3), 268-76
PubMed 8800560

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